24 - Season 3, Episode 12, 12:00AM - 1:00AM (SPOILERS)

24, Season 3, Episode 12
12:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Don’t you fear, El Zorro is here!
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Damn, AWESOME firefight during the virus exchange! I am gonna buy the season three DVD for that gunfight alone…


Can someone explain how the bomb was meant for Nena? Why would the virus seller assume she’d open it up?

I’m kind of sad to see Hectre and Ramon die in the same episode, I thought at least one of them would make it to the end. I never thought that storyline would end this soon :frowning: I liked them both for some reason.

What’s with Chloe, they’ll make you think she’s up to something one second (the baby’s not hers, she switches satellites right in the middle of a fight) but then she turns out to be ok. I still can’t figure her out.

Delta-3 team getting jumped - hrm, you’d think they would have had chopper backup, especially one with thermal imaging (to track Nena/Ramon too) to see the hidden bad guys. And I don’t know if our special ops teams would be taken out/ambushed that easily.

Good episode though. Looks like Sherry might be up to some more of her evil tricks soon.

I don’t know what is harder to believe: that Kim had time to check with child services about the baby or that Chloe has a boyfriend. That whole thing is one messed up situation.

Cheers to those who called Chappaquiddick. Good guess.

Good episode indeed!

Well, I’m just guessing it was intended for whoever bought the virus, since Michael Amador was obviously double-crossing the buyer. He lures a buyer in with virus, he gets a big transfer of cash, he covers all his bases with men out there ready to ambush anybody at a moment’s notice, and he plays a switcheroo with the real virus, so that he gets to KEEP the virus AND the money.

So why the bomb? Well, when the buyer finds out they’ve been double-crossed, they might not be happy. So perhaps the best way to pull it off is just to blow up the buyer?

Maybe Amador even knew the whole thing was a sting operation…

For a short while, I thought that maybe Nina was going to end up with the virus and the next 12 hours would be “Hunting For Nina”. Bet Jack now wishes he hadn’t made Nina hand over the capsule to Ramon! Ka-Booooom.

Next week: Chloe reveals that she bought the baby on the black market, because she hasn’t been able to get pregnant – but she hasn’t yet made the connection that her lack of pregnancy is because nobody will sleep with her.

I think Chloe’s got a big mess of Manchurian Candidate up the hoohah. It’s easier to swallow than “dumber than Kim.”

“Sure, I love you, honey. Now sneak this conveniently tiny biological unit into CTU on the day of the big virus scare. Yeah, and we can start having sex as soon as I heal up from the genital burns my horrible ex-wife gave me. Yeah, I know it doesn’t show when I walk, but that’s because I draw so much strength from you. Buh bye!”

I missed what happened to the hit-and-run victim’s dad. I assume Sherri found his body. Any detail? And any reason that the “oh, it’s just the elderly neighbors” didn’t recognize the estranged first lady when she went tharn in their headlights?

She doesn’t. The baby belongs to Chase. She’s been taking care of her for him.

Damnit why o WHY do I read the spoiler boxes? I’m assuming, RikWriter, that this is ‘good intel’ and not a WAG?

The ambush the Delta team went into was a joke. My military training comes largely from the Army Men games on PlayStation and about 200 viewings of ‘Kelly’s Heroes,’ and I knew that was an ambush - no way, no freaking way does a Special Forces team get itself into that situation.

Speaking of which…the President’s idiot brother said something to Tony about the military being pissed off about not being informed about what was happening. But weren’t the special forces units Delta Force teams, and aren’t those Army units? Does CTU have its own special forces group?

Chloe, amazingly enough, gets uglier each episode. By the season finale I predict she’ll have morphed into something looking like a combination of Linda Hunt and the mom from ‘The Goonies.’

Does anyone know how long it usually takes to kick heroin? Because Jack seems to have accomplished the feat in about 12 hours.

RikWriter, I’m guessing you saw that message board too (the one with spoilers up to 4 a.m.). I haven’t read them in full but I have heard a tiny few btis and pieces from them (enough to figure out that the next few weeks will be awesome). Any idea where someone could get that kind of info?

I was surprised that they offed Hector and Ramon in the span of one episode. Although I guess it was done to fit the 24 bad guy transition pattern.

