24: Season 7: Episode 5 (12:00noon - 1:00pm)

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3) Who’s the FBI mole?
A: The real question is… who isn’t?!

Previously on 24…

  • Tony hasn’t really gone over to the Dark Side. Okay, well, he did for a while, but only to steal computers and stuff. Once he’d built his new Windows Vista power-gaming machine and realized it STILL didn’t have enough memory to run the 3-D floaty rolodex feature, he was questioning the wisdom of his allegiances. When he discovered Darth Emerson’s plot to steal the Imperius Curse for General Mumbakachumbawumba, he hooked up with the last of the CTU jedi and went undercover.

  • Meanwhile, Agent Jack Rowrrr is so pissed that Jack put her in a sleeper hold, she is willing to forego logic and assume that he planned Tony’s escape all along. Certainly, they will have to partner up again, before the end of the “day”. But in the meantime, watch the sexual tension build!

  • Next on 24: Chloe/Janis free-for-all jello-wrestling Geek-Fight!

24, Season 7, Episode 5
12:00 noon - 1:00 PM


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Oh, come on. FBI headquarters may be 15 minutes away with traffic, but there would be cops with radios in their cars a little closer than that, right?

This air duct thing is ridiculous. Apparently that all that protects the saferoom is drywall and sheet metal.

How do you get air into a safe room?

Wait, did Jackie Bauer not hear Methos mention the mole in the FBI when he was on the phone with Head Terrorist Dude?

This is news? There is always a mole. :slight_smile:

If you have the cash to build that kind of safe room, wouldn’t you either stick the air duct in a similarly protected encasement, or better yet, snake it underground for a few miles and have it come out at a random undisclosed location?

Stupid plot point aside (I mean this is 24, here), we at least have a zombie rising out of the ground to look forward to next week!

Actually, Jack knew instantly that there was a mole. I can’t remember why, but something happened that had him telling the FBI guys that there absolutely was a mole there because the bad guys knew…something they shouldn’t have.

Ah, right, now I remember. They had their sniper in place to kill The Joker (did you SEE his scars?) in case Jack came to question him. Only way to know that is if the FBI had been compromised.


I know. I mentioned it because she didn’t believe there was one when she found out Jack had sprung Tony. She assumed everything he told her was a lie, including his assertion that a fed was feeding the terrorists info. It just seems strange that she shows no surprise when Methos pretty much confirms it.

Sure, but when you’re A Very Important Minister With Bodyguards, it seems that they don’t bother training anyone to hit the panic button. The only way to know if everyone is being abducted is if the FBI just happens to call?

Uggggggggh. Even a damned ADT alarm system has a panic button!


Why does nobody in Hollywood stock their safe/panic rooms with automatic weapons? :rolleyes:

I wouldn’t let my neighbor dig up my lawn to bury it. :slight_smile: Probably put a vent in a tall chimney made of reinforced concrete and not heat or cool the room. I would like to know how it is really done, though.

If poison gas starts flowing into your safe room, wouldn’t your first move be to try and cover the vent?

I don’t find it TOO ridiculous that the safe room doesn’t also have a safe ventilation system. I mean, you can always just explain it as having been built by the lowest bidder. Or it might
The weakest part of this episode, by far, was the AG coming to investigate the torture allegations which happened, what, FIFTEEN MINUTES AGO? And while I normally slightly scoff at people calling 24 conservative porn (or whatever), this is definitely a case where the guy who is investigating the torture is obviously just being made out as a tool. No WAY anyone would be running around butting heads in the middle of an active investigation of a potentially massive national terrorist crisis like that.
All the other storylines were reasonably good, though, so an overall entertaining episode.

The season is turning out pretty good. I agree with the guy showing up way too early. I imagine the lawyers made a big fuss though. That might be why he got there in such a hurry.

Another entertaining and laugh-out-loud 24 episode. Really, this is one of the funniest shows on television.

“Hi everybody! Our country is about to go to war and is simultaneously undergoing one of the largest terrorist attacks in our nation’s history, but someone bitched to our office 20 minutes ago, so we’re gonna interrogate key members of your anti-terrorist team, FBI! Yes, we are big mean liberal lawyers who hate freedom, torture, and apple pie! Burning Man!”

“Hmm, I suspect that Jack may not entirely be on our side and may still have split allegiances. Let’s test him by having him shoot that hot ginger Fed, but let’s watch from a distance so that it’s still ambiguous whether or not Mrs. Rowrrr actually took a lethal shot. But you know, let’s also get Jack and Tony to bury her just to be slightly surer. But it’s damned hot out, so fuck going to hottie ginger’s body myself and seeing if she’s *really *dead. I’m the leader, I can delegate! Why yes, Dr. Evil IS my role model!”

“Yes, we built a safe house without any sort of land line that can reach the authorities. We just felt like, you know, it would be kinda a pain in the ass to install, and my kid had a soccer match that day, so… It’s not like anyone who needs a safe room actually needs to contact anyone, though. Sheesh, picky much?”

“Yes, I am the Prime Minister of Sangala and very worried and paranoid about my arch-nemesis, a ruthless genocidal general, so it stands to reason that neither me nor my wife carry a cell phone with us. We like to keep it real, dawgs.”

Oh, those aren’t so bad. The bad guys cut the landline, and cellphones can’t penetrate the thick concrete.

But shouldn’t there be a separate, independent phone line exclusively for the safe room? One that’s not as accessible as the regular lines?

The scenes at the construction site, despite the best efforts of the director and cameraman, looked a lot like California.

Or a special alarm that trips when the safe room doors are shut? Their “safe room” is more like my “spare hall closet” in terms of safety. Maybe the prime minister did it as a DIY project over a couple of weekends from plans he ordered from the back of Popular Mechanics. I’ll bet he has a real working helicopter in the back yard from Boy’s Life too.

That actor is named Tommy Flanagan, and those scars are real and the result of a real life attack that happened to him when he was younger. Google “Glasgow Smile” if you really want to know. He IS a real life Joker.