"24" thread for 4/6 (spoilers)

Where can I find the “24” thread for tonight, 4/6/04?

Is there one??

Did nobody post to it???

I’m confused :confused:

I’ve been waiting for it as well - I guess this is it!

Well this season just keeps getting better in my opinion. Tonight’s episode was great despite the fact that Guille died - as much as I hated him the first 6 hours I was really starting to like him.

Was the Escort girl going to shoot Jack? It sure looked like it by the way she shook her head. That was a good move on their part though, a very intense scene.

Any idea what “the sky is falling” would be for? I’m still looking for other twists too - like Chloe being a mole :slight_smile:

(not a spoiler - info gathered from this show!) Looks like next week’s episode will be great as well, but unfortunately a cliffhanger if they’re supposed to have Chapelle there at 7am - which is the end of the hour.

I don’t see it either, so let’s make this it!


They talked about the suicide pills in the “next week on 24” last week so I was really hoping to see that happen this hour. I like where the Palmer thing is going so far. This is the first time in his negotiations with terrorists that he’s had to just outright kill someone right? Even worse than pardoning Nina for killing Jack. I get the feeling that Chappelle is going to die next hour, but probably not because of the presidential order. My guess is he’ll give himself up at the meeting point or something. We have to believe the President/Jack have some kind of power left.

I’m going to be sorry to see Michelle go, I liked her. I suspect her goodbye to Tony won’t be great though. With Guielle (sp?) in the last few minutes before he died, the dramatic speech wasn’t all that effective. I want another scene like Jack on the phone with Kim in the helicopter on the way to nuke himself in season 2. That was the best scene of the series IMO. This season has it’s share of intensity, but the emotions are lacking. The Chase/Kim relationship was uninteresting and never went anywhere (though it might before the end of the day) and Tony and Michelle being sort of cold to eachother stops being interesting after half a season. I hope next episode fixes all that and brings back more of the desperate decision-making and personal conflict and a little less run and gun bad guy tracking.

I’m a fan of this new villain. He’s a whole hell of a lot scarier than the Salazars ever could have been, for sure.

But I liked the Salazaars! I was sad to see them go as well. And Nina too…too many of my favorite characters are dying!

Do we have any idea who made this virus? Is it some group of evil Ukranian scientists? I missed season 1 (I’m buying the DVDs when I can afford them) but have heard that there were some Ukranians involved in some way that were never caught, is this accurate?

Wow! I started the “24” thread?? OK, in that case…

MODERATORS* could you please change the title of this thread to anything that indicates that it has SPOILERS in it? (for example: “Surrogate “24” thread for 4/6–SPOILERS included”?


I think that the lack of emotion between Michelle and Tony right now (they didn’t even say “I love you” when they last talked on the phone and Michelle may be dying!) indicates that somehow, Michelle will live.

Last week I missed my first episode this season. Too bad, because it looks like things are finally getting pretty intense.

I don’t think “The sky is falling” has any other meaning other than as a code to the nefarious forces of evil to unleash hell.

I haven’t gotten to see as much of this season as I would have liked, but I like how daring they’ve gotten about breaking away from standard plot devices. For example, they track down this woman that knows the main baddy. Typically, this would lead to interrogation, finding out a bit more about the guy, and quite possibly using her to find him. Instead, before they have the chance to gain any real information out of her, they shoot her in the chest, making all that progress useless in the matter of five minutes.

And the number of old familiars that seem to be buying the farm. In interviews, actors always talked about “old favorites who may not make it”, and I have to admit, Nina and Michelle weren’t two I was thinking of. I’m just waiting to see if they’re ballsey enough to take Jack out. I doubt it, because I don’t think Chad’s character is a good enough replacement, but for someone who was tortured and had a hole put threw his hand just a few hours ago, he’s definitely falling into the “Tough Cookie” category.

As for what “The Sky is Falling” meant, I don’t really think it had anything to do with anything other than to prove that he has Palmer in his back pocket. The MI-6 building was going to go down no matter what, I’m sure. The information contained in their files was too important not to destroy. You wouldn’t want to do it prematurely, because it may give hints as to who’s causing all this, but with Jack already on his track, that information needed to be deleted. I’m just suprised they used such a weak bomb. I mean, why just destroy the one file and not the whole building?

Overall, it’s another good season, but for some reason, I’m just not feeling quite as excited about the next episode as I was with last season. But I guess it all boils down to the final few episodes, huh?

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“I don’t negotiate with heads of state.” Hee! I love the new villain. I can’t wait to see more of his shenanigans.

The last two episodes have more than made up for some of the earlier episodes. 24 is back with a vengeance.

