25 things which make it hard for me to believe in God

That is a looooong post.

Tell me, why, you an athiest, do you so desparately want to believe in God? What’s the upside ?

This I agree with. If the OP was really looking for ways to understand religion and is honestly seeking some reason to find god, a place populated by intelligent non believers is not a good bet. (or as smiling bandit calls us “arrogantly ignorant unbelievers.”)
The entire rest of the post has done more to confirm my conviction that there is no god than all of Sam Harris’ and Christopher Hitchens’ writings I have ever read. “feasts everlasting. . . . gold and silver a-plenty.” oh my.

smiling bandit you’re probably sending more to Hell with these kind of illogical answers. Jehovah/Yahweh/God says to get back out there and make believers out of all of ‘em or he’ll have your ass in a slinger.

If God is incomprehensible as you claim, why are you speaking as if you know something about Him? To date there are over 30,000 different sects of just Protestantism alone, with many as long-winded as you speaking on behalf of what many consider to be an incomprehensible God.

Finding one might be difficult. Chances are if the pastor is well-educated, he probably educated himself right out of his faith. This happens all the time. Schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and others started out as conservative Christian seminaries, but wouldn’t be considered that today. You keep on recruiting the best students, and hiring the brightest professors, there soon won’t be much left of that ole time religion.

Also evidence gathered from clergyman in the more mainline liberal Protestant groups in CA many years back also showed half of them having serious personal doubts about the existence of God, and only one-third believed in the divinity of Jesus. So, more than likely you’re probably not going to get a straight answer from many of them in the pulpit or in a church setting. Can’t blame ‘em really. They have a lot at stake including their livelihood, and supporting their family.

Sounds like the hate is coming from you. Here it’s a level playing field, and I can’t think of a better place for him to bring out such questions; although I agree to keep ‘em on the farm, one mustn’ come here. Your tone is more than a bit arrogant and your answers are sort of the ones that probably wouldn’t even work on a child, must less an adult. Absurd answers deserve mockery, so no surprise if some follow suit with that. Most Bible believers realize that book is often filled with ridiculous things that one should believe, so it shouldn’t be any surprise there either if one holds these up to the light of ridicule as well.

What exactly did work? The majority of the world still isn’t buying into this con, including some that profess to be Christians, and it’s absurd to think if God hadn’t killed Himself or his Son temporarily (pick one or both, most believers do), that the world would have come to an end. Also, St. Irenaeus a early church father writing a short time after the Gospels are written thinks the Gospels are heresy in regards to Jesus’ early death.

If the God you’re describing is the one laid out in the Bible, what would happen if one were to try to emulate his behavior? They would either be locked up, or committed to an insane asylum.

Translation: I believe in miracles although they don’t really occur, and I will never have one scintilla of evidence for them; never be able to demonstrate one either now or in the future, however, I like to think they occur because I’ve read in a book that said they did. Ergo, wishful thinking appeals to me more than critical thinking.

And don’t forget that to add plenty of foolishness to save them so that they might believe, says St. Paul.

Perhaps some are thinking the same of you. I certainly am.

Education will hinder not help in your religious belief system. This has been brought out in many studies of where higher education tends to not get ‘em back on the farm again. Also 93% of scientists at the prestigious and distinguished NAS (National Academy of Sciences)are agnostic or atheist, and depending on which brand of Christianity you adhere too, more than likely they will all be damned for their intellect.

You, OTOH, need not worry.


As someone who wants to believe but finds it close to impossible, I think I can answer this.

When I’m not feeling well or I’m going through hard times, the first words of comfort that people offer are often religious in nature. Put it in God’s hands. Let God handle it. Ask God to help you. You can do all things in Christ that strengthens you. The Lord doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. If I was a believer, these words would actually comfort me rather than piss me off. It would be wonderful to have a supreme being full of love and compassion, who knows your every wish, and would never let anything bad happen to you. Who wouldn’t want to have such an entity in their corner?

Also, socially speaking, it’s easier to believe. My parents are very devout. When they aren’t at the casino, they’re at church. I like having philosophical discussions with them, but as such as they mention God and Jesus, my brain turns off. I hate that. I’d also like to tell my mother about my mental health issues, but she’s unable to divorce the mind from the soul. Jesus can’t fix her arthritis or her diabetes, but apparently he can cure me of depression. As long as I ask him to.

If I could just flip a switch and turn myself into a believer, I would. Even though I’d be irrational and delusional, maybe I’d be a happier and hopeful person.

What the hell is going on in that video?

By this logic, or rather, by this lack of logic, the story could involve a bunch of animated vegetables hitting each other with fish, and God made THAT happen because he loves us utterly and this somehow brings us salvation.

