3:58 AM EST and I can not sleep, longish

Let me start by admitting that I am fearless; well especially in comparison to all my friends and relatives. I live alone in a lonely area without street lights and I am never afraid. I do not have any phobia’s. I have tons of common sense. I am easy going and never get nervous.

But the freak’n wind will not stop! I have itunes on full blast attempting to drown out the sound. (Thank Og no close neighbors.) But every window in the house is rattling; not to mention the tree limbs slamming down on the roof. And “some things” keep hitting the side of the house that should be sheltered from the wind by the garage.

It has been raining since yesterday; but the wind just started around 10 last night. I am sleepy; but I will not allow myself to fall asleep until the wind stops. Needless to say it is too late and too early to call anyone to talk me through this. If I was outside the wind would not bother me at all. I think it is the rattling windows.

Am I a whimp?

(1) Turn off computer.

(2) Get in bed.

(3) Put pillow over head.

(4) Sleep.

Get to it. Wimp. :slight_smile:

I think the problem is that you don’t know what “longish” means and it’s causing lack of sleep.

I too have a thing about the wind. Read an article(ok it was on cracked)about how low frequency vibes could cause anxiety(explaining paranormal stuff) which should at least make you feel better about it. Probably,if this post makes sense,I have been drinking.