Anyone care to speculate on the new season of "24"?

Granted the commercial’s don’t give away too much, but it seems that Jack didn’t even dissappear long enough for the cell phone battery to die. :wink:

So clearly Jack is pulled back into some sort of emergency, as there are plenty of shots of him gun weilding and things blowing up.

Only a few more weeks, I can’t wait!

Oh yes I would!

So you know, this is the guy who over the previous couple weeks watched every single episode of season 1 and 2 abd intends to squeeze in season 3 before season 5 gets underway.

However, being that I was so distracted by the previous years I haven’t had much time to speculate about this upcoming one. The first two questions are of course “who’s the bad guy” and “whats the big plot”.

I’m on record as hoping that they avoid the super huge, destroy the entire US type plots. I thought the first plot revolving around an assasination was petty spot on. When it became about a loose nuke, OK I can handle that, but then the taking over all the nuclear reactors in the country plot lost me.

Additionally, the bad guy is almost always a rich white guy in the end, even if it’s someone else who’s the supposed prime target. Odds are on the bad guy being some giant corporate entity or a war profiteer.

The only thing that seem to have not tapped yet is a North Korea scenario.

A good measured possibilty would be something regarding transport of nuclear materials being stolen, or perhaps something involving genetic engineering gne awry. Though based on the escalation each season has had, this season’s got to be something that’ll turn all of LA into a sheet of glass or a plague that threatens to wipe out the entire nation.

With the escalation in threats over the seasons, I am betting that this time it has to be the Borg… :smiley:

Tony and Michelle are both in it again, from the looks of it, but how they’ll be worked in is anybody’s guess.

I’d like to see Kim come back–waits for the trash-throwing and hissing to subside–for a brief appearance, just to show that her character’s not dead or dropped off the face of the earth.

Any ideas if Alberta Watson’s character, Driscoll, will be back as CTU Director?

Also, Jack has another romance (yeah, guess how long this one lasts, I swear it’s like Bond girls) with the added bonus of a young son sticking around somewhere. And apparently Audrey–sporting the surname of Heller–is back.

It’s gonna be good :slight_smile:

5th season spoilers

Click at your own risk.

I haven’t even seen a commercial. Someone care to spill the beans, without accidentally sending me into “don’t bother watching because I know everything that’s happened” territory?

It doesn’t tell you very much, really. In fact, there has been very little said about the plot, other then it being 3 years later and he’s living with some woman and her son.

Other then that, Jack has long hair at some point during the series and apparently there’s a bank robbery and a car chase. Oh, and Donald Sutherland is going to appear as Jack Bauer, Sr. at some point.

But I have no clue besides that. They’ve been very good at keeping a lid on things.


My guess about season five is that there will be some huge threat that lasts about 6-8 hours and seems like the end of the world and when the good guys win that, we’ll find out it was just a smoke screen for a bigger operation and when the good guys win that, we’ll find out that it was just a smoke screen for an even bigger operation. This will repeat approximately 5 times over the course of the season until I lose interest and stop watching.

I want to see Chloe mow someone down with an assault rifle.

You mean mow someone ELSE down with an assault rifle, right? :wink:

It could be a great new twist to the show. Once a season Chloe snaps off and kills someone!

  1. By the beginning of the season, the blue prints for every building in the world (public or private) will be on the CTU computer system, which will also be linked to every digital camera or satellite.

  2. Bauer will sacrifice something or someone for the good of the country.

  3. And someone standing RIGHT NEXT to Jack Bauer will take a bullet.

So, Donald Sutherland as Jack, Sr.? This would take care of #2 and #3. Donald, we hardly knew ye…

Chloe + high-powered firearms = HOT

I’m guessing it will take place in LOS ANGELES because, as everyone knows, there’s no food, water, or air outside of LOS ANGELES.

Props to the original poster of the idea at the end of last season…

-Joe, too lazy to check names

Which season did I see on A&E this weekend with Senator Palmer winning the Democratic nomination?
Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider an old, fat bad guy? Jeez, I can feel the liver spots growing… :slight_smile: Although, it was exteremely cool the way Jack emptied the clip into his dead body floating in the bay…

Season one.

I’m not reading the spoilers (feel free to tell me if I get it), but given the “escalating threat” theme RikWriter mentions, I think this year, terrorists will try to melt the polar ice caps and flood the world’s coastal cities. When Jack foils that, they will try to make all the Earth’s volcanoes erupt, and for the big ‘last eight hours’ finale, they’ll try to make the planet fly out of orbit and crash into the Sun.

Perhaps she could shoot Kelsey Grammer for making her do that terrible sketch comedy show during last season when they had to write her out for a few weeks.

PS- I agree on your mathematics.

Wouldn’t it be cool if he say helped a Mexican family being forced to grow opium poppies by a local drug kingpin?

Then of course would come the asteroid about to smash into Southern California and Jack along with Black Bauer would steal a space shuttle and some nukes, and Tony would take over NASA at gunpoint, but I’d still enjoy the first. :slight_smile:

Maybe they’ll go as far as actually, you know, picking up something from last year and have things escalate with the Chinese over that whole botched kidnapping thing.