24 - Season 3, Episode 15, 3:00AM - 4:00AM (SPOILERS)

Just wait till next season when everyone is asking Tony why he keeps coughing . . .

You gotta know Chase is thinking “Man, they tortured me for a couple hours and I jumped back up and kicked ass afterward. I cut this guy’s hand a little and he passes out like a little girl.”

Well, I’m pretty sure she’s suffering from a severe defficiency in her immune system now…

I’m still waiting to see if that really was the virus in the hotel. What if it’s all a massive deception?

Interesting idea about the HIV. That was a lot of blood thrown around and Nina’s death was just too neat - she has to be able to get revenge from beyond the grave somehow. It’s just her style.

I had forgotten one part of the show that bothered me - what are the odds that the hotel security director would:

a. Be at the hotel at 3 a.m.
b. Be none other than Dr. Matt Fielding from Melrose Place?

Oh yeah. The hotel security guy. I have to say, good job from the actor. You could tell that he was really scared by the situation but still determined to do his job. Nice.

That was without a doubt the crackest team of hotel security I’ve ever seen. It’s like they recruited every member of the staff from a pool of ex Navy Seals or something.

You really can’t spread HIV that way, so they’d be idiots for doing it… I don’t see it happening anyway. Too melodramatic, and that’s saying something.

Sometimes I wonder why they even bother sending teams to do stuff. Jack does everything. Jack shot the guy in the hallway, Jack tackled Amador, Jack did the interrogating… okay, Chase did the hand slicing, but those other guys might as well have gone out for coffee.

I’m sure many have said this before me, but it’s worth repeating: Kim is the worst agent ever. She just doesn’t have it, and her father IS it. She really would’ve stood there and gotten shot by Nina if Jack hadn’t showed up. Make me wonder if Chase is his son and Kim is adopted. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree about the storyline involving the President. Doesn’t really hold up to the action/CTU part of the story- partly because I now find myself questioning Sherry’s intelligence. Did she really think Julia, who was obviously a weak personality, wouldn’t crack? Did she think cops wouldn’t find the video camera thing suspicious? I grant that she came up with the plan on the fly, but I saw that mistake at the time.

Oh, but didn’t you see her stop, put her hand on Agent McCoy’s head, and whisper “Remember” before going into the hotel?

Tony, face to the glass: No! Michelle!
Michelle, in raspy voice: The needs of the many…

And Max, I was startled by Michael Amador’s newfound pussy-ness, also. He was the epitome of calm and cool and collected during the whole set of Mexico events, from the bidding to the virus exchange to the ambush when a whole set of delta team guns were trained on him. Then he meets his buyer in L.A. and suddenly he is Nervous Nellie. So I want to know who this guy works for to suddenly make Mr. Composure pee his pants and start crying like a little girl when Jack starts on him.

Good comments, dalovindj – although I think the Tony/HIV bit is probably a stretch. Besides, if he dies of AIDS, who’s going to be around to unhinge their jaw at us in season 4? I, too, liked the Salazars as bad guys. And on Nina’s escape in CTU – well, I like how they did that, and how they only showed us the aftermath with the docs and security guards. Tony leaves her, and not 2 minutes later, the alarms are going off. And Nina has left a trail of dead bodies – shows how sinister and dangerous she really is. Very cool.

I’m waiting for David Palmer’s son to show up and start lecturing his parents on taking responsibility for their actions and so forth… :smiley:

I liked that, too. Very Hannibal Lecter. I agree that FOX shouldn’t have spoiled it for us- it couldn’t have been that hard to put a hook in that episode without showing that. Ah well. On the whole it couldn’t have been much cooler.

I don’t know if it deserves to make the Top Ten Badass Jack Moments list, but I thought “When he wakes up, do it again” was pretty hardcore.