250 lbs of pot shipped on trucking company

I wish I had a cite for this, but the local news didn’t cover it. It’s a personal account.

My dad works on the dock at a trucking company. About a week ago, a man showed up with a truck to pick up a shipment. You need an ID to pick up a shipment, and this guy didn’t have his. He starts looking all nervous and people start to get suspicious. He leaves to get his ID. While he’s gone, they open the shipment and find 250 lbs of marijuana. When he returned, ID in hand, he was arrested right after signing for the shipment. 250 lbs!!! Shipped on your normal average trucking company! And the guy would have gotten away with it had he not been so darn nervous!

Though I couldn’t find the story covered anywhere, my dad mentioned that they had caught a few shipments like this in Chicago. And I did find this link that details a case of just that happening with the same truck company. And this one here in Kansas City.

Makes you wonder how often these things slip through the cracks. See! We’re winning the war against drugs!

So your fathers company requires ID to release shipment to a trucker, however it’s ok to go through all of this guys stuff, without his presence or knowledge?

Good thing they did though, but still…

Uh…I was once informed by a friend in college that it is better to ship illegal drug packages through USPS, because a federal warrant was required to search a suspicious packages, whereas with a private company, any suspicious package can be opened by an employee.

Reminds me of a cartoon in The New Yorker from many years ago: two cops sitting in their car, the driver just looking bored, but his partner staring wide-eyed in amazement at a passing tractor-trailer truck. On the side of the truck, in enormous letters: “MARIJUANA IMPORTERS… TIJUANA/NEW YORK”

I would say that at the very best you won a minor skirmish in the war against drugs (waits a moment as he catches his breath from laughing so much). War on drugs… America lost the war on drugs years ago.

Alright! We just drove the price of an eigth of weed up by another .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 cents! Well worth the billions of taxpayer’s dollars we’ve spent stamping out the Devil Weed!

I suspect that stuff like this happens all the time, and usually slips by because the pickup guy is able to keep his cool.

What right did thet have to search the guy’s shipment? Sounds like an illegal search to me…at least an immoral one.

It was just pot anyway. I hope that lots and lots and lots of it gets through.

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