24: Season 8: Episode 13 (4:00am - 5:00am)

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1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch.

3) Why was parole guy able to just wander around CTU?
A: As we’ve seen, CTU has very tight security, only allowing visitors on a need-to-know basis. This includes the president, vice president, CTU personnel, specialists, boyfriends of CTU personnel, ex-boyfriends of CTU personnel, random people that say they met CTU personnel in a bar, and scruffy homeless people. So, it’s tip-top security!

Previously on 24:

  • Dana’s back in trouble again, now that Scruffy Parole Dude is onto her lies. We’re all eagerly awaiting for her to be arrested and hauled away, so that we can focus on Jack.

  • Kayla’s kidnapping and escape was a ruse, and her dead boyfriend is not really dead.

  • Chloe tried to take CTU to broadcast depth, but somebody triggered their EMP too early. They never had a chance. Now Zion is in serious danger, and only Jack and Cole can stop the squiddies. Oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?

24, Season 8, Episode 13
4:00 AM - 5:00 AM


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So, there is a boat on a body of water… That reminds me of a few seasons back.

Wonder if Jack will find his dad down there.

Oh, NSA is gonna tour CTU?

And the NSA guy built the place? If that dude’s name is Michael Schofield, I’m gonna bail.

Holy crap!! did Chloe just take 6 levels of Bad Ass or what ?

Shhhhhh…she’s not good with praise.

Dana’s story has certainly been a roller coaster tonight.

Chloe was great tonight. I think instead of canceling 24, they need to just revamp it with Jack, Renee, and Chloe going around kicking ass.

Two annoyances with tonight’s episode though. One, with Dana being a mole (and a ex-con, someone in CTU’s HR needs to be fired!), it seems her whole stupid side story could have been cleaned up quickly by her terrorist friends. Two, how many fucking times are Jack and Cole going to refer to just any old random bad guy with a gun as a sniper??

RIP Doogie Bauer.

Maybe I blinked and missed something, but…

When the drone tracker was lost, Chloe implored Hastings to send a team out to find Jack. Hastings replied that Jack’s last known position was heading toward the East River, an area that covered four miles; therefore, Hastings did not have enough resources to spare to go look for Jack. Chloe then puts in a call to Renee.

Did they explain how Renee was able to locate and join Jack within 30 minutes of getting Chloe’s call?

I believe she followed the sound of repeated automatic weapons fire. The NYPD was busy seizing EMP devices belonging to law-abiding citizens. When will we ever learn gun control isn’t the answer!

Oh, and least surprising plot twist ever.

Godspeed, Jimmy James/Bill Dauterive/Milton Waddams.

And after Jack realizes that the bad guys are heading for the East River, does he call upon the resources of the NYPD (helicopters, boats, gigantic search lights, etc.) to blanket the river with good guys? No, he heads down to the river to stop them himself (with the help of his small crew). It isn’t until the bad guys are in a boat on their way across the river that he calls in support. Unlikely, even for Jack.

OK. Hick Parole Agent… is he the same guy who played the gay vampire in True Blood– the one that Jason and his gf kidnapped for V?

OMG. A mole in CTU. What a clever plot twist!!!

Again, had to record. Watching a little after the fact… commenting as I go:

Chloe is back to her usual snark. Heh.
Chloe: “Might be a way to tap in, get some of our systems up and running.”
Dana: “Really, how?”
Chloe: “I haven’t figured it out yet, and I won’t if you keep talking to me!”

Renegade Renee to the Rescue?

Wow, that’s a really long gun battle, since we haven’t had a specific Jack scene in the second segment (around 4:12 through 4:30). Nobody’s running out of ammo yet?

Chloe has a gun! Woohoo!! You know, she might have tried calling an NSA boss first, go over Haynam’s head, see if that would work. Since Jack’s the one who called their office. But hey, whatever… Chloe’s packin’! (Guess she’ll be on Hastings’ bad side again?)

Dumbass panicked. Toast.