If you can’t explain the theory, then you have nothing but blind faith that the act in question has anything to do with anything. And if that’s the case, fine, but it’s silly to present something like the crucifixion as if it were any sort of argument for or against some moral belief or duty or understanding of how the world works.

A charismatic salesman/preacher is a far better bet if the OP wants someone to talk him into belief.

"And our special today is a Zen Buddhism: a light, airy religion that is easy on the cerebrum and won’t tax your credulity. If a heftier, meatier religion is your style, we offer Islam, complete with 5 daily prayers, foreign languages, pilgrimages, and misogyny. For those with a funny bone, we also offer the classic Old Time Religion: Rural American Protestantism, awash in a spicy glaze of fire and brimstone, with a touch of snake handling and faith healing for that real “Old Time” feel.

As always, we advise against making a rash decision. Take your time, go over the menu. We offer over a thousand current – and many more historical – religions, from the high tech Scientology and Heaven’s Gate, to the more Luddite, such as Mennonites and Jainism. If you have any questions, your server will be with you shortly. If you’re a rock star, don’t forget to try the sampler platter!"

No; we simply don’t believe you aare seeing anything real. And you have no evidence to back up your claims. If there’s arrogance here, it’s the beleivers who declare that what they want to believe MUST be true regardless of evidence or logic.

That’s simply illogical. Given that the one condemning us was HIM, God could have just stopped.

Sure there is. “It didn’t happen.”

Congratulations; you’ve helps underline why I would despise your God even if he existed. And demonstrated the sociopathy of Christianity; "Terminally ill kids ? So What ?! "

I mean it’s not like an omnipotent being could cure cancer. :rolleyes:

Although you make fair points, the big two are:

  • Judaism (which shares the Old Testament with Christianity) states that Jesus is not the Messiah. So at least one of these two religions is completely wrong - and also they never discuss it nor provide any reason to choose between them.

  • the only ‘evidence’ that Jesus rose from the dead is the claims in the four Gospels. But the verses covering the discovery of the empty tomb and then meeting the risen Jesus are full of contradictions. And if Jesus didn’t arise, there’s nothing to worship.

[singsong]Sounds like someone’s a UUer! [/ss] :smiley:

Once you can think of one reason, you’re on the path to true righteousness.

I’m willing to bet that your list of 25 took about 30 minutes or less.
Why should we stop there? We should build this list. Use it as a distribution flyer.
Let belivers read it and decide. With a big enough list, any beliver can find one list item that truly hits home, making them question the validity of their personal belief system.

I can’t answer for him, but the answer is pretty obvious for why I would want to believe—I want to live forever.

I don’t have a problem with most of your points, but I’ve never liked this argument. Why shouldn’t it be massive? It’s not arrogant to say that it all belongs to us until someone else comes along to tell us otherwise. All that space is just more for humanity to one day conquer.

Vox Imperatoris

I think that the solution as to whether there is a god and if so what is its nature will be found within the laws of physics,Quantum and otherwise,when we know a hell of a lot more about them then we know today.

If the minute electrical charges and chemical processes within our bodies produce life and sentience then surely the incredible energies,atomic reactions and the other properties in our awesomely large local universe alone might be capable of producing immensly powerful entities that as far as we on Earth are concerned are godlike if not actually gods.

This doesn’t mean that their thinking processes and concerns are even remotely to do with humanity which could be just an irrelevancy in the greater scope of an infinite,eternal,multidimensional multiverse.(Which wouldn’t actually need a creator having always existed and always will exist)

But we wouldn’t be able to understand more then a minute amount of any plan of gods if there is such a thing. .

Well I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and I must say that the OP has once again confirmed my disbelief in the existence of God. Thank whatever for that.

Nothing says love like homebaked cookies and torture.

I thought the torture was outsourced?

I can’t believe that some of you don’t understand why he wants to believe. As an atheist, I would exchange everything I’ve ever worked for in my entire life for a genuine belief in god. Who doesn’t want eternal bliss to look forward to? I’d be a lot happier if I thought I was going to see my grandpa again when this was all over.

With you on that one all the way mate.

Actually Christianity promises an eternity of contemplating God’s greatness.

Grandpa might very well be burning in Hell, after all. Seeing as there’s all the various sins we all accept on a daily basis of which we are unrepentant, that we’re all going to Hell generation after generation seems plausible.

  • Lending money
  • Acceptance of homosexuals
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex
  • Masturbation
  • Contraceptives
  • Abortion
  • Swearing
  • Speaking the name of the Lord (God, Yawheh, Jesus, etc.) (10 commandments!)
  • Women ceasing being the property of her husband
  • Children ceasing being the property of their father (Partially in the 10 commandments)
  • People ceasing being the property of anyone
  • Worshiping the cross and other idols (10 commandments!)
  • Working on Sunday (10 commandments!)
  • Etc.

People can’t even follow the basic ten rules!