24 - Season 3, Episode 20, 8:00AM - 9:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 20
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


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Thanks again to Troy McClure SF for covering my back last week and for the kind e-mail.

Like Tony Almaeda, KneadToKnow is back on the job. :cool:

Here’s my question, some 12 hours ahead of episode time: is the mortality rate of the virus 90% or 100%? We heard 90 a few times, but when Tony was talking to some Health Services person on the phone a couple of weeks back, I swear he was told 100%. Am I misremembering? Was it just a guesstimate or something? (This is a modified version of the virus, after all.) Seems relevant since Michelle is expecting her test results shortly.

The infection rate is 90%. The mortality rate once you’ve been infected is almost 100%.

Knead got shot in the neck? Oh no!

Best line all season. It’s not really a spoiler, but just in case …

Chloe, I’m getting real tired of your personality.

What an idiot.

What happened??? What happened???

Okay, is everyone caught up yet? (I can’t figure out time zones for the life of me, but just in case, here we go with the spoilers…)

Tony should be tried for treason and executed for his decision this hour. That’s nice that he loves his wife and all, but he had a terrorist who was threatening to kill (thousands? millions? a hell of a lot) of American citizens, and Tony let him get away TO SAVE HIS WIFE’S EYEBALL. I’m sure they’re planning on doing much worse to her, and I wouldn’t want to be in Michelle’s position right now (nor Tony’s for that matter), but they’re both military counterterrorism soldiers… Michelle’s life (not to mention eyeball) is worth sacrificing to stop Saunders. What a :wally

Tony, Tony, Tony . . .

That is all I have to say for now.

Yep. Not “Chloe, I’m tired of your attitude” or “Chloe, I’m tired of your actions” but “Chloe, I’m tired of your attitude!” Finally someone voices what we’ve been saying all year.

That being said, it looks pretty obvious that Chloe is setting Adam up for a fall. She’s working for the bad guys. And it’s too late in the season for the whole “too obvious that it must be a swerve.” I’m guessing next week she shows her true colors. And reveals her full name…Chloe Drazen!!!


Not “Chloe, I’m tired of your attitude” or “Chloe, I’m tired of your actions” but “Chloe, I’m tired of your personality!”

Well, let’s face it- Saunders may be a terrorist mass-murderer, but at least he’s got a certain bloodless charm. Chloe’s just a bitch!

Jeez, after watching Jack shoot Chapelle in the back of the head, Tony let’s the guy go? Bad, bad Tony.

Other than that, a pretty good episode. I figured that when Saunders walked out of the building Jack would appear with a gun to his head, being smarter than everyone else, and all. I suppose it could still happen.

Anyone else thing Michelle is lying through her teeth about her test results so that Tony will be able to keep his mind on the job?

I think he let Saunders walk to save a woman that’s going to be dead in about three hours, anyway.

I thought she was lying the whole time she was talking to Tony. I think Kim is in for it again, too.

Well I don’t think the doctors or CDC would have let her freely roam the city without really being negative - they’d have to know the results as well. So just what do they test for anyway - some sort of special antibody that she makes? The lack of a certain receptor? Virus titre (i.e. if she has a low virus count the odds are she’s got no replication or infection). I mean, she has to have the virus inside of her, she’s inhaled it. So if they’re just testing for the Cordula virus itself then I think it’s a flaw in the show. Or I’m looking into it too deeply.

My wife said “this is why married couples shouldn’t work at CTU! Nor Jack or Kim at the same time either.” I completely agree.

Were they letting them wander? I was watching it with a room full o’ people, so I might have missed something, but my impression was that she and the other fella (who started sobbing when he got his results) were bundled into an ambulancey-lookin’ thing and taken somewhere.

Realistically, it doesn’t make sense that Tony wouldn’t know anyway, but realistically I don’t think they’d let anyone out the building on the strength of initial tests for a novel mutated virus with such a high communicability and lethality.

I dunno, something about the whole vibe of the test results scene seemed to have that undercurrent, and the whole thing with Tony being put in the position of telling nerd-boy about his sister (and seeing him screw up because of it) seemed to reinforce the idea.

I bet a fella some beer over it, so I hope I read it right. :smiley:

Or perhaps that wasn’t the real letter from NHS, it could all be Saunders’ doing. Perhaps he arranged for a fake letter of relief to be delivered to Michelle to coax her to fall into the trap. Just imagine having someone who is REALLY from NHS coming in next episode saying “Do you know where Michelle is? Her test results are in.” :eek:

That was outrageous! HOW COULD TONY DO SUCH A THING. How can he hope to get away with it. Putting millions of people’s lives at risk to hopefully save one person, even if it is his wife? Doesn’t he think that his wife (a fellow agent) would probably wind up hating him for the rest of his life? Damm, I hope Jack shoots HIM in the back of the head when he discovers what happened.

Didn’t that scene in the back of the car between Jane & Kim look like an excerpt from an afternoon soap opera? I keep thinking that the doors in the car are unlocked and Jane is going to bolt anytime now.

The scene where THE President asked the SS Chief if “you can protect me here” and he replied yes was the height of stupidity. HOW? All they need is one contaminated person to throw that promise right out the window.

That made sense to me, even if the capitulation was so quick it left you wondering why the SS guys even brought it up. The virus spreads through contact, so I guess all they’d need to do is control who goes in or out of the office-thing and everybody should be fine.

Here’s hoping Tony is able to just get on the horn with Jack and tell him what happened or something if Saunders isn’t listening anymore. Yeesh.