Agent 12-year-old didn’t follow orders, and now he’s toast, too. He lasted more episodes than I think we all expected, for a redshirt.

Chloe, to Dana: “You’ve never been my biggest fan, why start now?” hahaha

That whole “trunk line” thing is really silly technobabble. I mean, an EMP is supposed to fry all electrical systems, right? So their computer terminals would be hosed, too – needing replacement. Tapping into the “trunk line” (whatever the hell that means) wouldn’t send any info to their terminals if their workstation machines were also fried.

If Chloe’s worried about electrocution, perhaps she should wear gloves.

Oh, now sparks are flying from the consoles, like when the Enterprise takes phaser fire. Chloe, you just have to reverse the polarity of the deflector dish!

NSA dude has now been officially humbled.

Hah! Renee found them before CTU could call her. Sweet. Jack had on a vest I hope? Renee’s a good shot.

Chloe: “I’m not good with praise.” hahaha nice.

Dana’s racking up quite a body count. At least she had a reasonable excuse with Kevin, or rather his buddy (self-defense). Not on the warehouse robbery, of course, but on the shooting. And the buddy was actually Kevin’s killer. Covering it up won’t earn her and Cole any courtroom brownie points. But now we have cold-blooded murder of the parole officer dude. What’s she going to do with the body? That’s not exactly going to be easy to get out of there unnoticed.

If Cole still wants to marry her at this point, he belongs in a padded room.

Oh holy shit on a shingle. Dana’s a mole for the Kablooiestanis?

The Dana’s-a-mole angle just doesn’t make sense – like they are just doing it for “shock” value. If she’s working for the IRK (whatever that stands for), she would have had plenty of chances to feed them info earlier on, helping them in their previous plots that were foiled (or almost foiled). Like with the whole assassination attempt, perhaps?

Brannon Braga (of TNG, Voyager and Enterprise fame or infamy if you prefer) is a writer on this show. I don’t know if he wrote this episode or not but there was a scene last season (when Sean and Erica are sabotaging the FBI servers) where it was transparently obvious that the dialogue in the script was “We just need to [TECH] the [TECH] and [TECH] will happen!” You could literally plug in “reverse the polarity” and “route it through the deflector dish” and the tone of the scene wouldn’t have changed at all.

Aw, c’mon. Of course there’s a mole in this CTU office. It’s a union requirement!

I shed a tear as well, since this was the last chance this season had of being worth watching! (Of course, I still will. What else is there?)

Three more observations.

Someone should be fired at CTU when this is over. The person who dispenses weapons forgot to give Jack one of those guns that never run out of bullets; during his long gun battle he had to stop and reload!

This must be the longest gun battle Jack was ever involved in in which he didn’t kill someone.

And I still think the most ridiculous thing about this episode is that at 4:00 a.m. in the middle of a national crisis (a dirty bomb is about to be set off in New York, CTU headquarters has just been bombed, all computers and other electronic devices have been fried, etc.) someone who looks like a homeless vagrant can wander into CTU and without giving a reason say he’d like to talk to the Director and be told “Go wait in that room; he see you in 15 minutes.”

I’m pretty sure they actually once said the name of “Islamic Republic”. I don’t remember what it was, but they did say it once.

I wonder when someone at CTU is going to start noticing the smell. Oh, yeah, we’re well into the 24 hours already, so maybe that will be next season.

Bill Buchanan is stepping up to take the blame. Budget cuts forced them to change to standard weaponry.

And do you know why he didn’t? Because he wasn’t using his pistol. He’s just another mook with a automatic rifle. Better than average, but still not at the same level as when he is forced to take on an invading army with a Beretta. In 24 the FPS* game, you’ll start with the strongest rifles but become most deadly when you finally unlock the 9mm Glock.

*FPS = First Person Shooter

There was a power failure in my neighborhood last night so I missed the first half hour or so. When it came back on Jack was in the middle of a shootout, and some people at CTU were trying to get to Chloe, who had locked herself somewhere.

What did I miss?