24: Season 8: Episode 19 (10:00am - 11:00am)

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3) I thought Jack only took orders from the President?
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Previously on 24:

  • Jack slaps Dana around a bit. I’m still waiting to see him do a full spread of Interrogation-Fu, Jack-style, on her ass.

  • But it will have to wait, because Jack has commandeered a CTU chopper, heading for parts unknown. Pitting Jack now against Acting CTU Director Chloe.

  • The only rational person left in the US Government is now Ethan.

24, Season 8, Episodes 19
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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Beelzebub Logan is still whispering temptations in her ear. Why do they even need to cover the evidence up – just announce at a press conference that new evidence has come to light. And the US doesn’t need to pull out of the peace talks – just kick the Russians out of it.

Hahhaa – guess if you’re going to go rogue from CTU, it helps to have the acting head of CTU in your court. He’s used to Chloe always being his inside source – guess she still is. For now.

Sweet. Michael Madsen. Didn’t know he was guesting.

Dana is begging to get back in Jack’s control? He ain’t gonna give you an immunity deal either, sweetheart. But he won’t kill you, as long as you tell him what he wants to know.

Jack is gonna be PISS-ED at Chloe after this.

Logan and Taylor’s eyes were both glowing in that scene–the contacts were entirely too blue.

And Ethan still the only one in the govt. making the right call.

Jack knows it’s a setup now. “No hostiles in sight” (after he clubs one).

Nice. Recruiting Cole to go rogue with him.

I hope Jack and Chloe make up after this. :frowning:

Watching her betray Jack was killing me.

Also, Chloe looked so hot last episode but not as attractive this episode.

How many episodes are left?

5 hours are left. Looks like they’re planning to wrap it up with a 2-parter on May 24.

I don’t think Jack is pissed at Chloe. He knew from the start that she’d do what she did, and his plan was to use her to get to Cole. She, however, oughta be pretty damn pissed at him.

I was really expecting the President to come to her senses at the press conference. sigh She’s gone over to the dark side now and she knows it. And by the way, Cherry Jones is the best actor ever to appear on 24. Just sayin’.

I’m so confused. Jack wanted the evidence from Dana, so he asked the President to sign an immunity waiver for her. (By now, the White House is ordering those things from Staples in lots of 500.) But the President doesn’t want Jack spilling the beans, so she sends him out of town. But she wants the evidence, so she decides to have Dana tortured. But Dana has already indicated that she’s willing to hand over the evidence in exchange for an immunity guarantee, and I doubt she cares who hands it to her. So once Jack is out of the picture, why not offer Dana the deal and at least not have that hanging over the Presidential conscience?

The in-show explanation was that any evidence given in exchange for immunity is somehow in the public record, or at least the public system, so it will eventually come out.

I can’t say that any of the logan-taylor logic made any real sense if you thought about it, but I enjoyed the heck out of this episode nonetheless. Jack non-lethally taking out an entire trained CTU team who knew he was coming was one of his most bad-ass moments ever.

I like how Cole explained that Jack was “highly trained”. Umm, that’s true, but it doesn’t really cover it…

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Jack. :slight_smile:
So what do you guys reckon will be Madame President’s fate?

Anyone else think that President Logan looks a lot like that old Disney star, Ken Berry, gone totally to hell?

Anyway, too bad this is the final season because I think it’s one of the best.

Logan convinces her that Ethan knows too much and must be “taken care of,” and that she can’t trust anybody else to do the job for her. Of course he is able to produce an untraceable pistol for her on short notice. She is initially repulsed by the idea, of course, but after 3 minutes and 42 seconds of agonizing soul-searching, she realizes it’s what she must do for the “Greater Good.”

Taylor gets Ethan alone and pulls the gun, but the old bastard is quicker than she thought. He knocks the gun from her hand and flees. She chases him to the roof of the UN building, where they struggle. She gets her hands around his neck and begins to squeeze, when Ethan manages to gasp, “I’m sorry it had to come to this, Allison. You know I’ve always loved you.”

Madame President suddenly stops strangling him and gets that conflicted, pained look of hers. “Oh, Ethan,” she says as a tear rolls down her cheek. Ethan takes this opportunity to grab her by her lapels and shove her off the roof to her death. Seconds later, he suffers his final, fatal heart attack. Cue silent clock.

I’m only partially kidding!

(slight hijack)

Has anyone at CTU noticed the Arkansas parole officer in the wall? When the Russian government looks for double agent how do felons, paroled or otherwise, make the short list?

They probably are assuming the growing ripe smell is coming from the CTU Break Room fridge (free Cokes to all employees, even moles!) which got zapped by the EMP. Easy. I don’t expect Dana Walsh’s “How I Became a Double Agent” backstory will ever be adequately explained though…

I was thinking, how was Cole and his team going to trick Jack anyway? Wouldn’t he have seen them around the CTU office during the other days of the year? You know, when CTU and the other American intelligence agencies are surfing the net, using drones to spy on chicks sunbathing and generally grabbing ass instead of proactively preventing these sort of 24 events from happening in the first place?

I mean it really gets to a point where it just seems like they are the most incompetant intelligence agencies ever and we are basically watching the equivalent of some jackass trying to orchestrate his wife’s aniversary party at the last minute because it slipped his mind.
I like how President Taylor basically changes her mind in agreement with whoever speaks to her last.

Jack has never worked at CTU New York. He stopped working at CTU Los Angeles after Day 3 except on a provisional basis on several days.

People keep mentioning this. The thing is, it takes more than a day for a piece of dead meat to start smelling bad – especially when there’s airconditioning.