I’d like to know who invented the “killer virus verification machine”, sounds like a right useful piece of equipment.

How about Kelly? Are we supposed to just assume he’s dead, or just missing? Maybe Alan will show Sherry his chopped up body before he has a heart attack in front of her and probably dies

Can someone a little better versed on Sherry’s deviousness give me a quick rundown of what she’s done over the past two seasons? For some reason, last season has gone straight out the window for me.

I also missed this. As far as I could tell, she saw blood on the wall, and then ran away without ever seeing a body, although there was a strong hint that he’d be committing suicide, or something of that sort.

Overall, another fine episode. Although I agree that those were some weak-ass Delta dudes. They reminded me of the hilariously incompetent SWAT team that gets killed in Die Hard 2. (Which brings up an interesting question… if Jack Bauer were pitted against John McClane, how much money would the movie make?)

So now the question is… who, if anyone, is Amador working with? And will that plot somehow relate back to Milliken and Sherry?

Oh, and the big question: what’s up with Chloe’s baby? Is the whole thing just a big red herring where the writers are thumbing their noses at us? Or is there something concealed in the baby-seat? A bomb? A bug of some sort?

And how does any of it relate to the final episode of Season 2? To David Palmer’s infection?

Spoilers ahoy!

I don’t know how accurate any of them are.


I posed this very question on a different message board, as to who would win between these totally hardcore action d00ds. The general consensus pointed to McClane, because:

[li]McClane says no to drugs.[/li][li]Holly Generro McClane is generally smarter and less accident-prone than Kim (or Teri) Bauer.[/li][li]Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons are more evil than Dennis Hopper and the cartoonish Salazar Bros.[/li][li]Samuel L. Jackson and the dad from Family Matters are cooler sidekicks than Lou Diamond Phillips and Chase Timberlake.[/li][li]Jack doesn’t have any catch-phrases (yet…).[/li][li]Jack might not get too far without shoes.[/li][/ul]

In Season 1, Sherry covered up the fact that the Palmers’ son had killed (accidentally) his sister’s rapist. They didn’t let the soon-to-be-President in on it so he’d have deniability. I think she may have also been involved in the arson-killing of the son’s psychiatrist who also knew the secret. Then for some reason I can’t remember, she had his assistant try to seduce the Pres-to-be. Palmer kicked her to the curb at the end of the day.

Season 2, long story short, Sherry consipired to bring a nuclear weapon into the US as a ‘fake’ terrorist threat that David would be able to take credit for handling. But things went awry and the bomb went boom.
Now then, about last night. You people need to quit telling lies about my girlfriend Chloe. My baby IS in danger and she’s helping me hide her. WE didn’t call US Child Services. I’m Canadian. Yeah. We called Canadian Child Services. That’s why Kim didn’t get a straight answer. Tomorrow Chloe and I are getting married and moving into a pumpkin where we’ll live in happiness eating gumdrops and dancing with unicorns. So bug off!

Where’d the head of CTU go? The J Jonah Jameson of spy works? Was he in this episode?

Yeah, first thing I thought when Delta team “cornered” Amador was “shoot out his tires, THEN have him get out of the car.” Dummies.

What the heck did Jack say to Nina last season when they took her away???

[li]Bauer was undercover with a Mexican drug cartel, he was taking heroin to keep his cover intact.[/li][li]No argument[/li][li]Hopper’s more psycho than the others put together.[/li][li]Bauer has La Bamba! Plus, Chase led a Delta Squad with half of a left hand.[/li][li]Hacksaw, anyone? Plus the old standby, “Who are you working for?”[/li]li[/li][/ul]

I figure she’d be around when it was delivered to the buyer she was acting for-- or it was on a timer…

I don’t think there was a body. She looked around the trailer (and we got these shots too), and there wasn’t anything. There was the blood on the wall. What I did see in that scene was Sherri sticking her freaking fingers on everything from glasses to greasy blood spots, no doubt leaving a ton of prints. Add that to the (IMO) apparent look of foul play (the door hanging open, etc. etc.), and I wonder if that will mean anything in the coming hours.

And we mustn’t forget the favored “WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!”

When Sherry was looking around that house, there was a chair that I thought had a body wrapped in a rug in it. I thought something was going to happen with that, but she just ran out. Did anyone see that strange big lump?