24: Season 7: Episode 8 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)

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A: Go kill 100 evil henchmen, expose 5 FBI/NSA/CIA moles, and successfully interrogate 10 prisoners for critical information, all against your boss’ orders… and then get back to us.

Previously on 24…

  • Janis gets called “Honey” a number of times but can’t yet drum up a Chloe-level of snark. She is however progressing nicely as Chloe’s padawan learner.

  • Chemical plant manager dies from karma, manifesting through bad emergency vent design. The same company built a car with the exhaust pipe emptying into the passenger compartment, but it didn’t sell well due to overinflated pricing and a weak marketing/advertising campaign

  • Doctor Phlox blew up.

  • Dubaku escaped. MEEP MEEP! thptttt! Marwan taught him well.

  • The First Hubby is now the Damsel In Distress[sup]TM[/sup]

  • And Jack, Bill, and Agent Rowrrr got to shoot a lot of various henchpersons, as well as Nichols! On to the next shadowy baddie, whoever it may be. John Voight? Or somebody else first?

24, Season 7, Episode 8
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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Man, I know we were all complaining about how unrealistic this season has been, but aren’t they taking this a little too far in the other direction?

Obama didn’t run over into 24 time…he knows Palmer made this possible.

Man, that Lady has balls.

What’s with this terrorist girlfriend thing?

I dunno, he’s a moron or something.

Don Cheadle makes a cameo.

“Everyone will understand if you can’t take it, agent Rowwrrr. You’re just a girl.”

So…besides the Magic FireWall McGuffin, it seems this season is a little less crazy than usual.

This time the bad guys are actually on the run from the US Government, instead of hiding out in the White House bathroom texting “IM IN UR BASE KILING UR DOODZ” to the President.


Dubaku’s got a bad case of Marwanitis…he’s never around when the raid goes down.

He has good leadership qualities. :slight_smile:

The scene with Walker and Vosslers wife and kid was pretty intense.

So I wonder if Agent Rowrrr unhandcuffed the wife before she left. I’m sure that gal’s called the police by now.

The First Husband is not having a good day.

That would be “First Gentleman”, I believe. :slight_smile:

Terrorist Girlfriends roomie just messed up their world with that call.

Okay, I recorded it, and lost the last minute or two. Everything after the First Hubby takes a bullet. Anything important?

Standard 24 fare. Even though this is the single most important day in everybody’s lives (well, except for Jack, who’s been through 7 of them now?), people aren’t allowed to just deal with the job at hand, they have to have “lives”. Family crises (baby and no sitter, secret relationship, daughter needing guidance, ex-hubby with a drinking problem who get’s taken hostage, etc) have to pop up for most if not all the major players.

So not only is the terrorist implementing his dastardly plan, but he’s trying to keep his American nookie on the hook in case his cover is not blown and his boss doesn’t expect him to return to their country post-haste to take up a major role there.

“Everyone will understand if you can’t take it, agent Rowwrr. You’re not an evil bastard like me. I tortured my ex-girlfriend’s new fiance in front of her.”

That would be, “Terrorist’s girlfriend’s sister.” :wink:

I’m trying to figure out her thinking. Something like, “I know he’s not who he says he is, he seems like a bad man to me, probably a terrorist, I’ll just blackmail him to break up with my sister so she doesn’t blame me for ruining her life. I’m sure he won’t kill me and make it look like an accident or a robbery or something.” She should have just called INS and said, “I know the whereabouts of an illegal person from Sengala, just don’t mention my name when you arrest him.” Nothing says getting him out of your sister’s life like deportation. Or Guantanamo.

Actually, I don’t think that would have worked. Neither INS nor BCIS (its replacement) would typically arrest an illegal resident. Rather, they would send him a letter, instructing him to leave the country within a few weeks. Deportation is only used as a last resort.

Wait so…to save thousands of lives, Bill Buchanan’s group gave the terrorists the CIP device? It seems like if you want to sell this is a reasonable thing, you’d have to present some other method for the terrorists to kill thousands of people besides the CIP device. Just having agents in the government doesn’t pose an inherent danger that can cost major loss of life.

:smack: I was tring to figure out his angle; now I get it.

I was really hoping that Bill was going to go black-faced to be the double for Mutobo, but he probably realized how dumb it was to drive into an armed group of enemies just to buy a minute or two.

The way that Agent Rowwrr handled Vossler’s family, it is hard to imagine that she isn’t an old pro at this like Jack. I was half expecting her to put a bullet in the wife’s shoulder to make her point. It seems her enemy lair invasion technique needs a little brushing up on though.

Mine is funnier. :slight_smile: