24: Season 4: Episode 19 (1:00am - 2:00am)

I thought it had been awhile since I’d started a thread and wanted to have the honor of doing one of these. :slight_smile: I hope the regulars responsible for starting these threads don’t mind! Y’all have just over four hours to come up with some wild speculation! Let’s get crackin’!

<insert ominous “24” countdown noises here>

24, Season 4, Episode 19
1:00 AM - 2:00 AM


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Marwan: “Okay, terror cells. Set your cell phone rings to ‘annoying’. And stop talking to your girlfriends when you’re on the job.”

NOW President Pussy wants to find his balls?

You’re wrong, President Wuss-face. Jack Bauer IS the only one who can do the job.

Scary Henchman Guy, “…but Jack is heading up the field team!”

President Pussy, “Jack isn’t the only one that can run things!”

Best line of the season.


Will you marry me?

Girlfriend’s about to get herself a bullet in the brain. Hopefully she’ll get to send the info to Chloe first.

So what about that throwaway line last week… “Accept my resignation.”
Either he changed his mind on how to play it, or that was the fastest re-hiring I’ve ever seen.

Great. He’s gone from President Pussy to President Fucking Moron.

Way to blow the operation for the sake of your own bruised ego.

$20 says they apprehend Jack and leave Marwan.

Where’s the Secretary of Defense?

President Pussy really needs to be “retired”.

“…but, I, <sputter><choke>, IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!”

Gosh, I didn’t MEAN it… I didn’t mean to let the terror dude get away. But… but… this isn’t my fault! It’s everybody else’s fault! Waaaah… whaaaaa… waaaaaahhhhhh…

Novick needs to put the Prez in a time out, and get him a babysitter.

Novak: Whatever I call you shouldn’t change the fact that you are an idiot.

Smartest thing Logan’s said – “What should I do, Mike. Tell me what to do.”

He ought to just be the figurehead and let Mike call the shots – he’s had more experience at this.

Palmer: “Okay, here’s my advice Mr. President. (1) Let Jack free and give him carte blanche. (2) Mobilize FBI, CIA, NSA, the NRA, the TVA, and HBO, and put them all under Jack’s command. (3) Go have a juice box and watch cartoons – we’ll take it from here. Oh, and bedtime’s at 2:00 AM sharp.”

He’s been a bad boy, letting that mean old terrorist go. No juice box.

There is only one computer for all of CTU???

Did they really need a hissy fit about a computer?

Next they’ll be sharing guns.

Red Shirt 1, “I have the shot, let me take it.”

Red Shirt 2, “No, I have a better shot, give me the gun.”

Tony, “you both suck and are about to die, give the gun to Jack.”

Marwan greased himself up before today started – he must have. Because he’s slipped out of everything.

Chloe, that last little smarmy look you gave him – might just be the one that sends him over the edge…

Who’s the Black guy Cheney-Clone is calling “Mr. President”?

That is President David Palmer from seasons 1-3.

He sells Allstate insurance now. :smiley: