24: Season 8: Episode 14 (5:00am - 6:00am)

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3) Wasn’t it cool how Chloe pulled a gun on that NSA dude?
A: Shut up. Chloe’s not good with praise.

Previously on 24:

  • NSA jerkweed shows up to “help”, and Chloe pulls a gun on him. Woohoo! Then taps into the hard line to work some techie mumbo-jumbo, reverses the polarity of a few things, and Shazaaam! CTU is back up and running. But who cares? Chloe has a gun!

Though it would have been fun if she’d just tasered him.

  • Jack, Cole, Agent 12-Year-Old, and Redshirt #4132 engage in the longest gun battle yet seen on the show, expending zillions of rounds with no casualties. Hours later, in the armor wedge, Redshirt panics and kills the plan, leaving just Jack and Cole. Until… Agent Rowrrr shows up to save the day!

  • Dana, figuring she might as well continue the killing spree now that she’s already sunk a few bodies today, strangles scruffy parole officer guy in the holding room. I’m sure nobody from CTU will notice the smell… Oh, and by the way, it appears that Dana is a mole for the bad guys. I wonder if Cole knows that Samir Mehran is going to be a groomsman at their wedding?

24, Season 8, Episode 14
5:00 AM - 6:00 AM


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Wow, it’s 11:31 PM, and no replies on the thread yet, since I posted it around 5 PM – didn’t anybody watch yet?

I’m getting ready to watch it now – had to record again (in the middle of rehearsals weekday evenings).

I haven’t watched it yet but I will later tonight. Will post shortly after or maybe even during the viewing.

Wow, between this week and last, they’re really chewing through the ammo budget.

Recorded earlier, and watching it late – commenting as I go:

Dana: “My instructions were to help you, not jeopardize my cover.”

And the dead body stowed away in Holding Room #1 won’t jeopardize your cover? Especially since it belongs to the guy who kept hanging around your area to ask you questions?

So now I wonder who’s giving her instructions. Sounds like it’s more than just the IRK radicals. Like she’s not there specifically as a spy for that little splinter cell. Wonder when she got her instructions to help this little band of miscreants. Maybe only a few hours ago?

Jack: “Renee, I need to do this on my own.”

Why? Why does he need to supervise Hassan’s evac on his own? From his discussion with Madame Pres, it sounded like a pretty standard easy job (since Jack will be there, we know it won’t be, but just going by the principle of the thing…). I thought he was going to tell her “I need you to stay here and take over for me, help CTU”. Well, at least she nipped that in the bud.

Tarin looks like he’s having doubts about being the driver. Suicide driver?

I’m getting the impression that the military dude is going to try to forcibly take Hassan himself (during the evac), since Madame President didn’t agree with the “give up Hassan” position.

Yep – sounds like that’s the direction of it. And General Butthead is getting Weiss’ help/approval. Jack will have to fight U.S. forces. And ironically, Hassan is being evacuated to right where Weiss and Gen. Butthead are (along with Taylor, etc.)

Convenient time for an Ethan heart attack… that is, convenient for General Butthead and his new apprentice.

Jack can’t call Ethan back and the air force base operator can’t reach him either. He should call the President – doesn’t he have her direct line? At least he knows something smells rotten…

When Jack makes it TO the air force base, Rob Weiss had better hope to get his ass as far away from that place as possible! “Son of a bitch just hung up on me.” And of course, Jack will figure out that Rob was stalling and BSing him. Dude is going to be in a world of pain.

Nice! Jack and Renee work well together. Luring dudes into the smokescreen and popping them when they cross his path. Renee firing from one place to draw their attention, then Jack popping them from a crossfire. Nice tactics from a duo who have only worked together on one prior “day”.

Way to go Hassan!

“Elite” squad leader – “YOU have to deliver Hassan to the terrorists!”

Yeahhh… Like Jack is going to listen to your ass after you and your squad just killed all of the secret service agents and tried to kill him, too.

So much for “the ransom demand stays in this room”. General Butthead is gonna fry for treason.

Jack: “I don’t take orders from anybody but the President of the United States”. Hah! Nice to rank that high.

