The 24 Season Finale (SPOILERS!)


I was right!

Terri got whacked!

[sub]Um, I’m like sad and stuff[/sub]

You know what this means? I know how to think like an Evil Villain!

PLEASE tell me someone in Boston area here taped it and is gonna let me borrow it this week/weekend.

Conflicted with Buffy. :frowning: :frowning:


That was incredible. I’ll consider the 24 hours of my life watching this show a damn fine investment, and I’ll be first in line for the DVD set.

Some minor gripes, but… well, you all saw it, right??


It was FREAKIN’ awesome to see Jack unload on a defenseless Victor Draisen! It’s good to see a good guy do what he (and we) wants him to do rather than what’s the “honorable” thing!

This episode was SWEET!

I’m second in line right behind you. I hope we get all the alternate endings. I’d love to see what else they were considering.



Jack must get his bullets cheap! Someone once pondered why people only shoot the bad guy once giving them ample opportunity to turn up not-so-dead later. Looks like Jack don’t cotton to that shit :slight_smile:

I couldn’t believe they killed Terri. An unhappy ending is so unheard of but I’d have been pissed if they decided to make it all happy-happy at then end. It’s a good thing Nina is in protective custody of Jack would have her head literally. Do you think they’ll be able to save the baby? she looked like she was shot in the chest; maybe the baby was unhurt? Ok, I’m a sap and am looking for a little bright spot.

Well, since X-Files was crap for the most part, I’m so glad for a new drama that can hold my interest. Proud to say I never missed an episode. And now I can go back to watching Smallville again. Gave up on that when I realized how kick-ass 24 was.

Ok, now that I have my Uggghhhhhh out, I’m fine!

Amazon is taking “preorders” for the DVD set…maybe that is a good sign.

I can’t wait to get the season on DVD!! There is a lot that I missed I think on the first go round…I definitely need to see it again.

I am not usually one to curse…especially at the TV, but tonight was different!! I started off cursing at Sherry and calling her all kinds of obsenities.

Then, everytime they showed Nina tonight…I called her a few more!!!

I was wishing that I could personally torture both of those bitches!

I think Sherry will either go after Jack or Palmer next season…

I can’t wait until next season!!

This makes up for The X-Files sucky finale. I haven’t been this interested in a tv show in a loooooonnnnnnnggggg time.

Jack should have at least shot Nina in the legs or something as a reminder.

Of course, Drazen had to die. Who could afford Dennis Hopper on a regular basis?
If Fox has any sense, they’ll rerun the whole show this summer.

SPOILERS…do we really need this? Hasn’t anyone here seen the show? Just to be safe…
She was only a few weeks pregnant, so no. I was shocked as shit to see that happen. I was convinced they wouldn’t kill off a pregnant character. But as soon as she walked in on Nina, I knew she was as good as dead. I am glad that the writers found the balls to keep their credibility and follow through.
I mean, after Nina slipped and said that she was going to Germany in front of Teri, she had no choice but to kill her. Anything less would have been a cop-out.

I must confess, I always wanted to watch this show, but since I missed the first few episodes, I didn’t see the point.

I didn’t have anything better to do tonight, so I watched it. I liked it. I’m glad they killed Teri–Nina would be taking her stupid pills not to. I mean, she had no problem killing all those other people.

That was an awesome episode! I was hoping that Terry would survive right until the point where the woman on the phone said, “Leave no traces that you’re German”. At that point, Teri HAD to die. If Nina had somehow suddenly had reservations and left her alive, it would have been totally out of character and unbelievable.

That was also a great conclusion with Palmer and his wife. Palmer did exactly what a man like he is WOULD do. It wouldn’t have been believable for him to stay with her for political reasons after he learned what she was. As he said, she wasn’t fit to be first lady.

And it looks like we’ve got a pretty good start at next season, with a reasonable cliffhanger. Who are the Germans? What are they up to? The way Nina said, “I was doing my job” makes me pretty sure that she’s a government spook. So we’ve got a government hostile to the U.S., working with a man like Victor Drazen to assassinate a presidential candidate and dozens of government agents. And we’ve got Palmer’s wife, who we know is evil, furious at her husband. If the Germans were to contact her, we’d have a nice little interlocked storyline, set say, just before the presidential elections, or even on election day or something like that.

And I’m not convinced that Chappelle is clean. There may yet be threads into CTU.

What a great series.

I guess in next season, Jack is not going to be dating or getting close to any woman.

That may make the series even more suspenseful.

This episode had me on the edge of my seat.

Great episode. I got chills when Nina was standing near Terri, telling her she would be fine, but she had her gun out and I just knew what she had to do… Also it’s amazing how they pulled the plot together. Everyone thought Nina couldn’t be the mole for various reasons, but now we find out that the Drazens probably didn’t even know the identity of the mole, because she wasn’t working for them. Still, I don’t know that they should make another season with these same characters. I think they should do another 24 hour day with different characters.

Why not? Jack is a counter-terrorist so it’s very reasonable for his life to be pretty full of nefarious plots and action.

I thought the episode was great and I was glad to see they didn’t decide to pull any punches. Jack unloaded on Drazen, which is understandable for a guy who’s been through the day Jack had and they killed Terri. Good stuff.

And I’m sure this says something about me, but I found Nina to be incredibly hot when she turned bad. Not that I’m looking for a girl who kills innocent people, but she physically looked more attractive in my opinion.

Couple of things I meant to mention before…

I am all against spousal abuse in any form, but MAN I was hoping for Palmer to punch his wife. Or at least stand aside and let ME do it.

Also, I couldn’t help but think “Poor Tony” when he looked at her in the garage. THIS was the woman he was fighting Jack for? Tony has about as much luck with women as I do. All my potential dates turn out to be evil undercover German spies too.

Damn, Nina looked scary when she looked up at the camera after she snuffed Jamey.

The one thing I didn’t like about her being the mole: why did she help the women and thwart the assassin at the hospital?

But I think this ep offered a satisfactory explanation. She was involved in the plot to kill Palmer, but not the plot to kill the Bauers. She cared about the family, and was willing to take some chances to keep them safe, until her cover was blown.

Wow…everyone here has said pretty much everything I thought about it. It would have been a real cop-out to have Nina leave Terri alive, so the show really maintained its credibility to me. I was expecting Terri to kick a little ass and get out of it, but no such luck.

Sheesh, I thoght the finale wasn’t that good. Nina suddenly turning up as the mole last episode kinda torqued me off, because there weren’t any clues about it, and I thought it was bad to end with Terri dying–I didn’t get any sense of closure. Maybe they weren’t looking for that if they are planning a new season, though.

I guess I just got disenchanted earlier on (I can recall the exact moment), and no matter how good the finale was, I wasn’t going to be very excited by it.

Well after the 13th episode, it all went down hill for a while but the later episodes brought it back. I imagine that’s where your disenchantment came in.

Anyone think that Terri might survive somehow? I’m thinking that, realistically (whatever that means), Nina would have shot Terri in the head to make sure that she died. To me, having shot her in the chest leaves the slim possibility that she might survive (but lose the baby, of course). After all, we saw the guard in the hallway that had been shot in the chest getting CPR, so apparently he wasn’t dead. Did I miss something at the end there where we know that Terri is definitely gone?