24 - Season 3, Episode 18, 6:00AM - 7:00AM (SPOILERS- Sunday night episode!)

24, Season 3, Episode 18
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM


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This thread ripped blatantly off from KneadToKnow’s usual OPs, for the sake of consistency. Man, these OPs are hard to create.

He shot 'im! Holy shit, he shot 'im! And with no Season-2-terrorist’s-kids cop out! He actually shot 'im!

Super episode. Next week looks interesting too.

I loved the interaction between Chase and Chappelle. None of the incidental sappy crap you’d expect w a lot of shows.

Entirely too much JarJar this episode. Lets play a little game w our posts - add the name of any tv/movie computer nerd you’d rather see besides Zoe each week. I vote for Murray Buzinski from the 80’s show ‘Riptide.’

I agree, Dewey: I was sayin ‘oh shit’ as well.

Me three, Dewey. My mouth gaped open, and I kept on trying to think of some way that what I saw wasn’t really what I saw.

Well, apparently America does deal with terrorists.

Is there any connect left between this storyline and real life left? I can’t imagine in a million years any of this stuff happening in real life. I guess it’s open season on all high-ranking US officials now. Got a bomb? Tell us who you want knocked off and we’ll hope you don’t set it off anyway! :rolleyes:

And next week? (spoiler from the preview)

Whadaya know! Kimmy looks just like Sonders’ daughter! In to the field she goes!

Heh. Wonder if Saunders keeps a pet cougar?

Jeez, Slacker. There’s no reason to be such a party-pooper. It’s just a soap opera, after all.

And hopefully Kim will get some good action scenes in the following episodes, if only to make up for her first two seasons of absolute stupidity.

Why is it that I hated Chapelle all season long but suddenly liked him? And the same went for Guielle :frowning:

You’re right - I’ll reserve my judgement until she gets her leg trapped in something at a crucial moment. :wink:

Kim running. The only reason she is there is for eye candy. More Kim Running.

I told my husband I’d never watch the show again if they killed Chappelle and, well, I’ll never watch the show again.

Weird thing is that at the beginning of this season, I found that I really did like Chapelle. He wasn’t always the most likable character on the show, but for three years, he maintained the most uncompromising integrity of all the characters we’ve seen, and I had developed a lot of respect for his commitment to making the difficult and unpopular decisions nobody else seemed willing to make, even when everything was on the line. Seeing him go out like that really sucked.

Yeah, with every passing season I find myself more and more thankful that President Palmer is a fictional character.

Anyone think Chapelle isn’t really dead. I mean he did it in a way the drive saw the gun fire and Chapelle fall over dead but he could be just knocked out which is why Jack wants the van followed.

Sure. I’m holding you to that! Especially with only two days to wait till the next episode.

Oh, and MannyL, I think it would be wimping out big time if they chose not to have Chapelle dead (ditto on if Michelle is one of the ~10% not infected by the virus). The producers of 24 have wimped out on us sometimes, but I doubt this is one of those times (also remember how scared Chapelle was, and since it’s “real time” there wasn’t much of a chance for them to talk about it without us seeing).

Very good episode, I think mainly because they focused on Jack far more than they did the President’s storyline. Boy did I feel for Chapelle in the end.

Oh my god! Here I am on the West Coast and I still get to be the first one to say Saunders is Chappelle’s estranged brother.

Nah, don’t think they’re going to take the chance that the delivery boys are going to accept a body with a slight contusion after apparently witnessing him being shot in the head. That man’s brains are on the pavement, bank on it.

Well, I’ve gotta say that, while this was a very exciting episode, the last tenuous thread of reality has left the show. There is NO WAY they’d kill an agent like that.

And Palmer is a lousy freakin’ president. He’s covering up a murder his ex-wife committed, he just ordered a federal agent killed, his chief of staff is his brother (a crazy enough thing in the first place), and he keeps telling him to pay bribes, cover up murders, and kill agents. Palmer showed horribly judgement picking him.

The Vice President was right last season - Palmer wasn’t fit for office.

Palmer’s just a Michael Corleone with his finger on nuclear weapons.

They just keep pulling me BACK IN!