24: Season 5: Episode 14 (8:00pm - 9:00pm)

Well, last week Lynn and Random-Redshirt made the ultimate sacrifice, Lynn by shutting down a computer program that was locking Chloe away from the thermostat, and Random-Redshirt by bravely sitting on the floor looking worried.

But it was enough to save the rest of our survivors in CTU, except apparently for Tony, who once again proved that he really really wants to be Jack, but just… isn’t.

At the rate the writers are killing off long-time main characters, they may have to bring back Driscoll to run CTU, because there won’t be anybody left. Will they resort to searching for the nerve gas cannisters with a chemical-agent-sniffing cougar? Or should they just put a tail on Kim? – the cannisters are bound to show up wherever she is.

24, Season 5, Episode 14
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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Y’know, if they kill off enough of the regular characters, we might finally see Chloe in command of CTU.

They could put a cougar tail on her, and then dress her up in a skimpy bikini and have her serve cocktails at Tony’s wake.

God, I hope not. I kinda got the feel that Kim had a enter and exit part this season, but there’s no telling.

My guess is that Henderson (aka “Evil Buckaroo Banzai” or “Evil Robocop”) will grab Kim as his hostage, since he’s loose in CTU after doing some Soulpatch-killin’, and she and her dork boyfriend/therapist Barry are on their way out to the parking lot. They went to the trouble of establishing that Henderson checked in on Kim while everyone thought Jack was dead, so he’ll probably exploit his connection to her and snatch her up to use as a human shield or an insurance policy.

Well, looks like Tony is dead.

Any even money says that Wayne doesn’t make it through next week’s episode.


They should have been playing a little Mamas & Papas while Stoller was threatening Curtis with the gun.

“Do you want him to die?”

Maaaaake your own kind of muuuusic…

(Someone will get it…)

4 8 15 16 23 42… 4 8 15 16 23 42

I got it…eventually. But I didn’t recofnize Big D until you put in your last little clue there.

So…apparently all Europeans are bad guys that want USers to die.

Whodathink it?


Sure, he killed Badger.

But apart from that, this guy is Wuss Bad Guy. He’s ordering his guy to evacuate the building BEFORE torching it?



Good thing Jack just asked Chloe to get the “WET” list, and not the NOC list. Or else she would have had to learn to rappel, or at least to climb the rope in gym class, really quick.

I wouldn’t have surrendered my keycard to the new asshole – I would have made him get the order to me from my immediate superior (i.e. Bill Buchanan).

“I had your word. Now I know what it’s worth.”

Pretty well sums up Jack Bauer. :slight_smile:

Whooooaaaaa… Jack double-crossed Stoller. So, Homeland Security Bunhead will be happy with him after all, but he just pissed off the Germans.

And Bunhead’s threat. “There will be repercusions.”

Sheesh. Jack should have said, “Fine, bring them, bitch. I’ve already been forced to fake my own death after somebody in the U.S. Govt tried to assassinate me so that they wouldn’t have to turn me over to the Chinese. So, what have you got to top that?”


Guess we can add Germany to the list of countries which has Bauer on their sh*t list.

Well damn. Didn’t see that coming. I’m guessing that it wasn’t really Audrey, but then again the way they’re cleaning house this season…

(Regarding Wayne)

I was robbed! Robbed! So close!

Note to Evil Henchmen: When blowing someone’s tire so they crash so I can put some bullets into them and finish them off, make sure to stop your car CLOSE to the crash, not half a mile away.

Ooh, Audrey. You naughty girl.


It would be easier to keep a list of countries that do not have Jack on their shit list.
Audrey. Well hell, they killed everyone else who could be a mole.

Holy crap. Now, Jack is on his way to torture his girlfriend.

Except, I think that it was probably made to look like she sold it, but she’s probably being framed, just like Jack was.

And I’m quite sure the Veep is in on it, at this point. Or perhaps behind it. Aaron was the one who called the roadblock to have Wayne Palmer let through (I’m pretty sure), but just before that we saw the Vice Prez hearing the phone call about the person at the roadblock. It’s got to be the V.P. behind the attack on Wayne…

Hmmm. I’m fairly sure that my flash memory cards can’t be programmed to self-destruct. And while it’s vaguely possible that CTU has a stock of Mission-Impossible style self-destructing chips, wouldn’t it be better to have them just scramble the data and have the victim think they were a victim of bad luck rather than have it shoot out sparks?

Yet more incredible time compression. Five minutes after the President decides to declare martial law, there are troops on all the roads. How long does it take to mobilize troops?

The immunity paper for the female agent (Collette?) got signed and faxed in amazingly record time. Of course, by now, CTU probably has a standard form for that.

Fifteen minutes after getting out of the safe room, CTU employees are back to work as if nothing had happened. Didn’t even seem them carting bodies out in the background. When Chloe spills water on the guy, he snarls “What’s wrong with you?” Oh, nothing, just a normal day at work…at CTU.

We just know that we haven’t seen the last of dashingly grundgy German agent guy.

Husband and wife. If they could bring back Audrey’s brother for a little re-torture and bring in Daddy Heller as well…Jack could get, like, a perfect score!


The VP talked about moving them into place a couple hours ago.

I noticed one, IIRC.

I get this! That actor is cornering the market in “mysterious foreign dude who holds a pistol to your head” roles.