24 - Season 3, Episode 16, 4:00AM - 5:00AM (SPOILERS)

I agree that President Palmer protecting Sherri seems out of character, but I think he has something in mind.

The most ridiculous thing in this episode was CTU Girl shooting the hotel guest in the back. Isn’t the hotel surrounded by CTU and LA cops and specialists in Hasmat suits by now? He wouldn’t have gotten ten feet before someone could have grabbed him.

Also, I saw Amedeus (or whatever) getting killed by Evil Foreign Guy coming a mile or two away. I’m surprised HE didn’t. Dumb bad guy.

Eeeek, indeed! My bad.

Isn’t it odd that they’ve neatly tied up all the other loose story ends (Zoe, Chris’s mystery baby)? Except… I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Shari (Sherry?)'s adventures in murder. On a related note, did anyone else find out about the informant in the trailer park who died earlier this season?

No one of consequence.

It’s pretty tough to wrestle someone in a hazmat suit, and even then you risk punctures, etc, that might infect you. Letting an unsuited agent wrestle the guy down would only spread the infection further. And they had shoot-to-kill orders from Chappelle. Shooting that guy in the back wasn’t only non-ridiculous, it was the right thing to do. I’d have been annoyed if she hadn’t shot him.

Regarding President Palmer - technically he didn’t lie to the Chief of Police - the Chief asked something like “Mr. President, was Sherri with you tonight” and he said “yes she was”…she was “with him” throughout the evening. The Chief should have been more specific!

Notice that the hotel guests were on the verge of rioting before she shot him? Notice that the hotel guests were sitting there quietly after she shot him? I think she did it as much to regain control of everyone else as that one guy.

I forgot about it - when is the FX rerun?

They don’t have FX reruns anymore :frowning:

I love how the Police Chief and the President didn’t discuss the major terrorist event taking place downtown - at all. You’d think it would at least pop up in the general conversation.

If I’m Guielle I’m blowing my head off about ten minutes into the next episode.

Did the guy in the car w Amadore know the briefcase was wired? He sure had a smug look on his face when Amadore jumped in the car.

Wayne telling David to grow up was classic - my wife said to me “didn’t all this get started b/c Wayne couldn’t keep his dick in his pants?”

sidenote: i downloaded a porn clip where Aurora Snow and a young lady named ‘Gauge’ doubleteamed a guy who looks EXACTLY like Chase. I was certain enough it was him at first that I almost showed my wife…

… until I realized she would then know why I insisted on a cable modem and moving the computer downstairs into a room w a locking door.

Was Candyman/Tony Todd back in this episode?

That really took me by surprise. I figured he didn’t know it was wired, but he did know that Amadore’s days were numbered. Taking out two henchmen when they least expect it makes the evil dude truly cool!

After the split screens, just new bad guy talking to pres Palmer on the phone and saying “you’re no longer in control of your country… Do what I tell you or I’ll kill everybody… You’ll be hearing from me… ooga ooga booga!” or words to that effect.

Count me in as another who was disappointed with Palmer’s response to the police cheif. Covering for Sherry on something as serious as a murder charge… totally out of character for him. If I were him, I would have just let the brother resign several hours ago. He’s too much like Sherry anyways… but not quite as unscrupulous.

[Dr. Evil]
I shall call him… Mini-Sherry.