24 - Season 3, Episode 15, 3:00AM - 4:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 15
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM


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Wow. I was not expecting that to be the ending. There is a lot of clean up to do in the next 8 hours. My question is as to why experts didn’t shut down the damn ventilation system first thing?

Adios, Guiel (sp?).

Criminy, I was on the edge of my seat the last ten minutes. I really liked the episode though the Millikin thing was botched, again. And Sherry telling the cops that she was at the President’s place - she’s in the with bad guys again. No doubt. My bet is that Dec. 30 will see the bad guys telling Palmer to resign or they’ll release the virus AND implicate him in the Millikin death (it makes no sense from a continuity standpoint, but when has that ever stopped something in television?)

JarJar struck again - ‘We’re supposed to use non-lethal force to subdue someone.’ What a ditz. Why couldn’t she get what Guiel got?

Does anyone know the name of the actor who plays the guy in front of the fan at the very end?

Like Survey1215, I couldn’t understand what they were calling him.

Jesse Borrego

So long, Gael. :frowning: Man, did we get our minds changed about you. Cool that you’re dying bravely, less cool that it looked kinda silly.

I sure hope Michelle isn’t getting herself killed. Let’s examine the remaining female cast if she’s gone…

Sherry: evil, manipulative bitch
Chloe: whiny and mean
Kim: moron

It’d look even worse if Nina was still around. :stuck_out_tongue: Speaking of which, rot in peace, bitch! :smiley:

That was my thought too. Why, also, did Michelle travel to the maintenance area without backup? I realize the CTU agents were tired, and under tremendous pressure, but the logic of “gee, if I were trying to kill people, where’s the most effective place in a building from which to distribute an airborne virus?” shouldn’t have been that hard to figure out.

From the first fifteen minutes of this season I figured either Michelle or Tony was going to buy the farm. There are to be no happy marriages on this show. I bet on Tony to die, but now that he’s still walking around, I guess Michelle will be the victim.

Why is the show not going to be on again for 5 weeks?!?!

Because FOX, American Idol, and all their advertisers hate us.

Well, that and they need to make 24 episodes fill up a whole season’s time. They’ve been better at staggering it in the past, though. Seems like a good way to kill momentum for a good show whose ratings aren’t as good as they should be.

Also not helping is that this ending was less dramatic than last week’s. If they were going to ditch us for a month, I think Nina’s death would be a better cliffhanger.

So who is this supervillian who is behind all this? I think we’re about to see the events of the other seasons tie together soon. Remember in season 1, Nina was working for some shadowy European country (Germans?). There was the events of last season…

I wonder if the mystery villian is the Vice President? He tried to take over as President last year…

No, I changed my mind. It’s Sheri Palmer.

Remember, though, that last season seemed to imply that there were shadowy masters overseas, too (I could be wrong- I’m thinking of the scene with the guy on the boat making a phone call.)

Anyhow, I think it ties back to the Drezdens, or thier bosses (which we’ll come to find they had.)

I was a little disappointed this week, mainly with the hotel scene. You know where the guy is? Send backup! Lots of it! Not just one person at a time! :grrrr:

Although Michelle did look hot during that scene. :smiley:

I keep thinking back to the Drazens and Dennis Hopper too, but he’s dead. I’m sure there are more Drazens, but I’ll miss Dennis Hopper’s terrible generic European accent.

Man, what kind of a puss is that virus runner guy? Gets his hand cut and he passes right out. I’d hate to see him in an office job.
Boss: Can you hand me that report?
Puss: Sure here you…ow! Papercut! Uughhh…thud.

I can’t fault Milliken’s wife for giving up Sherry like that. If Detective Candyman were interrogating me, I’d spill the beans too. You know, if we get a scene with Cerrano and Candyman talking to each other, it’ll be the greatest sounding scene inthe history of television.

When the virus bomb went off, Gael should have started inhaling really deeply and saved the world. Minor point here, don’t you think Gael would also have lost his hand? If MY hand were an inch under a giant splinning fan of death, and a deadly virus bomb exploded on the other side, my first instinct would be to jerk my hand back quickly, losing at least 5 fingers to the ventilation system.

I think my instincts would also be pretty strong to keep my fingers out of the fan blades, no matter what else was going on. Hopefully neither of us will ever be able to prove the other one wrong. :wink:

Now, where, exactly, was the fan aimed at? I first thought it’d be directed outside, so as to blanket the neighborhood. Grocery stores and such usually have fans blowing outward somehwere, so I’d imagine a hotel with heating and a kitchen would, as well. I ask because it’s apparently the “central ventilation.” Does that mean the virus is more or less contained within the hotel?

