24: Season 4: Episode 19 (1:00am - 2:00am)

Nah – Edgar just has the only good one. He has the new Mac G5, and everybody else is stuck on old Pentium Is running Windows 95. :smiley:

Woo-hoo!! Chloe in the field!! Comic Book Guy might get his revenge.

Watch your back, Chloe!

From Seasons 1-3. He’s someone who can actually make a decision under pressure.

And he’s the latest in a series of reappearances by old cast members. Personally, I am kinda disappointed by the reoccurance of all these old cast members in this season. I was really hoping for a breath of fresh air (ie, change of scenary) with Jack being at the DoD instead of LA CTU. But - apparently there are no CTU agencies outside of LA. grin

Ooooooh! Now Chloe is in the field and Edgar is her in-house support. Sucks to be Chloe right now. And she keeps being bitchy at him. Don’t bite the hand that backs your ass up!

“You’re the best analyst we have.”

“I know.” (Not “Thank you”. Just “I know”).

Nice shootin’ Chloe!

“Your men are dead, open the door!”

Duuhhhhhh, okay. Yeah, that would be the smartest response.

Open the door so that I can kill you easier.

Chloe gets to have redshirts with her, too!


So what did he do, piss off Bauer?

Uh, Chloe? You got him!

uh oh…

does this mean we are going to see Chloe in the field next season?

One can only hope that will humble her a little bit - but I doubt it.

Nope. He’s alive, isn’t he? :smiley:

That is going to be good for some fantasies for somebody.

Yeah, and the terrorist groups never seem to learn that the attacks based in or from L.A. always seem to fail, for some strange coincidental reason, and that maybe they should try using another city as their home base.

This epsiode blew. How much of a wimp can the (vice) president be? Aren’t there a couple of dozen guys the Oval Office can turn to for advice without calling in the disgraced ex-President from another party? And I’m getting a little tired of the serious under-staff situation at CTU. They had to send Chloe? Gimme a freakin’ break.

I’ll probably watch the end of this season, but if it doesn’t end great, I quit. And I LOVED the first three seasons.



Nah - his ex-wife screwed him over one to many times, and he opted not to run for re-election because of the scandals she created.

Nah. He didn’t stay away from his evil ex-wife Sherry, and he kept listening to his Sherry-wannabe brother.

Well, let’s hope he decides to go back to his season 1 and 2 decision-making skills, not those from season 3.

I didn’t get the impression it was due to understaffing (although most of the field teams were out on the Marwan operation). I thought they sent her because of the nature of the evidence – that they needed her to do it because she was the best at accessing the computer info they needed.

Although it was on a laptop – you’d think they could just get informer-girlfriend to bring the computer in (or send agents to get her and the computer).

Only reason to be on site very long would be searching the apartment – although agents could do that while they analyze the 'puter back at CTU.

Hell, after the smirk she gave Edgar-Of-The-Dad-Mother, I hope Marwan cuts her fingers off with bolt cutters.
A joint at a time.

If that bugged you – you should have seen Chloe in season 3. THAT’s when we all wanted her dead, just hoping that she wouldn’t make it through episode 24.

She’s actually been cooler this season.

Season 3 was when we lovingly referred to her as Jar Jar.

Well, don’t look now, but…

Last time I checked IMDB, they had listed under future episode guest appearances… Chase Edmunds

And yes – all these previous season cast reappearances (after supposedly they were ditching everybody but Jack for this season, according to pre-season rumors)… and we still haven’t gotten to see Kim running…