"24" thread for 4/6 (spoilers)

Do we know for sure that Tony’s leaving? I only saw him start walking away when Chappelle said, “Do it.” Maybe he wanted to give explicit instructions, so he’d hand them off himself to the delivery kid downstairs somewhere.

I was a little bummed about Michelle’s near-breakdown about shooting the guy. I always pictured her as being every bit as badass as the other field agents. I don’t think she’d be so broken up about killing the carrier of a deadly virus. The thing with Gael, on the other hand, I understand.

I’m not much into politics, but Palmer’s speech sounded eerily familar… “Hey, something horrible might happen any second now, but just stay calm and vigilant and everything will be hunky-dory.”

Perhaps, if it pleases the OP and the mods, we should amend the title again to 24 - Season 3, Episode 17, 5:00AM - 6:00AM (SPOILERS), so we can still hit this thread with a search for “episode” and “spoilers.”

I thought this was an absolutely great episode, and (after a shaky start) Season 3 may be the best season yet.

Enjoyable moments:
-A reference to the Drazens
-Michelle being a take-charge badass (and excellent acting from Reiko Aylesworth)
-A helicopter showing up out of nowhere and opening up with a machine gun
-Chase and Jack working together. That poor woman was so out of her league :slight_smile:
-Saunders telling Palmer to kill Chapelle. This show rocks!

All we need now is a little bit of Mandy, and it will be all good.

“Allo. My name is Mandy. You killed my boss’ associate’s henchman. Prepare to die.” (Ok, it’s a stretch…)

I agree. This season has been terrific, but we are definitely coming up a little short in the ‘lesbian assasins’ department. Maybe Mandy can kidnap Kim and force her to do . . . things. . .

How about this - maybe Michelle is pregnant and has hormones that make the virus ineffective?

I think Jack should shoot Chapelle - hasn’t he regretted not shooting anyone when he had the chance? I mean what’s the big deal - how many guys died in the prison riot he started?

And couldn’t Jack ask London MI6 to send a copy of the files? Or are we to believe that an agent working in Europe would have files only in Los Angeles, in a building with chicken shit security?

Maybe it is the president’s wife and brother who are behind it all.

I am beginning to think that no one in the terrorism/counter-terrorism business can even take a crap anymore without having to get computers involved somehow.

Mandy? Help me out here fans. I cannot for the life of me remember a Mandy.

You must be talking about Toto’s Neorest 600 toilets being installed all over CTU.

The CTU versions send the data to Compliance to make sure no one is on drugs. That’s why we never see Jack use a bathroom in CTU. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction . . .

Mandy is the lesbian assasin who took out the plane and the photographer in Season 1 to get the ID card, and then attacked President Palmer with a toxin in the final episode of last year. Played by Mia Kirshner who is now a non-assasin lesbian on ‘The L Word’. (By the way, I used to hang out with the girl who plays Shane on that show!)

DaLovin’ Dj

Ah. That’s right. How could I forget her? Thanks dalovindj.

Here’s my question: didn’t the guy who threw the chair (or whatever) through the front door of the hotel (before getting shot) pretty much render moot any quarantine of the building? The virus was out the second that glass shattered. Unless I missed something.

Also, Palmer should’ve called the guy’s bluff. “Go ahead. Release the virus. I’d rather deal with that situation than negotiate with you, damn it.”

And maybe it’s just the restrictions imposed by network TV, but I for one didn’t think Gael’s death seemed all that horrific. He coughed up blood, his face broke out and he died. Big deal. He should’ve been bleeding heavily from every orifice as his internal organs liquified. His eyes should’ve melted out of his head or something. They should’ve made the results of the virus MUCH more horrifying, if you ask me. From what we were shown, death from this bug certainly doesn’t appear to be suicide-capsule worthy!

Yeah, what happened there? Shouldn’t there have been people outside waiting for that to happen, and were prepared accordingly? Where were your duct tape and plastic sheeting, people?!

Here’s what I think might happen with Chappelle: CTU will be notified of the demand, (the president will say he’s not going to do it, and wants them to come up with some way out of this that doesn’t require killing a CTU agent). But they won’t find a way.

But Chapelle is cold. He’s all about getting the job done, and he doesn’t give a damn about anything else. No emotions at all. So, he’ll apply that to himself, see that providing his body is the only way, and kill himself. Once he’s dead, they’ll use the body to do what bad guy wants.

Just a thought. BUt if anyone was capable of killing himself because it had to be done, it’d be Chapelle.

Good thought. Probably magical stem cells or something. Would be an interesting twist if some technobabble inside her can save the world after she had to kill a man for trying to leave the hotel.

Oh, and the hole in the glass in the lobby was covered with plastic. Of course, it was probably wide open to the world for at least 10 minutes in 24 time.

Tony started down this path, but Michelle stopped him. I do agree with you in that Michelle will probably live through this somehow.

I agree. Usually, the first task is simply a test of compliance. The next hour may prove us wrong, however.

Sometimes a surgical strike is better. Put the explosive in the server room where you know it will destroy its target. It’s possible the hard disks could survive the whole building coming down around them. Yeah, It’s be a mess there and retrieving the data would be difficult, but still possible in time.

I’d say she was broken up because he was an innocent victim in the whole thing. The guy wasn’t a criminal, he was just upset and was reacting.

Yeah, they should seal that, but I doubt it’ll make much difference. The building isn’t airtight anyways. At the very least you have service doors and such that don’t seal well. The regular doors I’m sure have gaps between them an their frames. Ventilation systems were running for a while. Etc. It’s already out, if only in miniscule amounts. The virus measured at 30-35 ppm inside. The little that got out would rapidly disperse.

They were more worried about the people getting out and infecting others, I believe.

WAG on how to get out of killing Chappelle: Saunders and his minion don’t really know who Chappelle is. CTU could give him anyone. They could toss Saunders the guy shot at the hotel and he would be none the wiser.

Also, Mason was already dying when he stowed away on that plane. I don’t think he would have done it if he wasn’t already dying.

Sure he does. He asked who was heading up CTU now, his minion said “Some guy named Chappelle,” and Saunders said “Chappelle. I know him.” I think that’s why Chappelle’s removal is such an issue for the black hat – it’s not just that he’s top man, but that he may have some insight into Saunders.

I think that’s a good call.

Of course, Jack already set the precedent for willing self-sacrifice when Nina demanded preemptive immunity for his murder, so Palmer will probably expect it from a CTU man. :smiley:

Aw, dammit. Just watched that portion again. Originally, I somehow heard it as “Chappelle. I don’t know him.” Well, there goes my idea on how CTU can get out of that bind.

Now I’m wondering what the relationship is, if any, between Saunders and Chappelle. I don’t recall the discovery of Saunders being behind all this causing Chappelle to pop up with anything useful.

Or maybe Bad Guy just got tired of Chappelle saying “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” and wanted to make him pay.