24: Season 5: Episode 17 (11:00pm - 12:00midnight)

Well, the Vice President has been sinisterly giving orders and sinisterly stalking the corridors in a sinister way for several sinister episodes now, all expressly for the purpose of making him the obvious suspect for sinister nefarious goings-on, in order to mislead the viewer, up to the big reveal, that the true Evil Mastermind[sup]TM[/sup] is President Wussypants. Not that I totally buy it.

After all, the Prez was surprised by Walt’s role in things, and if he truly thinks he’s acting for the good of the country, it’s hard to believe that he knew about all the other things like the nerve gas and the airport takeover and CTU being targeted… in advance. Hopefully they will explain his agenda in a way that makes sense.

Meanwhile, people at CTU continue to take the most extreme possible approach to problem solving. Last week Audrey signed the document saying that Bill Buchanan was an Incompetent Doodyhead[sup]TM[/sup], all just to keep Chloe on staff as Satellite Mover and Looker-Atter. This week, when the new honcho Karen gives the order “Fetch me a glazed donut”, I eagerly await for an underling to knock over a Krispy Kreme and kill everybody inside in an attempt to carry out the mission. Of course, if it’s not Jack doing it, the mission will surely fail…

Tonight, Jack Bauer goes up against… everybody! The Chinese hate him, the Germans now hate him, and even the president wants him dead. Sounds like it’s time to break into the retreat and go after another eye!

24, Season 5, Episode 17
11:00 PM - 12:00 midnight


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Y’know, it’s been more than half a day since Chloe has shot anyone. That’s just not right.

It’s good to be Jack.

Well, if looks could kill, she’d be a mass murderer!

Jack: We’re going to have to involve your father.
Yes! Secretary of Defense Heller to the rescue!

Glad to see Heller making an appearance. I hope he doesn’t get killed off before he can meet with Audrey.

No, little girl, don’t call 911 !!! Auuugh. So much for Evelyn. Henderson will be torturing the info about the bank out of her.

Okay, at least it sounds like Logan never intended the nerve gas to be used on American targets – but it does sound like he was in on the “Walt Cummings Plan” from earlier – sending the gas overseas and blowing it up on the terrorist cell. If that’s the case, then it still doesn’t quite make sense why he was surprised when Walt came and told him about his involvement (and then Walt killing himself after). If they were in cahoots on this from the get-go, then some of those earlier interactions don’t completely make sense.

They have more executive producers on this show than actors.

They shouldn’t be driving through the curfew in a black SUV with the headlights out.
They should be driving around in a power company truck.

I <3 C:/hloe.

Who did the music for this season? Its’ really rockin’.
GTA: 24

I think someone should have told the kid, “don’t call 911”.
So what’s the body count on this one?

We need to have President Heller next season. The ass-kickin’ president.

I think Karen’s motives are okay – but I don’t trust her second-in-command creepy little guy (who has become Chloe’s nemesis).

I totally called that he would find Chloe coming out of the bathroom. Great line…
Creepy Guy: “What were you doing?”
Chloe: “Are you kidding?!!”

I think bank manager’s wife is not going to be too happy with Jack and Wayne, tape recorded evidence notwithstanding. She probably won’t believe that he was helping them willingly at the end, too…

WRT Heller, if the previews are to be trusted, I guess there goes any idea that he’s a bad guy. Apparently, he’s going to kick some presidential ass.

Mrs. Plant says the Bank Guy, Wayne Palmer and Aaron are toast.
She’s watching it again as I tape it on KDVR.

Bank guy died already.

We were Tivo’ing, but I thought he was just mortally wounded. :slight_smile:

What about the assistant and daughter? Did RoboTerrorist kill them?

What was with the James Bond music? I’m not too sure about that…

Wasn’t made clear. I would think, though, that it’s safe to remove Evelyn from your Christmas Card list.

At the end, Jack asked Wayne “How is he?” Wayne replied, “He’s dead…”

No final info given on that, but the odds are not in their favor. All that work last episode for nothing. Jack should have shot Henderson in the kneecaps before taking out the henchmen, back at the “exchange”.

Is Sexual Harrassment Girl a Homeland employee? I thought she was CTU, just pulled in from another area to take over Curtis’ station. If so, why’s she still here? I thought Homeland replaced all the CTU folks with their own people (except for Chloe).

Well, I guess the “evidence” tape tries to explain the Logan vs. Walt Cummings thing – Logan was apparently just “playing along” when Walt came to him and revealed the plot that he thought he was running? I wouldn’t have pegged President Wussyface as such a good actor, though. Does he know now that Henderson is out there popping bullets into people left and right? Because Logan claimed that he didn’t want all these deaths, after all. Does he know that Henderson is killing everybody between him and Jack?
So, anybody else think Martha is going to check with whatsherface that Logan said was the person on that phone call (“Let me know when it’s done”) and find out she’s not writing a radio address for him after all?

“Oh Charles… how could you?! And I was this close to giving you some when you came to bed tonight…”

Ahh, Chloe…she gets in my favorite line of the entire show, coming out of the ladies’ room: “If you want details, I’ll be sure to put them into the report”

Of course, Bank Manager, with famous last words “If it’s all the same, I think I’m better off with you” :smiley:

You know, I was thinking… when Jack was trapped in the bank… Might it not have been a good idea to call CTU (at least Chloe, but maybe Karen) and upload the recording to them, or play it for them over the phone and have them record it. So that there’s… you know… a copy?

Okay, maybe Karen couldn’t clear him right away, but still, getting the info onto CTU servers and having a copy of the evidence would seem like a good idea. Then more people would know about Logan, and even if they thought the evidence might be fabricated, it would start casting some doubt.