I gotta say that, even as a fictional character, I have lost all respect for President Palmer. He’s about as corrupt as a third-world banana republic dictator, even if he means well. The man is a walking example of the axiom “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Why is everyone assuming Michelle isn’t going to make it? My guess is that she’ll be one of the ones with immunity. Or, since her results won’t be in for ‘two hours’, we have a couple of episodes before they have to declare her ill - time in which we might discover there is an antidote being kept by the bad guys or something.

The Drazen mission is involved! I’m psyched. They really have a chance to tie together all 3 seasons in a grand explanation this year. I hope they don’t blow it. . .

So last night we learned that Jack is immune to breasts (I mean come on! Not even a quick glance?), Chapelle willl bend the rules when it comes to suicide pills (give one to Chloe already!), Gael is . . . eh, ]was religious (how’d that work out for you?), Saunders is a Chicken Little fan, Kim doesn’t know what anything is like (except taking my manly love), and Chase still can’t figure out how to follow orders. All in all, a good episode. I hope Jack goes ahead and ices Chapelle. That would make up for not actually executing Sayed Ali’s children last year. But if they set up a squibs fake, or something like what happened with Nina Meyers in S1, I’ll be pissed.

Some of my favorite moments:

“Your constitutional rights no longer apply.”

“Gael.” as she puts the pistol down. . .

“You must have been working on a cure or something?”

“Thanks, Tony.” followed by the best silent ‘Fuck You’ eyes Sou Patch has ever used as Chapelle walks away.

“I don’t care.” “You will.”

“What does he want you to do? David . . .”

What a great season so far . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

Just gotta say, I love your sense of understatement. “Shenanigans” indeed :slight_smile:

Ok, I missed last week but I’m back. And so is 24 it seems. Another excellent show.

Put me in the camp of those who don’t think Michelle is infected. However I think she will get dangerously close to taking a suicide pill for dramatic tension.

Chappelle on the other hand my take a pill and turn himself over. Then again, he just doesn’t seem the type. Then again, neither did Mason and he went out nobly.

Whatever happened to Chase’s baby? Is she still hanging around CTU. Did she join the Nepotism squad and is now trying to break codes in the cubicle next to Kim’s?

Good to hear the Drazen’s are still making trouble for Jack.

Also thought it was cool that CTU is working with other agencies now, especially MI-6. Now we just need us a Jack Bauer/James Bond cross over.

Yep, I’ve lost any sense of loyalty to Palmer. That man is so easily pushed around. I think the poison in the handshake he received 3 years ago must be affecting his backbone.

They are putting out a 24 comic book by the way. Each page (maybe every two pages) represent one hour of the day. Comes out in a couple of months I think. There will be a preview for it at your local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day, July 3.

Close, they have it running archives of the volume catalogs on the A395X3C server partition. And making coffee.

Last week, I forgot about the new episode…yesterday, I set my VCR before I went to work - I came home, and nothing. Not 24, not the new NCIS, nothing.
And it used to be on tv 3 times/week, but now, no reruns, so I can’t get caught up (bad move Fox)

Could someone give me a quick summary, please?

I would consider them chickening out if she doesn’t die. In the past, 24 has never been afraid to kill of characters. I feel like in two hours or so, Michelle will die, and it’ll be a heart-wrenching scene. (With Tony headed to the hotel with the pills, they might be setting up a final meeting for them before she dies, and he might be with her when she does). My $0.02.

Here’s the thing, I’d assume that if she was gonna go, she’d be getting symptoms. It seems weird that a bunch of people went up right away and now we haven’t had any “new cases” far about an hour. If I see new cases then I’ll start to worry for her but not until. I’m callous like that.

The medical personel at the hotel & on the phone with Tony both stressed that the virus is a much different strain than the one we saw previously. Although something was said along the lines of '100% fatality, ’ I’m thinking that it’s kill rate isn’t going to be as high as we thought, and we might yet see Michelle get out alive.

I think the hotel head of security will have a touching, heroic death scene, though. He seems nice enough…he’s earned it.

I also think that an autopsy will reveal that the guy Michelle shot wasn’t infected after all. I can see the writers screwing with her head that way.

Who is the baby, Sunny Baudelaire?

Thank God they seem to have killed that story line. It was stupid. Now, if they could just do the same with Kim. (I don’t care how “hot” she looks in those Girl Next Door trailers.)

I’m impressed with Michelle’s take-charge attitude. It’s also interesting to hear how the actress’ voice deepens when she has to yell and enunciate at the same time. I’m with the camp that says she will be part of the 10% (according to the scientist guy) immune to the virus.

I thought sending Tony off to the hotel with the suicide pills was very lame. Just a few minutes before that, the boss chewed him out for talking on the phone for a few minutes with the CDC about the virus. “We need you to focus and do your job. The fate of the world is at stake. Ect.”

But now, suddenly, it’s okay for him to LEAVE CTU and deliver the suicide pills across town. Isn’t there a delivery boy hanging around somewhere who would be a better choice than the guy who is heading up the entire operation to save the country?