24 - Season 3, Episode 20, 8:00AM - 9:00AM (SPOILERS)

I wonder if that was the point of the thing…to counterpoint how Jack and Palmer were ready to sacrifice anyone they had to in order to stop Saunders, while Tony was a hypocrite, since he was willing to risk Kim’s life but not that of his own wife.

Tony should have tried the “what goes around comes around” defense. Take Michelle’s eye? We take both of Jane’s. Go ahead and hurt Michelle all you want, but know that it’s coming back to Jane two-fold.

Evil? Well, yeah. That’s what 24 is all about.

How long is that train anyway? Kim and Li’l Saunders got to the tracks about 5 minutes before the end of the show, didn’t they? And I don’t remember ever seeing them again. Are we to assume they are still sitting there with Byker Boi staring in the window?

so Saunders obviously has some major organization going here, one that makes Organized Crime look like small potatoes, right?

i mean, how else does he know that Michelle is non-infective, BEFORE she’s even leaving the hotel? how else do they hijack (or PRE-EMPTIVELY hijack) the transport van, to do the snatch? who’s the mole? (not to mention the whole helicopter hit squad that took out the L.A. branch of MI-6.)

much as i’m rooting with everyone else for a major Chloe smack-down, i can’t quite believe it’s her. Tony hasn’t announced to the CTU staff that Michelle’s in the clear. does Saunder’s have a bug on Tony’s phone? how did he get his cell phone number? (well, ok duh, maybe they wrung that out of Michelle.)

and a minor curiosity point… WHERE does he get so many followers who don’t even blink at throwing their lives away for him??? Evil Overlords should have such rabidly devoted henchmen – the guy who delivered the briefcase bomb to (damn, what was the virus peddler’s name again?), only to get boomed! along with him? all the sentries posted around the phone relay room that got wasted? so far, the only one of Saunders’ guys who’s shown the least drop of self-preservation was the one that he just blew away himself.

oh. and did Michelle ever keep her promise to take out the guy that planted the virus in the hotel, once he started showing symptoms? although i’ll perfectly understand if she got hard-assed about it and decided to just let him suffer through it all, like everyone else…

Can someone verify this? When Saunder’s daughter is at the library and in the car, she’s wearing a top that shows some cleavage. When she’s in the interview, she’s wearing a t-shirt that goes up to her neck. No wonder Jack’s mad.

Well, maybe Michelle is the mole. That would explain how Saunders knew she was not infected, knew where she was being transported, and was able to kidnap her. Plus I think it explains why Saunders didn’t know that CTU had his daughter - Michelle didn’t know. At least I don’t remember her being told about Saunders Jr.

Also, just in terms of the show itself, we didn’t actually see Michelle get kidnapped. Usually they show that kind of thing. I mean, they’ve shown us Kim getting kidnapped like 10 or 12 times :slight_smile:


Well, Kim and Li’l Saunders switched clothes in the bathroom (mmmmmmmmmm…) so she sint wearing what she was originally. They may have just brought a change of clothes for her and not put her in Kim’s outfit, I’m not sure.

Tony. Man. You fucked up. No matter that Jack would have done the same thing if it was Kim’s eye that was 30 seconds from being a hole (although Kim in an eye patch might be hot). You see, you are not as good as Jack, and Jack is the President’s man above all other things. You have given Jack no choice. He has to bring you down. It’s funny, everytime Tony is in command and the pressure gets thick, he turns into a dick. He’s yelling at everybody, insulting people, letting it go to his head, all the things that make for a boss that you hate. Then he gets his comeuppance (sp? - I’ve never typed that word before) shortly thereafter. First he gets hobbled by Jack, then shot in the neck by some random Salazar guy, now raked over the coals like a bitch by Saunders. If you pay attention, before each of these things happened he was making some bad managerial decisions. The moral of the story is don’t be a dick. . . well . . . Unless you look cool doing it. . . never mind the moral. Tony’s gonna get his ass kicked at least and probably killed.

More importantly, as noted by others, there appears to be another mole. Saunders, it seems to me, indicated that he had provided for Michelle to be immune. I didn’t think he just found out, I took his tone to mean he had arranged it in the first place. My question is when? Did he somehow get her a vaccine in advance of this day? Hard to believe he would know she would get assigned to ground zero (the Hotel) that far in advance even with a mole at CTU. No, far more likely is that she was provided with an antidote after she got there. I’m thinking the mole is in the CDC. I’m thinking Nicole Duncan - she is the virologist who has a history with Jack. She led the biological field response team at Kyle Singer’s apartment. She knows about Jack’s heroin use but she focuses on the objective (so she is kind of a rule breaker to begin with). Or, perhaps more likely, Dr. Sunny Macer. She is the main doctor at the Hotel. Didn’t she give Michelle a pill when she first got there, or am I making that up? She certainly makes alot of sense as the mole/vaccine deliverer. However, Nicole Duncan may be the way that Saunder’s got the virus in the first place! She may have desgined it! She is an expert with this type of virus. Either one of these ladies would know when the quarantine transport was leaving the hotel. Maybe they are both in on it?

