24: Season 7: Episode 20 (3:00am - 4:00am)

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3) Just how many more layers in this conspiracy anyways?
A: As many as it takes, until everybody in the world is dead.

Previously on 24…

  • Hot fake attorney supplants hot real attorney, committing some serious identity theft (fingerprint included). She shows up at John Voight’s cell and says “Kill yourself. You’ll feel better.” Later, he takes the Heart Attack Pill and goes into convulsions, the most movement he’s exhibited this season, to date.

  • Apparently Tony is in league with whoever hot fake attorney is working for.

  • Tony helps his Bio-Cannister Buddy lure the FBI squads into a building and blow it up. Tony reveals more of his rotten-bastardtude, by showing that he is perfectly willing to blow up a bunch of Federal Agents, with no remorse.

  • Kim was NOT chased by cougars, Grizzly Adams, enraged ex-boyfriends, enraged wanna-be boyfriends, or baddies with grudges against Jack this episode. I suppose there’s a first time for everything. (However, she didn’t tell Jack that she’s now a mom).

  • Jack figures out Tony’s lying to him about stuff, but a bit too late. Cannister guy has escaped the perimeter in an ambulance. And Jack works himself up into a bio-virus-shaky-convulsy-frenzy… but Tony has swiped his meds.

24, Season 7, Episode 20
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM


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Dude tried to double-cross Tony… well, that didn’t work!

So if Tony wants to do a bio-go attack, then why wouldn’t he have just let Hodges fire the bio-goo missiles? Or maybe he wants HIS group to be able to take credit, not Hodges…

Haha – Jack with the smackdown of Janis: “GO WHINE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!”

It’s getting harder and harder to explain Tony is undercover…

He’s not. Tony’s turned evil… EEEEEvilllll…

This episode was kinda boring. Sexy evil Tony was nice, although I find his perma-sneer tiresome.

New rule: Never cross a quadruple-crosser.

Ugh, why do I bother? Why can’t I stop watching?

Okay, Jack walks into the room, Hodges says, “Who are you?” A couple minutes later, he says “I watched what they were doing to you on TV” - that was that very morning. So how did he not know who Jack was?

So now we can have the battle of the hot redheads - with the winner taking on the White House bitch.

And I love it, not only is Tony still wandering around after being shot in the gut (okay, he shot himself, still), but he’s still tough enough to take out biohazard guy. Dude, Tony is the Man. I guess he was trained by Jack. That means Jack’s the only one left who can take him out - and that’s only if he doesn’t go into a spasm attack.

Note, in 24verse, all it takes is a little bandage and a bullet wound is a mild discomfort, not a debilitating and potentially deadly encounter. I mean, it’s not like there’s internal bleeding or a need for stitches or anything.

Okay, I’m going to call it. Tony is really under super-secret ultra-deep cover to find out who all the players are at this upper level conspiracy, so he had to sacrifice Agent Moss so he could get the canister so he could hook up and find out the other players so he could expose them. That’s really why he wants to continue the plot today and not wait six months. Yeah, that’s it. Oh wait, if I call it, does that mean the writers can’t do it? Or that they have to do it? I’m getting confused.

You know, the people in 24verse continue to amaze me with their legal stupidity. So they promise Hodges they’ll give him Witness Protection and a new identity and pretend he died to protect his family. Fine. Nobody said the new identity couldn’t be in prison on a murder conviction. Dammit! “Look, if you try to protest your innocence, we’ll agree and pronounce your true identity. Your choice.”

Also, Hodges is all whiny that his family is innocent and shouldn’t suffer. Then he turns around and justifies his own murder of innocents. I’d throw that back in his face, tell him his family is the ones he has to sacrifice - for the greater good. “Why should your family get better treatment than you gave the people on the planes, the people in that chemical plant, the people you were willing to infect with a bioagent? What makes your family worth more?”

And I loved Jack getting in Janice’s face. I’d have told her “Do your damn job or get the f out, but either way, shut the f up!”

