24: Season 8: Episode 19 (10:00am - 11:00am)

Yes, every thread has people mentioning it. It was starting to get on my nerves.

No doubt. It took staring at this picture for several minutes for me to see the resemblance: Guess who!


Sorry. I hadn’t noticed. It’s not just “wouldn’t he stink?” for me but, don’t they have y’know security? I worked as an unarmed guard at a teeny tiny college that was in no way involved in national security. When I worked in the gate house I had to record everyone who entered campus and where they were going. If they hadn’t exited by the time I made rounds I had to check and make sure they were where they said they’d be.

I realized as I was typing the above that the people in the best position to wonder “hey, whatever happened to that guy?” were the ones Dana shot in the parking garage.

I guess more than the guy specifically, I wonder why we needed the Arkansas plot at all. Will Cole having shot those guys ever become an issue? Will Arlo turn out to be a more pivotal character than he has been so far?

With just 5 hours left I guess my wish that Morris will stop by to bring Chloe lunch and then stay to save the world will go unfulfilled.

Fair enough. But I still feel like each season of 24 basically comes down to the most inept intelligence agency since CONTROL trying to play catch up after a years worth of not doing their job properly. “WHAT?!! We only have 24 hours to stop terrorists with a nuclear bomb!!? HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN AGAIN!!? Well at least we fixed all those HR issues so there won’t be any more moles in…WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THERE’S ANOTHER MOLE IN CTU?!! Well at least the building won’t blow up or get taken over or hit with some sort of EMP or anything like that again…”

Best line of the season
Jack Bauer “I hate this place.”

Yeah, but assuming the guy is missing, and security figures that much out. What next? The immediately start tearing down the walls?

Hamlet, Act IV, Scene iii.


Wow, we must be in alternate universe’s. What I see is the most wooden, completely unbelievable acting this side of a high school play.

Double wow, another alternate universe. This is the single most boring season of 24 ever. The plot is totally unfocused, and the “crisis” is just never made real to the audience. “Peace in the region for the first time in years” might have some import if they were using a real country, but when it’s the fake Whocaresistan, well, who cares? We’ve never been given any reason to feel that this peace treaty is as important as President Woodface keeps saying. And in the meantime, the plot has gone every where on the map so much – even by 24 standards – that there’s never been any sense of urgency (except when Jack is storming some place, and there hasn’t been nearly enough of that). Jack’s motivations for staying around are thinner than a strand of spider web. And every scene involving either President Woodface or President Pompadour just puts me to sleep. Even the bad guys were completely uninteresting. I don’t even remember who was leading the original threat, was it the same bland dude that offed President Pompadour? The then the Russian guy who killed his own son for, um, why, again?

The entire season has been just muddled, unfocused, uninteresting, uncompelling, repetitive (both of past seasons and this season itself) with the most bland cast of characters I’ve ever seen.

I am inclined to agree with Roadfood that this season is boring. There’s action, sure, but it isn’t any action we haven’t seen. In past seasons I’ve been anxious to see what happens. I let 2 episodes of this season languish on the DVR for weeks before wathing them.

I never felt invested in the Renee story. Was I supposed to think she was Jack’s next great love? 'cause I didn’t buy that. I hate the Dana story. The latest developments with President Taylor seem to run counter to everything we learned about her last season. “Yeah, uhm, this scene only works if the character suddenly has no integrity.” Wha?

Now that Jack and Cole have gone rogue d’ya know what would be really exciting? If they could somehow turn for help to Tony Almeida. except wait yawn seen it!