24: Season 8: Episode 8 (11:00pm - 12:00am)

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Previously on 24:

  • Dana’s two moron buddies play Dumber and Dumbest in the police warehouse. How long before they take themselves out of the gene pool?

  • Renee goes nuts with a knife and carves Vlad into cold cuts. Jack gets a stab to the gut, but he’s had worse. Now the Russkys have captured him, and they snuck in, led by the Sewer People – so CTU doesn’t have any footage. Now Jack is surely off for some Rest, Relaxation, and TORTURE! His favorite way to spend the day!

  • meanwhile, Hassan is arresting everybody left and right, including his own trusted staffers… does anybody really care about this subplot?

24, Season 8, Episode 8
11:00 PM - 12:00 AM


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The Dana storyline is killing me, man, I wish this would stop. I just don’t care about her past. I don’t even know enough about the character to care that her lifestyle is threatened.

I don’t even really know where they are going with this, although I’m guessing Dana being gone is going to have advantages for the creepy CTU analyst that’s always hitting on her. I’m guessing at this point that he’s actually evil.

Clearly CTU has no kind of intelligence testing for prospective employees.

Clohe backed up Starbuck.
I guess my hopes of mud wrestling are gone.

What is the “Kill Moose and Squirrel!” guy cooking at 11:00 at night?

Nuclear arms dealer and sous chef, he’s always cooking up something. What a Renaissance man!

Whatever he’s making now seems heavy on carrots and cabbages. Maybe he’s planning to torture Jack with that boiled cabbage smell.

Odds on daughter running away to rescue her boyfriend and getting kidnapped by baddies?

Bad due is a dead man.

Anyone sent to check the fuse box dies, in any movie.

Does YOUR phone work?

“Add it to your list of regrets.”

I love Jack!

President Taylor never calls unless she needs something… sheesh!

Cinematographers need light, but there sure was an awful lot of it in that powerless basement at night.

Young tac team guy in the elevator is a red shirt in black. Those other dudes looked a little old for jumping out of helicopters.

Josef’s been a naughty boy!

I think Jack came across the first phone in the series history that didn’t work (although I can’t swear to that).

When the bad guy poked his finger into Jack’s open wound, I grimaced. But add Jack’s miraculous healing powers to his arsenal.

Parsnip My thought about the young rookie kid that Ortiz helped in the elevator was

Add me to the list of people who aren’t caring about the Dana backstory. Get on with it and resolve it already, so we can move on.

In addition to Dana, I’m really tired of seeing Chloe being treated like someone CTU pulled from a temp agency.

I loved the look on Daddy Russian’s face when Jack held out the phone and said, “The President of the United States wants to talk to you”. You could see him visibly thinking, “Who the hell IS this guy that just kicked my ass?!”

And my first thought when Josef was on the phone with Farhad – how stupid is Josef to hijack the uranium rods and deliver them to Farhad ALL BY HIMSELF… you know, with no henchmen to back him up… but Farhad has plenty of pissed-off countrymen by his side. Josef says, “Have my money ready”, but I’m thinking that they’re just going to have a bullet or two ready. What. A. Dumbass.

And he was actually showing some balls back in the hold-the-gun-to-Farhad’s-head-and-don’t-talk-to-my-Daddy-that-way scene.

As soon as I saw Jack hanging from the ceiling by his wrists, I knew somebody was gonna get his neck broken between Jack’s thighs.

But wait – is this a sub-plot, or part of the main plot? What is the main plot, anyway? That Taylor and Hassan need to sign the treaty by tomorrow afternoon for some reason?

I guess what I mean is there doesn’t seem to be any real sense of urgency this season. “Jack must help the President achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East” is a slightly more abstruse concept than “Jack must keep the bad guys from making a big-ass explosion that will kill this many people, as illustrated by these stick figures on a computer screen.”

There’s been some cool stuff this season, but I’m still waiting for that race-the-clock, nick-of-time excitement of seasons past.