24 - Season 3, Episode 9, 9:00PM - 10:00PM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 9
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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Good episode, at least Chase now knows the plan and won’t ruin everything like I predicted he would. And Chloe’s still a beyotch.

Can someone tell me exactly what Nina did, and how she got away?


Egads! What is up with Claudia’s nose??? That was the most grotesque nose I’ve seen this side of Michael Jackson’s! And then Jack kissed her! Blech!!!

Well I can’t say I was surprised that Nina showed up. I accidentally read a spoiler a couple of weeks ago. If I hadn’t, I’d have seriously marked out for her though. She looks a lot cuter with long hair, but really needs to eat a sammich or something. So who is she working for? Dennis Hopper’s family? Sherri?

Allen, you stupid old man. You marry a woman 30 years your junior, of course she’s gonna cheat on ya! Rich people are so stupid.

Still waiting for Mr “I’ve never seen anyone recover so fast” Almeda to keel over. Don’t want it to happen, but oh the foreshadowing.

Someone needs to get Jack a gun again fast. He’s a better action man than a planner.

Oh, and Bob, Nina merely outbid the Salazars by 15 mil and drove away.

I thought Bob55 meant Nina’s history with Jack and CTU, but I haven’t seen Season 2 so I can’t help.

Anyway, I missed the last episode they showed (a few weeks ago), but I enjoyed the new directions they started tonight. And yes, Max, I DID mark out!

Nee-na! Nee-na! Nee-na! Nee-na!

9:30:09 and counting…

Yeah I’m wondering about Nina, I thought Jack’s wife died in season 1, how was she responsible since I thought she didn’t appear until season 2? I’d like some backstory from anyone who knows.

Also was Allen in season 1 or 2? If so what was his role?

Allen wasn’t around before this episode.

I was going to summarize Nina’s involvement, but a lot of the details escape me. Basically, Nina was working for CTU. She and Jack had an affair before Season 1. Nina was revealed to be a mole in the second to last episode, and lured and killed Teri Bauer while making her escape from CTU.

How much you wanna bet that *hijo-de-*CLOWdia is going to rat out Jack or somehow screw things up by saying something to EK-torrr?

Yeah, and who is Wheel-Chair-Guy and how does he “have so much power”? I guess we’re supposed to assume he’s a big finacial donor or has influence over people who are.

I can’t remember how Nina escaped last season. Did she just slip away after the crash?

Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention during the bidding process, but why did they do only one round? What motivation would the seller have to not allow counter-bids?

Good episode. I especially liked Tony’s comeback to the Kim accusations.

I’m relatively certain Nina was in captivity at the end of season 2. She must have escaped off-camera.

I thought this episode was excellent.

Am I the only one who finds Chloe to be consistently hilarious?


Looking over the 24 threads from last season, it seems that last we saw Nina, the plane had crashed, they fought off Coral Snake (I think), Nina took Jack hostage, and was ultimately taken into custody.

Didn’t she get a deal from Palmer to let her go? I can’t remember how that was resolved.

Aaaaat’s right. She’s lead them to the nuke or to Sayed Ali or something in exchange for her life? She also wanted to kill Jack as part of the deal.

Yeah, but wasn’t it never actually formalized-- ie, in writing with the Prez’s signature? I just don’t recall.

Not a great episode. The ending was especially lame. I was all prepared for some kind of major twist when Jack was facing Hector’s gun at the end, but all he did was basically plead for more time to get the virus and the bad guys said, “OK, get in the car.” Lazy writing, if you ask me…

By the way, what the HELL is up with the CTU’s Director’s nose?! It bends WAY off to the side! I would’ve loved it if in the scene when Tony is called in on the carpet if he had looked at the director and said, “What’s got YOUR nose all out of joint?”

Also last time we saw Nina, Jack whispered something to her that even we the audience weren’t privy too. Whatever it was it put the fear of God into her. Hopefully this year we find out what it was.

While I agree that DimKim has no business in CTU…or anywhere other than a cougar-bait shop, Tony didn’t really help as much as he might have seemed to- giving someone vital information, but putting it somewhere they are either unlikely to look for it or don’t even have knowledge of is essentially the same as not giving it to them at all. Esspecially if they were expecting to hear directly from you about the info in question.

I’m putting long-shot odds on Tony being in kahoots with Nina, from way, way back and this has been their end run. Having a wife in CTU is a great cover!

I disagree about Nina’s hair. I think she looked awful. Like she just woke up from a bender and needed a shower. I can hear that conversation. “Wake up, dammit! We have to go buy a powerful virus so we can take over the world!” “Uhhhh…just 5 more minutes…”

But yes, Chappelle’s nose DID look very odd. Maybe Tony should tweak it and make some 3 Stooges noises next time Ryan gives him attitude. Then Ryan could go “Oh, a wiseguy, eh?” and poke Tony’s neck.

I wish they would have told us more (or anything, for that matter) about where Nina came from. With all the cliches on the show you’d think they would have done the standard good guy-bad guy reunion scene. I find it very hard to believe that she would have been pardoned since she was really ultimately a pawn in the nuke plot from last year.

The commercials they showed during football showed Jack with a gun driving one of those vans. I didn’t watch the “on next week’s 24…” part but I guess somehow his cover is blown and he has to shoot his way out with Claudia and the family. Then, the season will move from catching the Salazars to catching Nina again.

P.S.–if 24 keeps the cliche-o-meter humming, Line of Fire (a pretty good follow-up show on Tuesdays) blew up the cheese-o-meter last night.

I was surprised to see Nina too but she was supposed to get a pardon right? I forget all the details but I’m sure they’ll talk about it next week.

My girlfriend is guessing that Nina is working for Allen. So he’ll end up with the virus and blackmail the president and oh hell I don’t know. Seems crazy but this is 24 right?

I’m going on record with another pridiction: Jar-Jar is up to something. I don’t think the writers would put her in there just for the irritation factor. She has too big a part not to be somehow involved in a future plot twist.

I thought Nina looked hot. In a slutty kind of a way, but I have no problem with that!