24: Season 5: Episode 22 (4:00am - 5:00am)

Jack spends most of the last half hour making googly-eyes at Audrey. “It’s over…”? Not so fast, Jack. Looks like Bierko has another inside guy who’s helping him escape. And then, there’s Wormtongue, deciding to help President Logan for no apparent reason other than the fact that he’s a whiny little ass-kissing bitch. Logan, on the brink of suicide, saved by the weasel.

Jack will probably be busy chasing down Bierko, so hopefully it will fall to Chloe to beat the crap out of Miles. Now… where’s Henderson? Still in custody, or will he be escaping, too? CTU seriously needs to revamp their “Prisoner Holding Protocols”.

Three hours left!

24, Season 5, Episode 21
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM


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Ahhh, drat. Forgot to change the time thingy just before the links… Title is correct, though…

24, Season 5, Episode 22
4:00 AM - 5:00 AM

I’m not sure if Fox is showing the president’s speech tonight but if you have a VCR or DVR set up to record, you might want to add some extra time … OR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL MISS THE END

No, no. CTU has a protocol in place to preempt interruptions. I’ll call Chloe. Now if only they had a way to preempt the second part of Gray’s Anatomy tonight…

If Bush’s address screws up my TiVo tonight, I’m taking these damn canisters to the gas plant.

Yeah, but all those Folgers Crystals will do is get stuck in the pipes…

Last night, during Family Guy, they were advertising tonight’s shows where Prison Break was scheduled to start at 8:20, and “24” at 9:20.

Oh sure, Karen makes Jack stop putting the hurt on Miles, then she finishes things with a little slap across the cheek. That’ll show him. She should have just called Jack back – “Bauer, I’ve changed my mind. You can have him.”

And before that…
Jack heads for miles…
Karen: “Security, stop him!”
Security guy (resignedly): “Oh, crap…”

Now exactly how many opportunities have they had to make a digital copy or five of the recording?

So, what will Bierko’s target be?

I’m guessing he might go after the Presidential compound – perhaps he’ll try to take out Logan and the Russian Prez (assuming they are both still there in close enough proximity at the retreat) in one swoop. I think he might target Logan out of revenge – probably sees him as not keeping up his end of the bargain when he tried the attack on the Russian prez’s motorcade.

Sheesh – I wonder if Henderson will live to see another season. Is he going to be the new Nina?

Ah, so it was the Red October. :wink:

Bierko: “Which way to the nuclear wessels? Vould you please direct me to the nuclear wessels?”

Okay, so it wasn’t a nuclear wessel, but it’s got a lot of missiles anyways. Who’s he going to shoot them at?

Someone who dangles their particple? :slight_smile:

Since when to the Ruskies let the Yankees on their nuclear subs to “share technology”? :rolleyes: With access to firearms, no less?

Uh, the Red October? "Let’, of course, being loosely defined :smiley:

Did I hear someone say that the missles could take out several city blocks? There can only be five or six blocks in a city where everything is only ten minutes away from everything else. One missle could wipe out the entire 24-verse in nothing flat.

Best line: “Charles”

Aaron, you little bitch!

Man, this is getting silly now. So they’re inspecting a Russian submarine in accordance with the agreement the president signed a few hours ago at an unprotected non-military port.

There better be a damn good payoff for next week for putting up with this nonsense.

So I’m wearing boxers instead of briefs this evening – nobody else is complaining…

I can’t believe they just let Miles walk out of the building, without at least Chloe tasering him or something.

So the one military guy goes and investigates the nuclear weapon room without taking anyone else with him and without having a better plan other than grabbing his super-secret extra special gun out of its special hiding spot, putting Jack on hold–“Be right back, I’ve got to go die now”–, and then popping his head through the door, being killed instantly? That doesn’t even make any sense, who writes this stu…oh, wait. This is 24. Business as usual.

He should have been wearing a red shirt though.

Let me get this straight. So that Bierko will drop the Phoenix firewall, Robo-Henderson reveals that Jack Bauer is with him, pretends to betray Jack… and doesn’t inform Jack ahead of time?

What kind of stupid plan is that?

I can’t believe how quickly the empty data chip/card fell off the radar as an issue to be dealt with. Oh, sure. . . Bierko escaping AGAIN was an important plot point, but they had to cancel a conference call because the chip was a dud! Please, CTU, let’s get our priorities and protocols straight!

So, is Aaron shot? Or is he just pretty much beaten into a pulp?

And where is the vice president?

And is Wayne Palmer in his bunnie jammies at Buchanon’s house yet?

I was also disappointed that Karen did nothing more than slap Miles and chew him out for his betrayal. I think that a quick roundhouse kick to the skull would have been amply warranted at that point.