24: Season 6: Episode 21 (2:00am - 3:00am)

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Previously on 24…

  • Audrey continues to impersonate an asparagus.

  • SecDef Heller shows up for just long enough to snarl at Jack.

  • The Russians are pissed that we lost their new sound card.

  • Doyle uncuffs Jack and says, “Go ahead punk. Make your day!”

  • The vice president’s girlfriend is a favorite dish in the Russian Spy Network.

  • speaking of Russian spies, I see that the Russian prez is threatening to attack because the U.S. let the circuit board fall into Chinese hands, but nobody’s calling out the Russians for having a spy stealing information from Lisa the Presidential Intern.

And based on footage from the TV promos I’ve been seeing this week, I don’t know how they are going to get from:

trying to track down the Chinese with the chip, to what appears to be gunmen invading CTU… and they didn’t look like Chinese gunmen, either. So which faction is this?

24, Season 6, Episode 21
2:00 AM - 3:00 AM


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Did I just see a railing kill?

Dammit, I liked Milo.
He didn’t even get a silent countdown.
And are we ripping off Die Hard, or what? :slight_smile:

On the bright side, Nadia doesn’t have to worry about getting stuck in a difficult love ttriangle situation now.

I guess it was the “gun down the leader to force the underlings to behave” ploy?

They finally picked it up this week, and about time too. I liked this one more, especially since the writers did manage to throw one that I didn’t see coming. Oh, I saw the CTU assault coming, but I blame the idiots putting together the promos for the show (Fox idiots?) for that one. Last week’s previews only ended with Nadia saying, “An assault on what? What’s the target?” or something to that effect. But then they aired commercials yesterday that gave away the fact that CTU was going to be under attack. Idiots…

No, what I didn’t expect was what they were after. I mean, Cheng was being deliberately obtuse, to the point of contrivance (“Your objective is not to waste lives – it’s just to obtain the package”). But I had not expected that they were after Josh. I figured they were after the codes or whatever that they needed to get the circuit board working.

And we’ve come full circle – Daddy Bauer is back in the picture. Now how exactly does he expect Josh to react anyways? “Oh Grandpa! So good to see you again! I’ve totally forgotten how you threatened to kill me, as leverage, about 10 hours ago…”

Too bad CTU let all those red shirted security guards go. They might have been able to repel the attack.

So does CTU not train their employees in the use of duress codes? After all, it worked nicely for Fayed earlier. Or is it just “Use the person’s first name, not their nickname or last name, in the conversation.”?

I figure Doyle will know something is up, since Nadia referred to him as Michael (not Mike, or Doyle) during the conversation on the phone.

Jack, to random CTU guard: “I need a weapon.”
Guard gets shot
Jack: “That’s convenient. I’ll just have yours…”
I liked Tom Lennox in this episode, too. His responses to Lisa, especially.

Lisa: “I’m… frightened.”
Tom: “You should be.” (“Now get your ass in there, bitch…” okay, I’m paraphrasing)

They sent their best forces with Doyle, for the strike team. I think they just had Walmart greeters/guards remaining to keep an eye on CTU.

Flash forward to 8 hours later…
Bill Buchanan: “Thank you, Karen honey.”
Karen: “What for?”
Bill Buchanan: “Thank you so much for firing me earlier today!”

So, why is Russia threatening the U.S. again? They should know full well that 1) it wasn’t intentional, 2) they don’t have the infrastructure to sustain a fight with the U.S., and 3) they really ought to be worrying about China right about now.

Also, why the heck does Philip Bauer want his grandson back so badly? He was ready to kill him earlier today. Is he really a zombie, and just after some tender and delicious brainmeats? :dubious:

He rambled on about the grandson running the company eventually. :rolleyes:

Yeah, way to put her at ease.

I was getting annoyed at Goatee McLongface so I wasn’t too sad to see him go. I was getting really annoyed at the soap opera-ey direction that much of the show wa taking.

I don’t get it either. What should be happening is the U.S. and Russia teaming up to take down China.

I got a real FPS vibe when Jack traded in the handgun for an automatic weapon – it was just like DOOM. I was hoping he’d get to trade the M16 in for a railgun or rocket launcher.

So…all those people in safe rooms. None of them have cell phones?

More weird time compression – Cheng planned, staffed, and implemented an attack on a major government installation in less than an hour after realizing he needed the [overstrike] macGuffin [/overstrike] security code. A more clever person would just have waited until morning – CTU isn’t a day care center and they’re going to let the kid go eventually.

Not to mention that the US still has two or three of those chips with all the Russian defense codes on them. Think the Russians should be doing some introspection on whether it was a good idea to send fully functional suitcase nukes to the US to be disassembled.

Ah, never mind. There’s not a damned thing in the entire 24 hours of this season that makes even the tiniest bit of sense.

But you realized that Jack doesn’t play, else he would be constantly grabbing ammo off of dead people. Still, he seems to find all the randomly placed health packs every season.

No time! There’s more people to shoot!

So… predictions? Who else is going to bite it before the invading force leaves?

well, if we were using real-world logic who said that??, i’d say that Cheng is anxious to make the swap and get his ass out of Dodge, since the entire security of the U.S. including Jack Bauer, is out and gunning for him.

in actuality, there’s only about 2 episodes left, so we’ve gotta get this puppy wrapped!

I thought the package would be Morris–how rich would that be, aiding terrorists earlier that day, and then being shanghaied by the Chinese to create another international incident!

I also thought it was funny that Josh and his mom were both still up at 2am. I don’t care what his dad might’ve done, I don’t buy that a teenager would’ve been watching the same CNN footage for 12 hours.

And Rena Sofer hasn’t been on this show or Heroes in weeks, and tonight she re-pops up in both again! Who wants to bet that on Day 7, we’ll find Jack & her beginning their honeymoon?

Cheng’s Chinese was fine, but his lackey’s was just terrible. Firefly terrible. I winced.

There’s a joke in there about the accent the Asian actor is using, but I’d have to flame myself.