Mostly a setup episode, but a couple of things I really dug:

Saunders little radar box. Playing video games such as Metal Gear I always have these little displays that show you exactly which way the enemy is facing and where he is. I always thought this tech was far fetched, but if it was on 24 it must be true. What do you figure, he has his own satelite or had some sensors up on the rooftop(s)?

The “drive the truck while hanging out of it with a gun” move. Never seen that . . . ummm . . . tactic . . . before. It seems a bit unsafe, but it sure does look cool.

Jack with a bullhorn. I was expecting him to open fire on the building, or hell, just bomb it. Instead he’s like “Come on out, bitch. By the way we got your little hot, hot, hottie daughter back at the office and we’re gonna gang bang her if you don’t pony up.” I’m paraphrasing mind you. Also liked the “He knows we’re here.” “How?” “Because I’d know.” You mean because the team sucks at stakeouts? Come on, they blew it with Kim, they blew it at the mall, they blew it here with Saunders, they blew it with Drazen, they blew it with the Bauer house. They may as well call them C-“let-em-get-away”-T-U.

Fun stuff. The rest of the year could wrap up alot of story threads that started in previous seasons. I can’t wait . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

I don’t know why Kim and Jane are being driven back to LA without a police escort. Is there even anyone in the front passenger seat? Hard to imagine that they would be so careless with Jane when Saunders knows they have her. So what is the biker going to do? Hijack the car and take Kim hostage?

Perhaps the Biker is a CTU escort. The way they shot that whole thing was a big red herring methinks. When Saunders makes the call “Did they mover her? they will soon. We’ll have to do this quick.”, they cut right to Kim and Jane. I don’t think they’ll have them attacked, but they obviously wanted us to think they were going that direction. Nice to see how uncomfortable Kim is in a police car. She knows how unsafe they can be first hand. Hell, the girl probably has trouble riding in cars at all!

DaLovin’ Dj

The final montage shot showed Kim & Lil’ S in the car with the background behind them moving again. I think the biker guy was a bit of misdirection–we knew some final twist would happen in the final minutes, so we were led to believe it would be with them. Instead, we’re blindsided by the “twist” that it’s Michelle who’s been kidnapped.

And it appears dalovindj beat me to that point…

Heh heh, in the commercial break immediately following Saunders’ “Release San Francisco,” our local (note my location) newscast had a teaser asking, “How secure are our nuclear labs against terrorists, and what is going to be done for security at the Golden Gate Bridge now that the National Guard is leaving?”

Cool, when they were surrounding Saunders’ building, they broke out the old Terminator 1 music.

Man, this was a really tense episode. I’m lovin’ it. And there’s only four episodes left!!!

And hey- there is no!

And Knead, no problem. Hope you’re enjoying it so far!

By the way, for those who were deriding Palmer, I was glad to see him draw a line in the sand. On the other hand, his insistence on remaining in LA is totally idiotic and pointless and stupid and idiotic. Grrrr.

I loved Saunders immediately deducing that Jack Bauer had to be there with his daughter, however.

Yep, dalovindj – I’m quite sure that Biker Boy was a red herring. Although why the hell were they being driven back slowly to CTU? Hey, we have Jane, the ONE… count them! ONE… piece of leverage we have against Saunders. So should we send her back to CTU in the chopper that Jack and Kim came over on? Noooo… let’s send her back in an ordinary car, with only two other agents inside. In fact, let’s put her and Kim together. So if anybody attacks and gets Jane back, they’ll get Kim too.

Use the friggin chopper for chriiiissssakes!

I was wondering whether maybe Michelle was covering bad test results for Tony’s sake, but they wouldn’t have let her out of the building if she was.

Chloe. MUST. Die!

And how could Chloe have just gotten info that Adam’s sister is definitely infected? Michelle only just got her test results, and the quarantine zones weren’t set up until a couple hours after Michelle was first tested (and she was like the FIRST person at the hotel tested). Only way they would know if somebody in the quarantine zones are infected would be if they were showing symptoms already. Has it been out there long enough?

Tony was an idiot. He could (and should) have played that sooooo much better. Yes, Jack would have done similar – he wouldn’t sacrifice Kim if she were the one captured – he’d find a way to save her, too. So Tony, the smart play? TELL JACK. Do the code 9 or whatever and send everybody to the front as a diversion to convince Saunders, but TELL JACK. He’s good at this sort of thing, you know.

They were in the split screen footage at the end, when the music kicks up and they get ready to hit us with the final scene and the clock. They were moving again, still in the car, but definitely past the train tracks.

Okay – Jack was using a chopper, but CTU could have sent another out to pick up Jane and Kim.

Actually, Jack was hanging from the doorway, and there was a driver inside. They were doubling up – one driver, and one gunman to cover the approach. So Jack wasn’t driving – he’s superhuman, but he still has a few limits… :wink:

I think if I were Jack, I would have taken Jane with me. Use her as a hood ornament. Pour gasoline all over her. Tell SS, give up theg host or will burn your daughter alive, right here and right now. :smiley:

Tempting, but Lil’ Saunders seems to be pretty reasonable, and something like that would probably freak her out too much to be useful or send her running to daddy.