28 Servings of Grits

Ya’ll want to come over for breakfast tomorrow? Because the bag of grits we opened last night has a chart with instructions for making 1 serving, 4 servings, or 28 servings. For some reason this struck us as hilarious.

While the amount of grits to use has an even progression, the amount of water doesn’t. You don’t use four times as much water when making four servings instead of one, for example. So if you want to make six servings, you end up staring at the little chart for a while, then you say screw it and guess.

I assure you, Granny didn’t have a chart.

Of course, she was probably making the 28. (Or, considering her means at the time, making the 4 and making it stretch.)

Well, that’s the way it is with grits. You’re either feeding yourself, a normal sized family, or a football team. There is no in between with GRITS!

Does the cooking time change, or are these magic grits? (I know, I know. But it’s early.)

Nope. It still takes the entire grit-eating world 20 minutes to cook grits.

Actually, these are “quick grits” which is cheating somewhat, but at least they’re not instant.

Grits is the corn thing, right? Because if it is, I had it not too long ago and really loved it. I put sugar in it and ate it as dessert. Yum!

Upon checking wiki, yes it is!

Coming from the South, I can safely say that there is no instance in which one would find oneself needing four servings of grits that twenty-eight servings of grits would not do better.

Sugar in grits, hm? I’ve never tried that. It sounds enticing.

Why? How is it supposed to be eaten? I put sugar in my porridge, too, if that makes a difference.

I’m a Northerner through and through - can ya tell? But the sweet tooth really comes from me being Indian - Indian sweets are REALLY sweet.

Sugar? On grits?

When I was considering moving down to NC I was chatting with my friend here and the subject of grits came up. I assured her that I was familiar with grits, having had them on previous trips down South, and that I liked them. There was a pause, and then she asked me what I put on my grits - warning me that the future of our relationship depended on my answer. Puzzled, I responded that what else did one put on grits but butter, and possibly cheese? She then explained that only ignorant Yankees put sugar on grits.

My liking Elvis, however, nearly caused another crisis, because she can’t stand him.

Then I will happily be an ignorant Yankee. Honestly, these conversations always go this way, don’t they? I have a sweet tooth, and so I like sugar on my grits.

Sugar goes in your tea. It does not go in your grits and it most certainly does not go in your cornbread. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, it’s hard to be the custodian of culture sometimes.

But, but - it’s like two different dishes! Sugar on your grits, AND butter - it’s like Malt-O-Meal or Cream of Wheat. Salt and butter (and cheese, oh my!) however, is like grits. Yum!

I know I’m not TRULY southern, being from Texas and all, but I like my grits BOTH ways.

I don’t put sugar on my cornbread but I most certainly will continue putting it into my grits.

-Anaamika, damnyankee

Who would need 28 servings of grits?
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I only like instant grits. Can’t stand any other kind for some reason. What I do is make them so they’re thick and then mix them with scrambled eggs.

Feel free to be grossed out.

I don’t care for instant grits but eating grits mixed with eggs sounds yummy!

The idea originated with my father, who grew up mixing eggs with grits. The only problem is that if you load up your toast with this, it’s kind of heavy.

28 servings of grits on the wall,
28 servings of griiiiits
take one down and pass it around…
27 servings of grits on the wall

Come on, I can’t be the only one who immediately thought that. Can I?


A true Southerner will look at you sideways if you put sugar on your grits. We’uns use salt and butter, sometimes cheese, sometimes bacon pieces, sometimes Red-Eye gravy. But never, never sugar! So if you don’t want to be looked at sideways, don’t let them see you do it. :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m sure it’s good, but I’ve never tried it, and probably never will since grits are soooooooooo good with salt and butter.)

'm sure I’ve asked this before, but what is, or are, grits?