24: Season 6: Episodes 3-4 (8:00am - 10:00am)

Going ahead and getting this thread ready for tonight – less than 2 hours and counting!

Last night Season 6 opened up, and within the first hour, we witnessed the birth of Jackula (thanks, Marley23). Either that, or the Chinese didn’t feed him for 16 months and he was really hungry.

He also rescued Dr. Bashir from the exploding house and threw an exploding guy off the subway. In other news, there’s a new hottie apparently second in command at CTU, and Kumar must have overdosed on White Castle, because now he’s turned to eeeeevil!

Two more hours airing tonight! 8 PM Eastern. Be there!

24, Season 6, Episodes 3-4
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


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And here we go! The double Jack Bauer Power Hour!

A good Chloe line (to Morris):
“I don’t know. It’s your character flaw, not mine.”

What horrible action will be undertaken when the bad guys board the plane?
It will of course be only the first of seven red herrings before the True Plot. Probably crashing an asteroid into Los Angeles.

I liked the little hostage bait-and-switch. Call me gullible, but I didn’t see that coming.

Yep, the little “load them onto the plane” diversion was pretty slick. I knew there had to be an extra guy on the bus when that one pulled away – but I hadn’t guessed that Sarge was an inside man.

So… I think Suburban Dad is going to deliver the package, and he will get killed by Fyed, as he’s no longer needed. I think the son will somehow escape – probably will jump his “friend” Ahmed. After all, he still has his luck necklace – Ahmed didn’t take it.

And his steak knife.
Bet Mom never bitches about leaving dishes in the sink again.

You’d think that by this time in the 24-verse, even the average L.A. citizen would realize that whenever somebody with an accent holds a gun on you or your family and demands that you go somewhere, or deliver something, or make them something, or repair something… they are building a big-ass WMD. And your best bet is to humor them and then call CTU (not the LAPD – they’ll just screw things up). You might live through it, and you might not… but if you follow instructions, you are guaranteed to be toast.

“It makes me appreciate your loyalty all the more.”
Bad sign.
Very bad.
COS is obviously this season’s mole.

[kirk voice]Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuurtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss![/kirk voice]

Holy crap.

Next week: Skeet Ulrich guests on “24.”


Did anyone else think Delivery Dad looked suspiciously like a UPS delivery guy, dressed all in brown like that?
There was at least one UPS commercial during the show…

Holy crap!
Holy crap!!
Holy crap!!!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

I was wondering if they were actually going to let one detonate in the city this season – but I thought earlier in the episode, Fyed said something about being able to detonate it “in an hour”, after escaped prisoner guy did his work.

Or perhaps he was just referring to an intent to drive it to a more populated area? More centrally located in the city? This was in Valencia, north of the main city.

So if there are 4 more “visitors”, does this mean they need 4 more escaped terrorist prisoner experts to arm the other ones?

And did Fyed go up with the blast? Or did he get out of the area while TechieTerrorist was doing his work?

I’ve got to stop watching the “Next Week on 24” previews… because last night’s preview kind of made it obvious something devastating happened by the end of tonight’s – one of the scenes from the preview was Karen’s reaction. So I suspected the nuke would be going off.

Although it didn’t stop me from watching next week’s preview tonight… and from that, I…

recognized the dude from last season – one of the “puppet masters” behind all the crap that Logan was doing. This was the short guy with glasses, and the main one on the phone whenever Logan called the “behind the scenes” guys who were either supporting or controlling him (or some of both). I’m glad to see that the writers will be including that thread this season, rather than just dropping it and making us wonder “who the hell were those guys and what were they about?”, like in some previous seasons.

He was in the next week previews, so he appears to be fine. Must have gotten out.

Well, dammit. I really liked Curtis. Though it does explain why Roger Cross was listed as a “guest star” in the credits at the start of the episode. I did wonder briefly about that…

I wonder if Aaron is going to be on this year? Huh. IMDb said he was going to be in hour 2. I didn’t notice him. Did anyone else?

You also have to think sooner or later Mike Novick is going to show up…

Heh. Just noticed that #3 of the FAQ Bauer changes every week. Excellent.

I heard that there would be a major character death within the first four hours and I assumed it would be Curtis. I didn’t see that coming.

Nice job, terrorists. Not only is Jack Bauer alive, free, and pissed off he also has a taste for blood *and * has just been dosed with gamma rays.


They showed Fyed preparing to leave the building as he instructed Ahmed to kill his friend. I assume he left immediately after and was therefore far enough outside the blast range to be OK.