24: Season 8: Episode 5 (8:00pm - 9:00pm)

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1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch.

3) Why is Jack upset with Renee? I mean, didn’t he cut some dude’s head off with a hacksaw in season 2?
A: Yes, but he waited until the guy was dead, first…

Previously on 24:

  • Hastings continues hulking about CTU like he’s worried his head will hit the ceiling.

  • Agent Starbuck is starting to fall back into the cycle of abuse. She’s probably going to let her ex-con-ex-boyfriend hit her tonight. What she needs to do is introduce him to Jack.

  • Farhad didn’t like his White House Souvenir Peace Treaty Signing Pen, so he stabbed it into a cop’s neck and ran like the wind.

  • Jack gets beaten up by a cop, breaks his chair and beats the cop back for a bit, calls in the info, takes a quick detour and halts global warming, then arrives in the nick of time to blow away the Russky assassin and save Cole, effectively ending Baddie Plot #1. Dude’s a saint now…

  • Meanwhile, Ex-agent Rowrrr agrees to go back undercover to hunt Russians with “nukular” materials, and in an amazing display of over-the-top-Jackness, she finds her contact, grabs a handheld saw, and makes sure he will never hitchhike again!

  • Thus begins Baddie Plot #2.

24, Season 8, Episode 5
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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Is there anyone here besides you and I tonight?

No idea, but I’m ready for some more Jack Bauer!

Discussion has certainly dropped off a lot since seasons 2-3. I guess some gave up on the show, and others figure that it’s too easy to predict all the plot “twists”.

Personally, I really liked the style of season 2, despite Kim and the cougar trap. There weren’t 5-6 different terror plots to foil per season, and the episodes ended on much bigger cliff-hangers. In recent seasons, individual episodes end up feeling there’s too much of a resolution on each one – okay, foiled this hour’s plan, now onto next hour’s evil plot!

When was the last time we saw an episode end like Season 2 episode 8 (right after Jack gives a quiet and menacing talk to Nina about what she took away from him, the missile hits the plane, and we see a few seconds of chaos, then CLOCK…)? I’d be happy to get back to that kind of suspense, and have only 1 or 2 big terror plots in the day, each of which takes longer to foil…

But hey, it’s Jack Bauer. So I’m here… :slight_smile:

Dammit, I liked Nina!

Shut up, you wuss, the bracelet is off.
What’s a thumb against three mill?

Chloe: “Ummmm, Jack…? Those tracking bracelets don’t come off. What exactly did you guys do… exactly???”

Man, I guy could so not piss off the real Starbuck like this.
He would pray to only have his thumb cut off.

From whom? From Whom?
The terrorists can only win if we use bad grammar.

“Are you so sure they are necessary?”
“Well, people are trying to kill my ass.”

So it looks to me like Radiation Boy is eventually going to be an achilles heel to the Russian mob guy – since they are sending him off to the summer home. He’ll either providing a lead to help Jack and Co. find him, or he’ll screw up the works somehow for Daddy.

Ahhh… perhaps he’s not going to the summer home. Brother will take him to the doctor – doc will report it – they’ll get a lead.

Kill him, Starbuck, kill him!

“Is she putting herself into Harm’s Way?
“No, I think she’s going for the Fighting Seabees.”
And another famous John Wayne line…“DAMMIT!”

Ahhh, there’s a signature Jack “Dammit!!”

I wonder if the bad guys could hear the comm in her ear (not in this show, of course – in real life). In real life, they probably would think to check there when they searched her…

Good bluff by Renee! Guess the best bluff is when you’re actually not bluffing. At least not 100%.

So what happens when the decoy car reports to Vladimir that somebody at the warehouse was tailing them for 10-15 minutes, before they heard:

and then the tail drove the other way…

I think Jack can safely retire now. CTU has a new psycho on board.

Does the Doctor think he has any chance of surviving? Russian mobsters just informed him that they came in contact with weapons grade uranium. Will they trust him to keep their secret after they’re done using him?

Any guesses as to what fate is in store for Vladimir?

My memory fails in my old age, but didn’t Jack kill the dude in the CTU interrogation room? :cool:

Keifer must have been sleeping off a bender as he spent most of this episode in the car doing nothing. No Jack pistol, no Jack sack, no Jack torture.

I keep waiting for Starbuck to kick the living shit out of her trailer trash blackmailer. That may be because I keep seeing Starbuck and not whomever she is supposed to be. And the Battlestar Galactica link grows, as Vladimir was formerly the Cylon Leoben. Add in a Heroes link, with Josef, formerly Adam Monroe, being all about filial love here.

Well, he might think that even if they kill him they’ll leave his family alone…
So far this season would be a solid B if it weren’t for the idiotic and tedious business with Dana and her ex. Maybe there will turn out to be more there than we think… for instance, maybe the ex will turn out to be working with the big conspiracy, whatever it is. If nothing else, that would explain the coincidence of the preposterously bad timing…

This episode was pretty much filler. I don’t really have a problem with seeing Dana/Jenny as Starbuck since I’ve never seen Battlestar Galactica, but I still find that plotline annoying. Weak-link Dana is probably going to end up blowing a lead because of her smarmy ex. Or else she’s going to be mistaken for a mole to kill some more airtime.

Yes. The guy was a criminal (who was in for some bad things, including murder… and I seem to recall something about sexual assault on a child in the description), but he was getting a witness protection deal from the Feds for turning evidence on a bigger honcho. Jack had them bring him in – then he shot the guy twice. THEN, he asked for the hacksaw. :smiley:

I was wondering if he might have been bluffing about the guy’s family, since technically speaking he’s NOT supposed to be taking Radioactive Brother to the doctor. Although somehow he got details on the doctor’s family routine – but I’m wondering if he really doesn’t have men stationed outside the doc’s house. If he does, then he had better hope Daddy doesn’t find out about what he’s up to.

Dana really needs to take Jack with her and say to her ex, “Hey, somebody I’d like you to meet…”

Or given recent events, take Renee to meet him instead.