24: Season 5: Episode 15 (9:00pm - 10:00pm) - OPEN SPOILERS

I was in the preview for next weeks show.

Boo hiss!

You’re supposed to spoiler-box those.

I love the way Chloe was able to trace all of Audrey’s movements over 18 months in about 2 minutes-- including e-mailing pictures to a hotel desk clerk.

Why didn’t they increase the pressure in the gas lines right away to make the gas inert? Didn’t little miss chemistry major remember that?

Maybe Collette has the plans to the power plant tattooed all over her body. We need to find out if she’s been watching Prison Break (which now has Ensign Ro as a regular!).

Hack Bauer, that pretty good!

I volunteer.

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That’s perfect!

I was wondering that, too. Although maybe it wouldn’t have nullified it in time before it started reaching homes…? Anyways, the entire gas center blowing up was awfully fun.

When Jack and team was first arriving in the chopper, my first thought was why rely on a strike team? Why not just scramble a couple of military fighters, a la season 3, and blow the place to kingdom come before they can get the gas flowing? Take out the nerve gas and the baddies (okay, and the “Geek Who Lived”, as collateral damage) in one fell swoop.

Speaking of the chopper… Jack told the pilot to “stay right here”. Think he did that? I mean, the whole place did start exploding, so that probably didn’t become the best spot to hover…

I have a sneaking suspicion that heads are going to roll when the SecDef shows up on the scene. Blondie Homeland Security chick is in deep doo-doo. But at least Audrey and little bro’ can trade torture stories at family reunions!

How much time do we have left? Seems like the terrorists have more tricks up their sleeves, because they’ve got hours to kill before the season ends, no?

They’re fast at CTU.

At the end of the last episode, Collette was squeling on audrey. At the beginning of this one, she’s already being checked into CTU.

Not to mention it took a grand total of 5 minutes for Jack to walk off to the chopper to be over the gas facility.

Well, the Nerve Gas is gone. So what’s gonna happen for the rest of the season?

I’m guessing now it’s a matter of trying to catch henderson and get rid of Garner, but without a WMD hanging over their hands, can it work?

Also, who’s the cute but paranoid CTU analyst? She looks familar.

This was episode 15, so there are 9 left.

So now that the nerve gas is blown up, will the rest of the season be devoted to uncovering whatever conspiracy is behind it all, including getting Henderson, and maybe even the Vice Prez (as some of us suspect)? Or will there be another terrorist threat that surfaces?

All the nerve gas is gone or captured now, right?

Kate Mara

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When he said that, I thought he meant to hover at that spot, so they could slide down the ropes and not end up 20 feet above ground or something–not that that would stop Jack, even with broken ribs.

I couldn’t tell at the end what happened. Was it Bauer that pulled Bierko into the car, or vice versa??

I loved the scene where Jack is running and the gas is exploding just behind him. I was laughing my head off. I still am.

Did anyone else notice that this week the clock matched the actual real time ? That is, it shows 9:16 and that was the real time. I wonder how often that happens.

Sorry, all I got.

Surely you jest. My Grandmother has a sweater like that.

The music whilst (always wanted to say ‘whilst’) attacking the gas plant sounded like Doom II.

So…bullets and fists don’t deter Jack Bauer at all…but he’s been taken out twice in one day by a stun gun.

I think we’ve found his superhero weakness!


Audrey cleans up fast. Halfway through the episode, she’s soaked in sweat as agony juice pours through her veins. Twenty minutes later as she watches Jack getting blowed up real good, she’s completely recovered, bone dry, and hair combed. She’s even tougher than Jack who can take a taser hit and be up and about seconds later.

I think this episode answered the question of how they get around the city so fast. If Jack can outrun a natural gas explosion, he probably gets around LA by jogging.

A 12 gauge firing reloads with hearing aid batteries instead of buckshot.

Random thought - imagine a season during daylight savings time: “The following occurs between 2 AM and 2 AM.”

What was that big place where they put all the canisters? I’m assuming it was full of gas, so wouldn’t it be a bad idea to use a flashlight in there, in case of a spark?

I also don’t understand why they don’t just raise the pressure again. Or why there isn’t an emergency cutoff valve. Or why they didn’t just turn off the air conditioner at CTU. It’s like everything in 24 world is controlled by computers and can’t be manually stopped.

Clothing and physical traits aren’t the only things that can be sexy, y’know.

Chloe showed braininess, compassion and toughness last night… a very appealing combination. And besides, while her outfit wasn’t exceptionally attractive, it still showcases her new, lithe figure. (Rowr.)

I suppose there is something to be said for a woman who knows not to click on “You’ve been selected to win a new laptop!”, but it’s that sour milk™ expression…