24: Season 8: Episodes 15-16 (6:00am - 8:00am)

FAQ Bauer (aka Thread Rules)
1) What can be discussed in plain text, unboxed?
A: Any events in episodes, once aired on the east coast – as well as any speculation based on these already-aired events.

2) What should I confine to spoiler boxes?
A: Any discussion of upcoming shows that contains information from sources outside the aired material, or any speculation based on such things. This includes the “Next week on 24” previews, which some people choose not to watch.

3) Wow, good thing Jack was called in to supervise the evacuation of the Hassan family, huh?
A: Yes, but I’m not convinced that the causality isn’t babckwards. It could be that the fit hit the shan because Jack was there. Chances are that if he stayed on the uranium rod search, the bad stuff would have happened there, and the evac would have gone without a hitch.

Previously on 24:

  • Dana continues to feed info to the People’s Republic of Terrorstan.

  • Tarin looks scared. Is he going to get cold feet and back out at the last minute?

  • General Butthead and Secretary of Idiocy Bevis are in heap big trouble.

  • Jack and Renee kicked ass. That’s really what last week’s episode was about. Great tactics, working as a good partnership to divert attention and take out the hostiles – namely, General Butthead’s hostiles.

**Don’t forget, tonight we really get TWO episodes – starting at 8 PM EST. Don’t be late!

24, Season 8, Episodes 15-16
6:00 AM - 8:00 AM


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One way or another, the “dirty bomb”/nuclear rods are going to be out of play in fifteen minutes tonight. With what, nine more hours to go? I wonder how they will escalate the threat. And who is Dana working for? Since the dirty bomb plot was thrown together at the last minute, obviously she was planted at CTU for some other reason.

Down to the final episodes of the series… I hope they go out with a bang!

I think they do 2 hour shows when they realize they’ve got a weak first hour, so they’ll leave you wanting more next week from the second hour. Guess I’ll have to schedule Chuck for a later date. Can’t watch hour 2 without watching hour 1.

Glad I found the thread beforehand for a change.

Don’t know how I feel about Arlo missing his chance to grab Starbuck parts while in death throes.

Man, I bet that hurt.

She’s good!

Jack is getting old… No table flip, no scream, just a sluggish routine, done this before choke hold to the back wall.

Hey, she’s a GIRL!

Next time, listen.

Jack is late. Why didn’t he shut off the feed? Jack’s immune to people dying.

Wow, the sour, sour taste of failure. I’m pretty curious about where they go from here. Presumably, they try to find the perps. I guess since they’re calling in Logan they are preemptively assuming a Bluetooth Mafia of some sort is behind everything.

And Nina was?

But yeah, Nina could take “Dana” out in .2 seconds.

Nah, the Russians are behind everything. That scene with the Russian Ambassador wasn’t for nothing.

I kept finding myself checking the clock to see if it was almost over yet. I think they found a good cliffhanger to end it on, but it didn’t really hold my interest that well for two hours.

I was wondering this as well. You would think that since they pulled a trick before, when they intercepted the car bomb, that they would know to shut the feed off.

I mean wouldn’t there have been orders of magnitude more “play” if the video didn’t hit the net?

Then again, I’m still not sure on how the timing on it being a “live feed” going into a pre-recorded message worked.

I’m still working on the car switch. Let alone the odds that the switch car would be in THAT parking deck.

Forget “Events occur in real time”, now its “Events have coincidence on the level of precognition of each other, and even Jack Bauer can’t stop it.”

Christ, I liked Nina.

I still think next season’s villain should be Nina’s evil twin sister beside whom Nina was a saint.

You know how old I am? I’m so old I can remember when CTU/Jack/the president would agonize over the ethics of giving a terrorist immunity, sometimes for entire minutes. Now? They just whip a form off the preprinted stack, fill in the [date] and [name of terrorist here] and stamp it with the President’s signature. Two seconds, max.


As with recent prior weeks, I had to record and am watching later (past 1:00 AM). Might not have time to see it all tonight (Dammit!) – didn’t get home until 12:30 AM. (I’m in rehearsals for a theatre show on weeknights, and this week are the final dress rehearsals – opening on Thurs). I should be able to watch live next week!

Double DAMMIT!!!

[angry Monstre]
Just hit play and wondered where the hell my show was. Then realized that the machine pre-dated the CHANGE to daylight fucking savings time. So it’s set to automatically adjust for DST – which in the OLD scheme must have been this past weekend. So it looks like it recorded from 7-9, rather than 8-10. Guess I only have the first hour right now. So I’ll be avoiding other comments in this thread until I’m able to get the second hour online…

Commenting as I go (on the first hour):

General Butthead: “What are you saying? He would have given himself up?” (thinking “Oh, NOW you tell me, after I’ve already committed treason…”)

The General’s in trouuuuuble!! But shouldn’t Jack have asked Madame Pres to contact Chloe O’Brien specifically (not CTU, since he didn’t include all of CTU in the loop yet?)

Jack steals a car, while Chloe watches on traffic cam. hahaha!

“The charge is treason. It carries the death penalty, and so help me God I’ll throw the switch myself.” Dayummm… Go, Madame Prez!

Having Tarin give up the bomb right at the exchange seems like a dumb move for the terrorists. They just lost their leverage, and they have one guy guarding Hassan, in morning going-to-work traffic. You’d think they’d plan to get Hassan to a safe location before giving up the dirty bomb location.

They’ll get the last calls from Tarin’s cell phone and get Dana that way.

Well… that’s the first hour. And I guess I have to wait for tomorrow or Wed to find the second hour online.

So for good measure… DAMMMMMIT!