At that point he was trying to save the bio weapons so they can use them for their intended purpose. But once that got screwed up, he tried salvaging the remains into a a singular bio weapon attack. Which doesn’t sound that bad compared to Santa Clarita being nuked in recent history.

The burning question I have is:

When Chloe gets the old CTU servers up, will the FBI’s phones ring with that cool “deet-deet, DEE-deeee” ringtone??

I told you so…and he shot those guys with Doc Savage mercy bullets. They’re just Mostly Dead.

I’m still trying to figure out when Tony hired Ninja guy. Really, I don’t think he had a free moment in between getting captured by Hodge’s men, escaping death by a fraction, being duped, sneaking into the compound, blowing up the rockets, and being arrested.

Once again, the writers have pretty much given up on any real time aspects of the story. Five minutes after escaping, Tony is safe in his motel room. Twenty minutes after being all blowed up, hot redhead FBI agent is somehow back at FBI headquarters, all cleaned up and briefing agents. A whole bunch of people have managed to get out of the rack at 3:00 AM and show up at FBI headquarters within ten minutes, including Chloe. Who has managed to get a pack of supercomputers out of mothballs and into action faster than normal people can boot up Windows so that they can grind through, presumably, all the obsolete data that’s in the CTU databases.

Funniest line of the night was “The FBI perimeter’s been breached?” Has a perimeter ever held in the entire history of 24?

There is something else that has not been commented on. The FBI building in Washington, D.C. is massive. It takes up an entire city block, with nine stories above ground and who knows how many stories below ground. It was designed, according the published reports, for more than 7,000 employees. And yet the entire operation on this incredibly complex, dangerous day seems to be taking place in one small office area. In this office are people one would expect to be in different parts of the building: special agents, computer experts, medical people, personnel people, fully-equiped and armed “storm troopers”, interrogation rooms, jail cells, etc. Also, everyone coming into or out of the building seems to waltz through the agents working on the case. Furthermore, the entire operation seems to be being run by a few mid-level bureaucrats. Is it likely that the Director and Associate Directors, etc. would be sitting this out? Isn’t it more likely that it would be a massive operation headed by a senior official constantly in communication with the Director who in turn would be in constant communication with the President? This may be a minor point when we consider all the other implausibilities in the show, but as an ex-bureacrat in a large Federal agency, I find it ludicrous.

I am assuming that Tony hired this guy before today. Given the ability of 24 villians to have plans B, C, D, E, F, and G ready just in case plan A falls through, it seems sensible that Tony would have an insider in Hodges organization in case he went off the reservation.

When the metro police captured Jack based on the false APB issued by the mole.

In the past, Sutherland used to say, “The following takes place in real time.” at the top of the show. I don’t know when they struck that, but events can’t possibly happen in real time as depicted. Perhaps they could happen between X:00 and Y:00, but they couldn’t happen in real time.

What, nobody is going to comment on Tony taking a shower with Dead Black Guy still propped up against the tub?

Talk about bad-assed-itude!


“Events occur in real time” was said at the beginning of Episode 1 only. If memory serves, in season 1 that was part of the titles for every episode, but after that, only the season opener gets the “real time” qualifier. It is left as an exercise for the True TV Nerd in all of us whether that applies to the whole season run or just the first “hour”. :slight_smile:

I thought of that, but it required a degree of precognition that apparently exists only in the 24verse.

Speaking of Tony, I wish Mythbusters would do one of their TV-trope specials on the ability of humans to knock a gun out of someone’s hand before the trigger can be pulled. We’ve already seen that Ninja guy is a remorseless killer so it’s not likely he’s going to hesitate on the trigger.

Finagle, yes you can. Don’t believe me? Get a buddy and a water gun and try it yourself.

It’s all about timing and distance.

Ronald C. Semone, yes, that’s been bugging me a bit, too. Jack’s the senior agent present at FBI Headquarters since Ryan Moss died? Really?