Can anyone give me a summary of what happened last night? I thought I had the VCR set, but something went wrong.


Jack: This is my DAUGHTER we’re talking about!
Chase: She’s a grown woman, Jack. Didn’t you see the commercial for the movie she’s in?

If they do a scene where Tony goes to the hotel and kisses Michelle through the glass or something like that, I will never ever again watch 24.

And also, BRILLIANT scheduling, Fox. You couldn’t have arranged it so there was a week break in some other places so we didn’t have this month long absence? I just went and read the spoilers for the next episode.

Damn. What a season. I haven’t had time to drop into one of these threads for a while, so I’m going to chat about what I’ve liked in general.

The Salazars. Those guys were cool. Great accents. Evil bastards. Greedy. The kind of guys you want to have at a party. Too bad they both had to get iced. They scored some great actors for those roles. I love the way that whole story line seems so small in the grand scheme. They really know how to up the stakes on this show. I’m lovin’ it.

Nina. The hooker. The slutty super-terrorist who fucks you and then trys to kill you. First off, however, I must point out that she looked damn good this year. Sarah Clarke, call me. As much as I enjoyed watching her take Jack’s 4 bullets and die (from lead poisoning), I must say the coolest moment for me between the two was when she had him all tied up in the chair. She’s getting herself a little Bauer tongue action, and then the super dope head-butt move busts her up pretty good. Jack tossing himself back, shattering the chair, and then choking the shit out of her was really good for me. “If you want to keep breathing . . .” Good stuff. I’m disappointed that Kim let Nina get the gun that high. Where’s my double-tap love bunny from last year? Oh well.

But the real kicker is that Nina has taken one more person with her. Tony. It’s pure speculation on my part, but I feel I’ve got a pretty strong case. The interrogation was classic. “First Jack then you, what does that remind me of?” Bitch. Anyway, when Tony is turning the screws he brings up that this guy Nina knows (and therefore must have fucked; the slut) is HIV positive. This means that, more than likely, Nina had the HIV. Then she opens up her jugular. Tony, who has an open wound bleeding on his neck, jumps up and puts his hand over Nina’s geyser of blood. He gets HIV blood all over himself. The bitch set him up for a slow death. I may be wrong, but it looks like you might catch something whether you fuck Nina or even if you just try to fuck with her. I did like the way she killed a room full of doctors and two guards. Wish they had shown that. . .

Sherri. Now, this is one evil bitch, but she has always been smart. Not smarter than Jack, but smart. What happened? She blew the whole phone conversation with the cop. And what the fuck. WAIT. FOR. THE. LAWYERS. Stupid. Bitches. I guess she’s just tired. It should be interesting to watch this cop (another cool actor) and how he plays this one. Cover up? Does he get himself iced? Does he bring the President down in a shame-filled scandal? I can’t believe he called Sherri. Mistake, man. You day is about to get really shitty. The terrorists are about to attack the US while you will have to try real hard to stay out of jail.

Michelle and Gael. Toast. Gooses cooked. They definitely should have had his hand turned into hamburger. That would have been great. Blood splashed all over open wounds with deadly virus mixed in. They missed a golden. Liked the way Michelle wouldn’t shoot that guy. At first I whought she was fucking up, but then she owned his punk ass. Nice moves. Call me. She’s dead, but that’s good, cause Tony would have given her the HIV anyway.

Jack. Oh, Jack. Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. . . Jack. Jack. Everyone else is having a bad day, but you gotta admit: Jack Bauer is having a pretty good day. Other people have been shot, infected, tortured, squeezed, pressured and scared. But you’ve managed to kick drugs, avenge your wife’s death, kill a bunch of terrorists/drug dealers, save your daughters life, and track down the virus. Twice. Amadour really shouldn’t have made that comment about family. Jack is a bad man, and you really pissed him off. He’s on a roll today, and you’ll be begging him to go back to the knife once he really gets started on causing some pain. It’s nice to see that Chase can work well with the whole torture thing. All though maybe he just wants to cut holes in other people’s hands so as not to feel like the odd man out.

Overall, awesome season. Last season won best drama, this season is much better. It’s really as good as the first season in my book. But they can’t have as good an ending lined up unless they kill Kim. By the way, Elisha, call me. I hate it when we fight . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

Beyond Fox’s normal lousy scheduling, Kiefer got his face cut in a bar fight, which is expected to delay some shooting while he heals.

For real? But he’s a hockey player, he’s supposed to know how to win those kidns of fights. Or is this one of those “you should see the other guy” jokes.

BTW, I don’t think Nina really has AIDS. I think that’s just something they said to mess with her. If she did they would have made a bigger deal of her blood spraying everywhere.