24: Season 7: Episodes 1-2 (8:00am - 10:00am) Season Premiere

FAQ Bauer (aka Thread Rules)
1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch.

3) Which annoying character should come back this season, long enough to die?
A: I can’t decide whether to cast my vote for Sandra Palmer or Morris O’Brien.

Previously on 24…

  • Jack got “Redemption”.
  • Jack rescued a bunch of kiddies in Africa from conscription into Little-Soldier-tude by a gang of smarmy warlords.
  • Slimy Embassy Guy only let the African kiddies escape if Jack would hand himself over, so Jack’s going back to the U.S., apparently to stand trial for being a bad-ass.
  • The writers’ strike meant Season 7 was delayed for an entire year. But now…

Jack is back!

24, Season 7, Episodes 1-2
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


24: Redemption thread

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Nice opening.

Jack has some odd looking earlobes.

You noticed it too?

Nice response (by the FAA guy):
Pres: “You didn’t answer my question.”
FAA Guy: “No ma’am, I didn’t.”

So there was a comment about Madame President losing a son. Would this be the son that we saw in “24: Redemption”? The son’s friend got killed by baddies, but that was because the friend downloaded some info from his workplace, and his boss was working with the local baddies (led by John Voigt). But when 24: Redemption ended, the son was at the inauguration.

So I’m wondering if the implication is that this son has recently had an “accident”, or if there’s another son in the family that died previously (but perhaps not too long before)?

I guess this latest conversation with the First Husband (on the phone) just confirmed. It was Roger Taylor, the son we saw in 24: Redemption. He must have gotten offed because of the stuff the friend of his got killed for.

That hair! Those eyes! Those freckles!

Hot FBI Chick: “I can handle Bauer…”
Famous last words.

So when the FBI gal said to Jack, “Do whatever it takes”… I’m wondering if she was having a change of heart on her earlier position, or if she was just saying that for the benefit of the suspect (relying on her earlier orders to Jack that he was allowed to threaten him all he wanted, but not to actually hurt him).

Events in the second hour ARE NOT occurring in real time.

Die Hard 2 flashbacks commence!

What’s with the Star Wars music?

Yep, shades of Die Hard 2 (“We’ve got you…”). Except, Tony Almeida just proved he’s not a real terrorist. A real terrorist would have just gone ahead and crashed those two planes as the “warning”.

Alright, from events witnessed Tony is a part of a rogue CIA/government faction, ala Swordfish. Any takers?

FBI Chick Renee, covering on the phone call to her boss, then after hanging up: “Dammit!”

She’s becoming… Mini-Bauer.

She can lie to me any time – and all the time.

Well, obviously the guy Tony passed the technology off to is involved with whatever group was in the shadows during “24: Redemption” – the one with John Voigt seeming to be the head honcho.

I’m not sure how much Tony knows, though. It sounds like he didn’t really know where this technology to bypass the firewalls was going to. I wonder if he knows that he’s involved with a group that is helping the African warlord dude. And if not, what’s he in it all for?

Agent Walker = Rowrrr.

Although I know from seasons past that the initial bad guys don’t end up being the bad guys in the end, I still think it’s weak to have some African warlord attempting to bring down the infrastructure of the United States.

Major Rowrrrrr!

Will Tony whack Dr. Phlox?

I noticed her first. She’s mine!