24: Season 4: Episode 12 (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

24, Season 4, Episode 12
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Man, I didn’t see that coming!

So let’s see… most of the terrorists(that we know of) have been captured or killed (except Manwar or whatever his name is) and CTU has regained control of the device and all the nuclear reactors (except the one that melted down). Aleesha the mole is dead; Driscoll’s daughter is dead. Except for capturing the lead terrorist dude, all the loose ends have wrapped up quite nicely.

I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen in the next 13 hours.

I didn’t know that Alisha was dead?! Did I miss something?

She got wacked last week right before accessing the computer with the list of names in it.

The MF suits are being waaaaaayyyyyyyy to co-operative.

[Star Wars]"I’ve got a bad feeling about this.[/sw]

I think I must be losing my memory, that was a pretty vivid scene now that you have jogged me ole’ thought box. This was right before Curtis was taken by the bad guys, and then kicked some ass, right?

the week before, actually…

Dammit, I missed a few minutes of that last segment because my power went out – heavy thunderstorms. Argggghhhhhhhh. Frickin weather.

Looks like we won’t have to worry about Driscoll’s bad acting for at least the rest of this week. This might have been her best performance though.

Looked like Audrey was pissed to see her Dad cuddling with Driscoll.

MF is going down!

One would think that this company would be eager to turn over anything about Marwan to the government, to ensure that there was no suspicion that they were involved – i.e. be cooperative and make sure the govt has no reason to believe that there was anybody else in the company actually involved in the terrorist plan

okay, I guess I missed something about the “arms to terrorists” thing when the power went out – because now they said, “They’ll find out we sold arms to terrorists” (just before ordering the EMP activated).

So, what was the bit I missed? Why are they so adamant about covering up the files (other than the bit about “Gosh, if they find out it was one of our employees, our name will be associated with terrorism”, which I don’t really buy). What else was there?

An EMP device, eh?

Looks like Enterprise had a yard sale!

Woo Hoo!

Michelle is back!!

Are you sure it wasn’t an EMP? Heh heh… Looks like the military-industrial complex is the real threat to America.

“I used to be married to her”-- GREAT line!

Well selling arms to terrorists really is not a good thing. Imagine if some company in real life was found to sell high tech weaponry to Osama Bin Ladin and Al Queda. The executive officers of the company would be D-E-A-D.

looks like he almost got that door closed. Just a wee bit too late.

Michelle high-tailed it over to CTU pretty fast.

Tonight was the first time I ever watched 24, and I was completely on the edge of my seat the entire hour. Am I screwed because I missed the previous episodes of the season?


I’m actually a little disappointed that Michelle is back, it’s just too easy and predictable.

Not a whole lot of action in this one, but some definite plot twists. I can’t believe that MF is getting this involved. They are going to go down hard, especially that head of security guy. Do EMPs really exist BTW?

What’s up with the “tortured employee of the month”? She is throwing around tons of attitude now, and giving a lot of questioning looks.

Yeah, but where’s Chloe?!

Driscoll actually shed a tear, I’m impressed. I also chuckled a bit when SoD proclaimed “she’s going to have to step down” right after consoling her. Awesome. Tony was director of CTU for like 45 minutes. That’s gotta blow.

Oh, I forgot. The Pres is STILL just chillin up in the air. I hope he’s got an air hockey table or something on that plane.