What? No "24" thread yet? It's now 6:00 p.m. in 24-Land!

When last we saw them, what was going on?

Kim had survived the car crash, and was running away.
I doubt the cop and Miguel will survive.
Where will Kim go? Does she have a cell phone? I don’t think so.
Will the cops go after her? They know she was being transported back to Los Angeles.

Jack and Kate were (hypothetically) riding off into the sunset together, since she is the only one who can ID Sayed Ali. From the previews,

it looks like she will try to ID him at a mosque, but things get out of hand.

Tony and Michelle were making Googly-Eyes at each other. Will they go off to a storage room for some “alone time”?

President Palmer is trusting his Benedict Arnold ex-wife a little too much. Or is he? Will he figure out Sherry is behind some of the crap going on in his own administration?

Marie had shot Reza, and at least two other CTU agents. Is Reza dead? I’m guessing he is. Is she in with Sayed Ali? Is she the one behind the money transfers? Is her father really a bad guy, or will he be revealed to be a good guy?
Will CTU figure out she killed their agents and Reza when they don’t come back to CTU?

What about the guy with the bomb in the truck? Is he driving around aimlessly, or did he know where to deliver the bomb?

The bomb was supposed to go off at 7:00. Will it go off at the end of tonight’s episode?

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