2nd amendment enthusiast

Just want to get your thoughts on Bill HR 4269.

Seems like the perfect time to push this Bill through the House while Americans are relaxing and enjoying the holiday season.

The Bill targets automatic assault rifles and hand guns. If anyone has a link to this Bill please feel free to post. I read this for the first time this morning while visiting a friend but basically this is my take away from it.

There is a line in the Bill which read:
"To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purpose.

Semi automatic weapons that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any 1 of the following:
(i) a pistol grip
(ii)a forward grip
(iii)a folding, telescoping, or detachable stock
(iv)A barrel shroud
(v)A threaded barrel

Ban includes large capacity ammunition feeding devices (anything over 10 rounds)

It further mentions that any person that is included on “ANY” government list including no fly list or watch list will be prohibited from possessing firearms.

My intent is not to created heated debates about gun control, that is an endless debate.
However I do want to encourage you to read the bill and be aware.

The Republican Party is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the NRA. Do you think for one instant that it could get a vote in either chamber?

Nothing will get ‘pushed’ through the Republican controlled House.

Not even if it comes with a basket of fluffy, fluffy kittens?

here’s the link

This is the sponsor and co sponsors of the bill looking for votes by making it look like they are doing something. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will say however, that banning handguns, if that what the bill calls for, makes a lot more sense than banning “automatic assault rifles”. ALL rifles, not just just the ones that look scary, contribute to around 4-500 deaths annually.

The bill has the word “regulate” in it. That will never fly.

That’s what I’m talkin about:D

It doesn’t ban typical handguns more than is currently banned. I think the bill is great - it’s a reminder that there are hundreds of congress people who really are out to ban guns. Except for law enforcement. And retired law enforcement because that makes sense.

I think the Democratic Party should really just run on repealing the 2nd amendment. Though if you didn’t want to debate, why is it in this forum at all?

I knew someone would ask lol
I just don’t want it to get nasty like gun debates normally do.

Plus I just heard of this and was wondering how many others were aware and what they thought without getting all butt hurt

I think so too.That way Republicans are sure to win.:D:D:D

I’ll say this for gun debates, they have the most apt metaphors.

Fortunately for all non-Republicans, it appears to be both sufficient and necessary.

They are working on that pesky 1st amendment as well.

“they?” please tell more of this 1st amendment thing;)

Been to a college campus lately? Speech codes and petitions to repeal the 1st amendment aren’t a right wing movement iirc.

I am aware of the bill. It (thankfully) has zero chance of passage. It also uses one of my favorite phrases in the history of all legislation: the evil, dastardly “barrel shroud”, a.k.a. as a “shoulder thing that goes up”. :smack:

I have not

ODU grad 99’ but I can only imagine, well maybe not

I do remember “no cussing zones” :smack:

This type of bill is right at home in the category “no one wants to take your guns”. Fortunately most people realize by now that there is a large group of the political left that actually do want to take your guns.

But hey, proposing to confiscate the 10s of millions of magazines and the most popular rifles in the country, gotta make sure it doesn’t get nasty or no one is butt hurt!

Well, didn’t you see the list of guns they DON’T want to ban? Surely you don’t need anything that isn’t on that extensive list! It’s like nothing is really being banned at all.