24: Season 7: Episode 10 (5:00pm - 6:00pm)

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3) Where’s Tony?
A: Undercover. Yep, he found a nice electric blanket, and he’s taking a nap.

Previously on 24…

  • the First Gentleman is in the hospital, heading into a 5-hour surgery. So, Madame President will probably not be making any crucial decisions for the next 5 hours, besides what she would like from the snack room vending machine.

  • which leaves the country in the capable hands of… well, nobody really. As we’ve seen, most of her aides are either Evil Agents of the Other Side, one-track-repetitive baboons, or dead. And if there’s a Vice Pres, he/she must be already in an Undisclosed Bunker somewhere.

  • So, it looks like for all practical purposes, Jack is running things. And at this moment, he and Agent Rowrrr are surrounded by the first ever government agency “perimeter” that forms a closed 2-dimensional object from an overhead view. You know – the sort of shape for which it would make sense to compute an area.

  • After looking up “perimeter” in the dictionary, FBI Secret Mole Agent Creepy Guy sinisterly called the cops, gave them the definition, and told them to make one around Jack. Now he and Agent Rowrrr will be delayed, and Colonel Dubaku will have a few extra minutes to slap around his would-be girlfriend and tell her how disappointed he is that she chose her country over her mass-murdering-going-by-a-false-name lover.

“Love’s a bitch, and then you shoot her” – Dubaku

24, Season 7, Episode 10
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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Jack Bauer doesn’t care about black people.

I thought Dubaku would have escaped while Jack was helping to rescue the “aaset”, but when Jack knocks 'em down, they stay knocked down.

Don’t give it to someone else, you Moron!

They haven’t completely locked down FBI HQ after the leak, and Moleman and his airhead squeeze get free run, with no suspicion directed their way?

Okay, Jack…? Handing off the super-important-no-copies-available chip to some random officer? That doesn’t seem smart.

And the only way that Creepy Guy’s “crash-the-server-when-they-download-the-data” makes any sense at all is if in the 24-universe all computers have only “Cut and Paste” functionality, not “Copy and Paste”. Otherwise, what’s to stop Chloe from just plugging the chip into some other computer.

“What, the whole FBI system has been erased? The data we just downloaded is gone? Okay, can somebody give me a lift over to Langley? We’ll try downloading on the CIA computers…”

Auto-erase function? How convenient… Like Chloe couldn’t find a way around that…

Reformatting will not permanently erase files. I don’t know how long it would take to recover them, but unless you physically destroy it, the info isn’t gone.

The well-timed exploding vehicle is such a cliche. Can’t believe “24” is still using it.

If they buy the line of bullshit that Moleman is feeding them. Please let Jack get a nice firm grip on his nads before the ep is over-Moleman would be one of Jack’s easier breakjobs.

Man, I bet that hurt.

What happened to the blood on Mole rat’s shirt? No hole, either.

The FBI’s a bunch of pussies.

Given the physical size, I would say it was flash RAM rather than a magnetic drive.

Chloe saves the day, and Moleman finally got what was coming to him. Only thing left is to see if my prediction will come to pass.

well, never mind forensics or anything. There’d probably be powder burns on his shirt, showing the close range of the shot, right? So if she shot him before they “struggled”, why shoot the arm? Bad story, Creepy Guy.

Afterward, his arm seemed quite functional when he was… putting on his jacket… running down the hall… getting grabbed by THAT arm by the guys apprehending him…

And Chloe copied it to the desktop.

I’m pretty sure Snarky Kong was talking about the “reformatted” server, not the flash device.

Ah. :slight_smile:
I knew thinsg were going too well.

Okay, they’ll kidnap a sitting Senator, close enough.

I’m hoping that the “operation” is more than that-c’mon surprise me please