24: Season 5: Episode 16 (10:00pm - 11:00pm)

Last week had a great ending, one of those that jumps at you all of a sudden, when you don’t even realize the clock is about to tick at you. Last we saw Jack and Vladimir Evilkov, they were surrounded in falling flaming debris. The exploding gas facility was rather cool, although it appears that in Jack’s plan to “blast off and nuke the site from orbit, just to be sure”, he forgot to implement that first critical step in the procedure.

So, it looks like all the nerve gas is accounted for or destroyed, so that would appear to resolve “Act 1”. The big question is… what’s in store for us in “Act 2”? We know Henderson’s involved, and we know Wayne has some critical info. Many of us also suspect that the Veep is involved.

And we have a new character to help with comic relief – Sexual Harrassment Girl.

Tune in tonight, when we’ll hear Jack say…
“Boy, it’s a good thing I haven’t had a bathroom break all day. Now I can put this fire out!”

24, Season 5, Episode 16
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM


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Just a little gloating from the Week 8 thread (link contains potential spoilers)

As we were watching the episode, I said to Ms. D_Odds that FLOTUS’ aide is a mole. That’s my prediction and I will stand by it for the next 16 hours, or until she (FLOTUS aide) dies, whichever comes first.I wonder how it is going to turn out.

All that’s happened is just cover. The real secret - The President is a mole!

Congratulations, Sir.

Homeland Weasel reviews Audrey’s signiture: Wait a second. Audrey “Flank 2” Raines? What the hell?

Looks like Jack’s gonna have to save another little girl. And possibly a puppy.

Well, he predicted she was a mole…but she’s not. It seems that she found who the mole was (or, perhaps more accurately, who the mastermind behind it was) and was blackmailed because of it.

Well, now, that was an interesting turn of events. I never liked President Wussy anyway. I suppose it’s something that he’s not as wussy as previously thought.

Oh, and Homeland Security is certainly taking a PR hit on this season.

Jack poked a hole in the radio so the air would leak in and disguise his voice.

She was Not What She Seemed.
And it’s Hometown Security. Agent Barney Fife and Company.

Remember the Saturday Night Live skit that depicted Ronald Reagan not as the dottering, senile nincompoop he appeared to be, but as a dynamic, genius, mastermind on top of everything?

You guys suppose it’s really the President’s pet hamster that’s giving him instructions?

And didn’t Manny Cotto write the Star Trek: Enterprise episode about “Why Klingon’s Didn’t Have Ridges”?

“Luke, I am your Father”

Da Prez has augment DNA that mutated into the Evil Traitor virus?

And apparently given him a pair. What a great alibi.

“Your honor, the President can’t even decide what leg to start putting his pants on with, there’s no way he could be a mastermind.”

Are you sure he didn’t just start this plan halfway through the day? “That’ll teach 'em to ruin my perfect day!!”

Hey, you get a good story line, you take it and run. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they were pushing the “Vice Prez is acting creepy so it’s gotta be him” angle so hard that it had to come out being somebody else.

I’m glad that they are coming back to the question of “Why was David Palmer assassinated? What did he know?” It would have been rather disappointing to leave his knowledge of events at the minimal amount we’ve discovered earlier. So I think it’s good that this stuff is coming back to the forefront now that the nerve gas is no more.

On the flip side, it leaves me wondering whether there will be a credible explanation for Logan’s involvement. After all, Logan seemed genuinely surprised when Walt Cummings came to him and told him about his plan to get the nerve gas into the Russian baddies’ hands and try to blow it up in their faces. Obviously now, Logan is involved with Henderson and covering things up. But now I wonder how much Logan knew about the nerve gas threat. There have been many things in this “day” that would be hard to explain about his reactions if he was actually involved in ALL of it – for example, his being pressured by Bierko to give up the Russian prez’s convoy route, not to mention his thankfulness to Jack and Aaron when Jack put the smackdown on Walt and revealed that Walt wasn’t telling Logan the whole truth. And after all, Logan was the one who asked Jack to stay on and help handle things with CTU. I mean, if you’re the evil mastermind behind the entire terrorist plot, do you hire Jack on to help stop you? Only if you are suicidal…

So how much is Logan the “evil mastermind” of things, and how much is he being manipulated by other people who tell him that they have the country’s best interests at heart…?

Yeah. From now on I’m calling him President Wussy Like a Fox.

Well, the body count tonight reverted the season’s total back to the mean. Thank goodness. I was starting to think that Jack had gone all soft and mushy after he got all weepy with Audrey last week.

Wonder if Audrey will get a chance to chat with Buchanan later. Or if their last exchange will be that betrayed look as he left…

If I were her, I’d have called my Dad about this whole takeover of CTU thing a couple hours ago. Daddy Heller still has to have some sort of pull, no?

So, as Evil Kidnapper Guy was telling Evelyn to jot down the address, I expected him to say: “Aha! You are not alone. How can you drive, hold your cell phone and write down an address at the same time?”

BTW… how in the world is CTU not already part of Homeland Security?

President Wishy Washy isn’t so stupid afterall. But then, I wouldn’t call anyone who smart who puts himself on the opposite side of Jack Bauer in a battle.