24 promos have started.....

In which we see a nicely bearded Jack at the beginning, so it appears that they don’t offer too much in the way of amenities on Chinese kidnapping ships. There are some nicely played random explosions, something about a generic terrorist threat which I’m guessing that only Jack can fix (but they still won’t be able to trust him, even after all the poor guy’s been through).

For whatever reason I’m also getting the vibe that Wayne Palmer might just be the new president. I’m not seeing a good way to have him around otherwise. Not too sure how I’d feel about president Wayne, but at least has the capacity not to try and backstab Bauer.

Anyone else catching something else from the commercials?

I don’t even watch the show, but I gotta tone in here…

I am SO FORKING SICK of seeing commercials for 24. It’s the same goddamn thing every year–a couple of things blowing up here and there to separate the clips of Jack Bauer pointing a gun at someone’s head and screaming. It makes my head hurt.

Well, yes that’s the charm of “24.” Things blow up. Jack Bauer points his gun at people and yells. Chloe acts in antisocial ways, yet most men cannot look away!

No harm in disliking it. I hated it after two years and then re-embraced the show in season four because I found it funny.

I was always “meh” about the show until season 4. At that point, they went over the top with it and now it’s freakin awesome.

Is it about time to start gushing about how hot Chloe can be?

Exactly. There was a point at which 24 went from “Another Network TV Drama, Except With A Cool Gimmick!” to “Surreal and Awesome”, and the last couple of seasons have been worth it for that aspect alone.

That, and Chloe in all of her moods (and with a taser!).

Can Chloe get hotter than unloading an M4 (or is it A4?) into a bad guy? If so, then sign me up.

What’s the story - 24 v. Heroes? 24 on reruns for me…

Oh, that was Jack Bauer? I thought the government was sending the lead singer from the Spin Doctors to save the day.

One, two, terrorists kneel before you
(thats what I said, now)
Beg for life, always they implore you
(just go ahead, now)
One has transmitters in his pockets
(that sounds great, now)
This one, said he wants launch the rockets
(shoot in his head, now)

Be dip be dip! Be dip bip ba dum, be deedly deedly dobba dobba dobba dobba dobba dobba dobba… OR MILLIONS WILL DIE.

::golf clap::

I figure that Chloe spraying a roomful of terrorist with an M-16 would be pretty darned hot.

The joy of Time Warner Cable’s DVR. I can record both shows. The question becomes, which I will watch first.

I’ve heard that Heroes is actually being moved to Wednesday at 8pm, so those of you who feel the need to watch that… show… will be spared the dilemma.

For me, it just reaffirms Wednesday as The Night With Nothing Good on Television. But to each his or her own :slight_smile:

I read (haven’t actually seen it) that a deleted scene on the season 5 DVD has Chloe getting “bothered” by a cab driver and she downs him with a kick to the nethers. :eek:

That’s hot.

I think that the new President will be James Heller. We have had two seasons of the President being a neutral or malevolent force for Jack to deal with…maybe they are going back to seasons 2 and 3 where the President was an ally.

I haven’t tried to find out if William Devane has been resigned for this season or not, nor have I seen any “inside information”. I prefer to keep my Jack Bauer violence spoiler free.

The online trailer I saw weeks ago clearly identifies the new president as Wayne Palmer.