24: Season 4: Episode 6 (12:00pm - 1:00pm)

I just want to say that it’s possible the Secretary of Defense on this show is an even bigger badass than Jack Bauer.

That is all.

Jack Bauer: An Army of One.

OK, I suck, this is episode 6, not 5, so if a mod can fix the title…

Also, here’s the usual boilerplate:

24, Season 4, Episode 6
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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No! whack No! whack No! whack No!
I don’t like ForeignHubby and I don’t know why.

Damn her all to hell!!!

Jack Bauer: 27
Terrorist: 0

Terror Mom (AKA Sultry Desert Rose) didn’t raise no fool.

Do you also find yourself wishing his daughter wasn’t captive with him so that guy could kick some terrorist ass?

That was a kick-ass 10 minutes. I LOVED it when Driscoll told the President “No, the Marines aren’t there, but Jack Bauer is going in alone.” I had this image of Jules from Pulp Fiction saying “Shit, n***er, why didn’t you SAY so?”

So, is CTU going to hire a couple of pipe hitting niggaz with some pliers and a blowtorch to de-brief Son of SecDef?

They’re gonna get medieval on his ass! :smiley:

“You’re sending The Wolf? Sheeit, negro! That’s all you had to SAY!”

“It’s not possible!” :wink:

Hooray for Berooz finally doing something right! He should have shot Mom, and Dad if he wanted, or he could’ve escaped an hour or two ago. I don’t know why he didn’t. Still, I cheered when he took things into his own hands at last.

It’s because he’s a wanker. And his accent wasn’t great. Still, if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to say that (after a fashion) he got in Jack Bauer’s way and survived. Not that anybody will be seriously upset if he gets offed; I’m just saying.

I was expecting the Prez to say “Oh, forget the Marines then.”

What else… Oh yeah, Marianne. Heh. I stand by what I said earlier.

I didn’t want to start a whole thread on this, but can someone give me a quick answer to this 24 question?

What the hell was the point of the very last scene of season 2 with the assassination attempt on Palmer with the terrorist chick from season 1 shaking his hand? I kept expecting that to come up somewhere in season 3, other than the sort of oblique references to it. But, it didn’t seem to amount to anything.

Again, sorry for the hijack. I’m, for the first time ever, caught up with 24.

Thanks…it’s been too long since I rewatched PF, I’m starting to forget the lines! :smiley:

Unfortunately, you’re asking the same question that we were all asking when that happened. It really annoyed me, and still does, that they did something so dramatic and then laughed it off with “And then we caught those dudes”. Unless they plan to pick up the thread in a future season, there really WAS no point. One of my main gripes with the show.

I don’t know if we’ve ever seen Jack kick as much ass as he did in the first ten minutes – and that’s saying something, given the shit he’s been through!

This has been an excellent season, so far. Let’s hope they can last through the mid-season doldrums.

Thanks. Just making sure I didn’t miss something.

Well, my guess is that the point was the writers changing their mind about where they wanted to take season 3. Perhaps having vague ideas at the end of season 2 but nothing solid yet, and then scrapping those ideas for others.

All the plotlines appear to be solid, I’d say that’s a good sign.

If last year’s tragic results were any indication, look for something really ugly to happen based on tonight’s revelation.