24: Season 7: Episode 9 (4:00pm - 5:00pm)

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1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
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3) Haven’t the presidents on 24, whose asses Jack has helped to save time and time again, ever heard of a Presidential Pardon?
A: Apparently not. At least not as an idea they could apply to Jack.

Previously on 24…

  • Jack meets the new president. She gives him incredulous looks.

  • Dubaku, not satisfied merely with slaughtering millions of Sengalan women and children, is also keeping some totty on the side, an American girlfriend. She has a sister in a wheelchair who calls up the sweet-yet-suspicious Colonel and makes vague threats at him. In unrelated news, her last I.Q. Test ranked her as the intellectual equivalent of… pizza.

  • Agent Rowrrr practices her family-threatening-ploy skills. Jack does it better. (See season 2, and Sayed Ali).

  • Jack and Agent Rowrrr arrive just in the nick of time! blowing away the baddies and, at the last second, saving the First Gentleman from getting sho… oops, scratch that. No they didn’t. The First Gentleman got shot.

Jack: “C’mon, First Gentleman! Let’s get out of here!”
FG: “No, you lads go. I’d only hold you up. I’m afraid that bullet has just splintered my pancreas…”

Tune in tonight. Same Jack time! Same Jack channel!

24, Season 7, Episode 9
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


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Great line!

Chloe: “Whoever set the network up this way didn’t know what they were doing.”
Moss: “I set the network up that way.”

I wish I weren’t 30 minutes behind on Tivo…

“And then we can go home?”
“Then we can go home.”
“I’ll wait in the car.”

I probably will be bailing on this show (again) after another ep or two. The problem is that the plot is so damned bloody predictable. In my gut having Janeane as the mole really made no sense, but neither does her violating security protocols “just because” she is afraid of Chloe taking her job, or some other nonsensical insecurity-driven bullshit, in the middle of a national crisis. So the guy whom we all suspected as being the actual mole, is in fact whom we thought he was-big fat hairy whoop.

And I may be ignorant of the state of the art of wireless communication interceptions, so correct me if I’m wrong, but how can Moleman (he really does look the part) brazenly make call after call out of that office without said signal being intercepted if not decoded?

My big prediction of the season: the President herself gets taken hostage sometime in the next few weeks, thus providing the “big crisis” of the 2nd half of the season. A round of suds for everybody in this thread if I’m wrong (tho I may not stick around long enough to find out if I’m right firsthand).

That Mr. Bernix (sp?) agent guy sounded exactly like Edward Norton. Any chance it was his brother or something?

And maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking this might be the best season of 24 ever…at least so far.

Well…How hard would that be?


Hardly. In my humble opinion, 24 is still good for the snark potential, but the taut suspense and glimpses of relationships that made the first three seasons excellent are pretty much gone. If this show wasn’t so outrageous it would be boring as hell. As it is, it’s gotten pretty predictable (How can something be outrageous and predictable at the same time? This show pulls it off.), and the previews for next week look like the writers have been taking their cues from Days of Our Lives.

Well, I’m really enjoying it so far. Granted, it could still fly off the rails at any moment, but at least up to now I’m finding myself hooked.

By the way (and no disrespect intended), but why do you continue watching if you think the excellence of the first three seasons has gone? I understand the past couple of seasons weren’t all that great (and I was pretty much bored all through last season), but why didn’t you give up on the show well before now?

In my humble opinion, the show is back to being very compelling viewing this season. :slight_smile:

The suspense just isn’t the same since season three. Everything has been done before and everything that hasn’t been done is just too unrealistic to be taken seriously.

I keep watching because I’m still attached to Jack and Chloe. Also, I’m waiting for the Chloe and Jeane snark down. Can’t tune out before that happens.

Just out of curiosity, what was Chloe’s beef with how Moss set up the network? She said something relating to only being able to access something or other at one location, but I didn’t really get it (if there was actually something to get).

No remote modules.

My favorite exchange of the night (somewhat paraphrased):

Hot FBI agent: “Hi honey. We just rescued the President’s husband, although he was shot in the course of the firefight in which I helped to slaughter six men whose bloody bodies I’m in the course of rifling through.”

Wuss FBI chief: “Yes, very nice, as long as you’re having fun. I’m very upset that you threatened that nice woman and her child.”

Hot FBI agent: “Yes, I know. Even though I’ve been abducted, betrayed, buried, had a huge freaking needle jammed in my chest, been engaged in three separate fire fights in the course of the last 10 hours and watched two planes collide over the city killing hundreds of innocent people, that’s the image I’m seeing in my mind right now. Woe is me.”

Wuss FBI chief: “Yep. I’m sure glad I was able to get to a high-ranking position in the FBI without ever facing any moral dilemmas whatsoever. Let’s talk about this some more so I don’t have to think about the fact that my department is riddled with traitors.”
Stupidest plot twist of the episode: After completely setting up FBI nerd girl as the mole, the writers revealed that it was the Weasel guy that we suspected all along. So that particular red herring lasted two whole minutes, and we have to believe that nerd girl is stupid enough to blackmail a guy and ruin her career over what amounts to idle curiosity. Further, we also have to believe that after putting out an FBI warrant on Bauer and hottie, thus leaving a huge, huge, blinking arrow pointing back to him, weasel guy is stupid enough to hang around FBI headquarters taking calls from his confederates instead of grabbing his passport and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Most baffling plot element of the evening: Why would Dabaku be using girlfriend’s apartment as a safehouse? The girlfriend and sister weren’t in on the plot. So why were the addresses in all the henchmen’s PDAs?

Actually, no part of the girlfriend subplot makes any sense. What kind of idiot is going to drop everything and leave the country with her illegal alien boyfriend on twenty minute’s notice? Wouldn’t the normal response be, “Sure, I’ll join you in a couple of weeks.” or, equally likely, “Have a nice life.”?

While I don’t agree this is the “best so far” – have you forgotten KIM!!! No Kim = good.

IIRC, IMDb has Kim doing a cameo sometime later this season.

Is it me, or do many of the longer-term actors seem to be just going through the motions? Kiefer is still completely into his role, but Tony and Buchanan and even Chloe have this tired apathetic air around them.

No, I thought they did well. Surely Tony is set up for something later on, be it good or ill, and Buchanan needs a haircut. I’m surprised the President hasn’t Said Something…

It could be that, or it could be, from the characters’ perspective, "Oh fuck, here I am saving the country AGAIN. And I’ll be close to death, if not killed, AGAIN. And as a result of risking my life, I’ll somehow be shit on AGAIN.


Seriously, with this pudgy Queen Victoria thing, I expect her to proclaim, “We are not amused!”

Oh god no! :eek:

Was anyone else disturbed by the sudden appearance of Morris O’Brian? He was one of the most consistently irritating characters of season 6, second only to Wayne “Couldn’t Act His Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag” Palmer. I sincerely hope that his appearance wasn’t foreshadowing of any further involvement this season, but I know better than to get my hopes up.