24: Season 7: Episodes 11-12 (6:00pm - 8:00pm)

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3) When will Chloe and Janis exchange snarks?
A: I don’t know, but I’m getting impatient.

Previously on 24…

  • Dubaku’s ex-girlfriend uses the old “cover their eyes” trick on Dubaku and the driver, making vehicle crash and burn. Her plan worked out brilliantly – Dubaku was captured, and she reached her expiration date.

  • Jack digs a flash drive out from Dubaku’s chest. I don’t want to know what body part he used as a data port.

  • Computers in the 24-universe can only do cut&paste, not copy&paste. Creepy FBI Mole Guy tries to exploit this, reformatting the FBI server in the process. Too bad for him that Chloe knows how to access the “Copy” feature, disabled on most 24-Era-Computers. He kills his girlfriend, shoots himself in the arm, blames the server crash on her, and has no trouble putting on a jacket 5 minutes later.

  • The list of evil agents is exposed, the FBI prepares to make arrests, and everything is cleaned up nice and tidy. Season’s over! … ooh wait… Tony just found out that General Juma is getting ready to do the Juma-Juma dance on U.S. soil!

  • Myaaa-heee! Myaaa-hooo! Myaaa-haaa! Myaa-ha-ha!!
    Blowing stuff up, Juma Juma yay!
    Juma Juma Yay!
    Juma Juma Juma Yay!

Don’t forget, folks – tonight they are airing 2 hours worth, episodes 11 and 12, and it starts at 8:00 PM EST.

24, Season 7, Episodes 11-12
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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Chloe hasn’t fired a gun yet this season. I wonder she’ll get a chance this episode :smiley:

You lost your gun and your phone is shot. Time to get off the boat honey.

Hot FBI agent is dumber than a box of rocks. How fast can a boat go? All she had to do was stay on shore and call the Coast Guard. Now bad things are going to happen.
Also, she can’t swim for beans, but is apparently faster than a motorized dinghy.

Is this going to be a reverse Shawshank?

Aargh! I missed the first episode! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON!

Jack got arrested for being Jack, terrorists in the White House.

I just figured out what is wrong with this show (if you decide to think of the following as a problem). There’s really not enough meat to allow the producers to fill all 24 hours with engaging drama. Basically most of the episodes are filler (as on many music albums, esp. double albums), with the really good stuff concentrated into just a few episodes. You have to endure a several hours of “Seamus” to get to the few hours of “Echoes.” IOW I don’t think the 24 hour format, tho innovate at least, really works. As a 2-3 hour theatrical movie, an assault by a terrorist group on the White House would be pretty compelling stuff, but with 24 you must go through all sorts of BS first (the original bad guy isn’t the ultimate threat, oddly apt coincidences, etc.) which just acts basically as a holding pattern, even if some occasional interesting bits happen in the meantime.

Despite that my prediction from a few weeks ago look to be about to come true, I’m actually enjoying this episode. I just wish I didn’t have to sit through 8 hours of mostly boring dreck to get to it.

Post Deleted

So… there’s one secret service guy guarding the president just after they find out there’s a large amount of armed men in the building?

I’m on TIVO, but Jack tasered the phone…

Pistol whip her jack!

There’s water under the White House?

Does it creep anyone else out that the only people who oppose torture on this show are weak-headed, corrupt, or admit they’re mistaken within one episode?

Yeah, I have to side with the fat wuss Senator. Who he buys the farm, though.

Now, let’s get this straight, if they get into the safe room and kill the President, I move my boom box into the Oval Office, right?

I loved the suspense of the episodes tonight…great action and drama, but what really, really, REALLY bugged me is that there were no communications inside the lockdown. Seriously? An emergency saferoom for the President wouldn’t have some way to contact the outside world? Sorry…that thing would have transmission capability that was all but impossible to sever. Pick up the phone and call the head of secret service to say that you’re in the lockdown. At least SOME signalling device to let the outside world know the President was in the lockdown would be installed (even it’s just a light at the pentagon or something).

Oh, and it is interesting with this show. When I see Jack torturing people for information, I’m like “get him Jack!” But I’m firmly against torture in our real world, even with suspected terrorists. Why? Because Jack only interrogates true bad guys that way…he doesn’t end up torturing anyone who isn’t really, REALLY guilty. In the real world, plenty of innocent people would also get tortured, and that’s flat out unacceptable. Plus, even if only baddies were tortured, in the 24-verse, there’s no consequences to US foreign policy or the action that enemy soldiers take against our soldiers. In the real world, however…

I think they walked a ways through the sewer, but apparently few lessons were learned from the Chinese infiltration of CTU through the storm sewers except to put up an easily defeated proximity alarm.

The tasering of the phone was priceless.

He did a couple of seasons ago. The wimpy guy who was his ex GF’s GIFN. With a plugged in lamp cord.
Someone who remembers names better than I will be along soon…