24: Season 7: Episode 7 (2:00pm - 3:00pm)

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Previously on 24…

  • Agent Rowrrr has been unearthed and revived by Bill and Chloe. She’s kind of pissed at Jack, but she’s still looking at him with lust in her heart.

  • Jack and Tony foiled the double-cross attempt, kept the diamonds, and Prime Minister Unga-Bunga and his wife have voluntarily put themselves into the hands of Nichols and his one remaining Henchperson, but only after Chloe pimped out the Prime Minister’s teeth with gold caps spelling his name and containing a secret tracker. I’m sure he’ll come up with a plausible excuse for why his teeth are beeping.

  • The First Son’s Former Girlfriend has assumed room temperature. That one was pretty brutal. Although her days were numbered the moment she started leaving her OWN key under the doormat, rather than springing the $2.00 for a key ring. She was going to test for Mensa, but she pretty much failed that one when she couldn’t figure out the address to the testing location.

  • Join us tonight, when Colonel Dubaku uses the CIP device to order more people (like the pilots last week) to close their eyes and run headlong towards danger! No peeking!

24, Season 7, Episode 7
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Janis: “As I said, this is the FBI. Do you think that might sound vaguely important?”

I say the chemical plant manager gets whacked.

Dubaku: “I thought I told you to kill Moose and Squirrel!”

Nice attack… but…

“Meep! Meep!”

Looks like Dubaku may have been apprenticing with Marwan.

Doctor Phlox.

Sorry, that was Doctor Phlox.

Well, now that there’s no CIP device, it looks like the next play will be…
“I have the First Hubby. NOW withdraw your troops, bitch!”

What do you think an actual response to this would be? The president would have to be removed from the decision making process, conflict of interest and all, right?

Yeah, they did this on The West Wing.

Didn’t they do something slightly similar to this before with President Logan when his wife was in the limo with the Russian Prime Minister and there was a suspected terrorist attack and Logan had to decide whether or not to give in to the terrorists or sacrifice his wife or something, I dunno! But yeah, I don’t think 24 will take Madame Prez out of the loop on this.

I think that Lady President is the worst president that has ever held office in the 24 universe. She’s just always shocked and stymied as to what’s going on. Jesus, she makes me miss Logan. He was a slime, but a slime that didn’t just wring his goddamn hands all day long.

Just because he’s gone into the Noble Sacrifice room all alone? Geez – who builds a safety mechanism that dumps noxious chemicals * into the same room as the valve*? What would OSHA say? Where’s the moon suit? I’ve used more effective respirators while applying varnish in my garage.

Hot redhead FBI agent went from “Jack, you suck!” to “Let me come along on your secret raid.” pretty fast. I think she has Stockholm Syndrome.

As usual, the ceilings of the Evil Lair are made of some wonder acoustical tile that prevents bad guys from hearing people crawling around the interstices between the floors. Meanwhile if I get so much as a mouse scampering across my attic floor, it sounds like a herd of elk.

Now that the Magic Device is destroyed and its creator all blowed up, what’s the next phase in the Bad Guys evil plan? Somehow, taking the President’s husband hostage seems fairly lame compared to previous seasons of deadly viruses and nuclear footballs.

Usually at this stage it is revealed that there is a more powerful puppet master who is manipulating the original villain.

And that he has a Bigger Plan than the original Big Plan…

I’m hoping it’s Tony, that’s what all of his wooden hesitation was about.

My thought exactly.

On a different topic, who is the mole at the White House? Ethan? That other guy? The SecState who resigned?

Jack is going to be pissed.

And this time he will make sure Tony STAYS dead.

I don’t want the bigger bad to be Tony, but it would probably make sense from what we’ve seen so far.

Looks like Dubaku got attacked by the 24 dream team.

I like Tony’s attitude through all this. No matter what happens he can’t seem to care any less. Every time we see his reaction it looks like he is attempting to care about the situation, but can’t really bring himself to pull it off.