I was set up to type as I watched, but I didn’t really have anything to say.

Good episode.

Played by Michael Irby, who was Grey on The Unit. Jack’s been attacked by a special forces team from another network!

If you want to know why this show is being canceled, consider this: it is now 9:30 a.m. (EST) and only 7 people have commented on this show and only 168 have bothered checking out the comments.

True. Last night’s “hour” was as ho-hum as any I’ve seen.

Just a few random comments:

-That’s twice this season (at least) that Jack’s busted out the “with all due respect” line. I might make that my sig.

-When Weiss hung up on him and Jack said “son of a bitch!” did anyone else notice the “f…” right after? Jack almost let loose a prime time F-bomb. If anyone could get away with that…

I don’t think the FCC wants to fuck with Jack. After all, he takes his orders directly from the President.

Another thought: the fact that both last week’s and this week’s episode featured long, long gun battles might be a sign that the writers have runout of ideas and can’t think of anything else to put in the show.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

And silly and obvious though it is, I always get a thrill when someone (in this case, general traitorface) says something like “we’ll have the element of surprise, that will be enough to give them the advantage they need” or whatever, and we (the viewing audience) just know how completely wrong he is. Sucker.

I tried logging in right at 11 EST, but the thread was missing from top of page.

Even if it is the same-old-same-old, the Jack pack, the heroic SS team lead, and Pres Hair made it worth while. Fakeistan first daughter twisting ankle just plain annoying.

Renee looked pretty.

The temporary office space where Ethan is laid out looks very Manchurian Candidate to me. Good art direction.

Quoting another board–Homer Simpson says that you can always tell who is evil. I hope Chloe is tracking what Agent Starbuck is doing–Chloe has to know just from the muttering and shifty eye.

Fox News beat up the previews–but next week it starts at 8:00–check your recording devices!

Heh, yeah. Betty Blue had nothing on Jack though.

One thing I didn’t like is he went off on a political rant telling Jack, he has to deliver Hassan to the terrorists to save NY. Don’t soldiers pride themselves in being oblivious to the politics around their missions?

Are we getting a Double Hour of Bauer? Or is it the standard Jack Bauer Power Hour, just earlier?

“The convoy with the radioactive anthrax will be travelling via this route. We’ll hit them at this point here–Alfa Team will hold back and let the convoy pass then engage them from the rear while Bravo Team will flank around to this side. We’ll take them completely off guard, they’ll be caught in a crossfire, and we’ll have a two-to-one advantage in numbers, plus our men will be armed with RPGs as well as assault rifles and will have a significant advantage in firepower over the Special Forces guards.”
“Sir, we just received word that Jack Bauer has joined the convoy. It’s…the intel is confirmed, sir.”
“Wha–Oh, fuck! Abort–Abort! Cancel the mission! Repeat, cancel the whole operation! We’ll just have to figure something else out! Dammit!
“Jack Bauer is here? Christ, I thought he was back in Los Angeles. Maybe we should all just turn ourselves in now.”

Yeah, I enjoyed that moment, too. And I enjoyed this episode, although I must say that the last secret service agent standing (the gal) didn’t employ very good tactics on her final defense. She just stands up, walks at the baddies (with their assault rifles), and fires her handgun blindly. If you’re going to have to sacrifice yourself, at least stay behind the crate, play dead, let them advance, and then take out the first two that pass before they notice you!

In general, I also must say that I’m happier with the few moments of “Dana’s a mole” than I was last week. Why? Because last week, it was looking like she was just a mole for the IRK splinter group. That made no sense. Those dudes only changed their plans earlier in the day, because they couldn’t get the uranium out of the country easily – so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense that they’d spent long amounts of time setting up a mole inside CTU. But in this episode, Dana said she’d been ordered to help them. So, Dana is really working for somebody ELSE. If we have to have another CTU mole, at least that makes more sense. Dana’s presence was established by other masters – who for whatever reasons we don’t know, have currently decided to help the enemies of Hassan.

Yes, we’re getting a double hour – 8-10 PM EST.

All I’m going to say is: Talin is going to be the good guy. He’ll save the day.