266 mhz fast enough for cd burner?

yes the box says “300 mhz minimum” but would my 266 be fast enough?I mean c’mon 34mhz shy!

I bought a CD burner for my 350 mhz and had nothing but trouble with it. When I got my new 2 ghz computer, I put in a Plexwriter 40x, and haven’t had any problem.


Does the CDRW drive have a buffer under run prevention mechanism like “Burnproof” or a similar feature?

If yes then you should be OK. If no then you should be OK as long as you have DMA enabled for your hard drive and CD drives, don’t have a lot of memory resident junk gobbling up system resources and are not doing anything else while the CD burns.

It depends upon the slowest writing speed of the CD-writer to some extent.

I used to burn CD’s on a 75Mhz Pentium but with a 2x speed CD writer.

It depends on a lot of things, such as the speed of the CD burner, size of the buffer, speed of your HDD, amount of RAM, type of interface (UIDE is inferior to SCSI), and whether you would do something else during the process.

I used to have a 233mhz with 32 mb ram and had no problems with my 4x burner, just as long as I did nothing else while it was burning.

I have a 333 MHz AMD Emachine, and I can write CDs without any problems, usually at 16X. It has a maximum 16X CD-R write speed, and the CD writer box says it needs a 233 MHz CPU, but needs 350 MHz or more for 16X writing. With yours, don’t plan on anything faster than 8X.

I can do 24x on a 233hz computer. Its a writer with buffer underrun protection.

I would think it would have more to do with bus speed and the size of your burn cache. My ancient 7100 has a SCSI burner, and SCSI is pretty fast (even SCSI-1 like this computer supports). I set the cache to 64 MB and it worked fine even before the upgrade, which was with an 80 MHz processor.

Even with the upgrade, it only has 210 (although that’s a G3 rather than a 601, so those are more potent megahertz we’re speaking of).