24: Season 4: Episode 13 (7:00pm - 8:00pm)

Getting the ball rolling. We’re halfway through the season!

And just as an aside, I’ve actually managed to NOT click on Rikwriter’s last spoiler in the last thread. I’m counting that as a personal victory.

24, Season 4, Episode 13
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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And for the second week in a row, I’m the first one to reply to this thread. Why? Because I’m dickin around at work waiting to go home and watch Jack kick ass and the Prez fly around!

Tonight! On an all new 24!!

President Keeler earns a bunch of Frequent Flyer Miles!!!

I wonder if GreyAdder is going to compare torture styles. And will Michelle be able to single-handedly destroy in 4 seconds the self-esteem Tony has built up in the last 4 episodes? And how many light sources will they contrive in and around the building given that everything got fried in a, what, 8-block radius?

Can’t wait! :cool:

Paul: “Now what?”
Jack: “Watch for the bad guys over there, near that swarm of fireflies.”

I’m just hoping we get to see Black Bauer back out in the field kicking some ass.

Paul’s getting beat up on and tortured by everybody, today! First by Jack, then by the MF dorks.

Nice head fake by ForeignHubby!


Whining “Level threeeee. But I used to be a level six.”

I would think a level three clearance is pretty good for a guy who was convicted of treason.
He was convicted right?

Secretary: I think the President should stay in the air another hour.


24 Rule #1: Don’t screw with Jack.

24 Rule #2: Do NOT screw with Michelle.

Looks like Michelle is picking up where Driscoll left off, as far as decision making is concerned.

Tortured Employee of the Month will be back.

Pretty impressive how Tony quoted Jack’s plan word for word huh?

Proof that Jack meant what he said about Tony being the only person he could trust.

Yeah, this came as an enormous shock to me.

The pilot who grabbed the uniform earlier should be about ready to take off. Maybe the President won’t be in the air as long as he thinks he will.

I see some air-to-air combat in the prez’ future.

paraphrasing, because I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went:

Michelle: I’m concerned about your drinking.
Tony: Don’t worry, baby, I’ve been sober for nearly 6 hours.

I’m wondering if this pilot could possibly be flying a refueling plane for Air Force One.

Is Paul going to make it?

Could Curtis be any more boring at CTU? Please quit wasting this guy!

Secretary Heller never gets his feathers ruffled, that is for sure. Maybe he’ll be the POTUS next year. Assuming we need a new one.

What’s the over/under on Tony and Michelle hooking up before the season is over?

Don’t forget we’ll be getting a visit from a former POTUS before the season’s over.

What could that entail?

Final line…

“The president’s on a tight schedule.”

6:45 AM: Get on Air Force One
6:50 AM: Pre-flight checks
6:55 AM: Take off
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM: Fly around.

So how much distance would they have covered by now, in 13 straight hours of flying in Air Force One? Just wondering…