3 Dead over snow shoveling dispute - PA

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Horrible, neighbours bullied another to the point where he snapped killed them and then himself over snow being tossed on his property. Be kind to one another out there.

Well, they’re chilling now.

Spaide allegedly opened fire on the couple, shooting both of them multiple times. Officials said Spaide then went back into his house and retrieved another firearm, which he reportedly used to shoot them again.


Thank goodness irrationally angry people have easy access to guns. Can you imagine if he had used a knife instead?

Yeah, do yourself a favour. Don’t watch the home security video with audio of it, I regret doing so.

Stories like this are why I don’t agree with the notion that “the victim is the victim and the perp is the perp.” Sometimes, the victim is indeed asking for trouble. Not that it justifies murder, but many victims are anything but blameless.

See, this wouldn’t have happened back when I was a kid in Pennsylvania. All three would have been dead from heart attacks from trying to shovel the snow.

Damned whippersnappers with their non-smoking, statin-taking ways…

Agreed. The “victims” in this tragedy relentlessly bullied a guy they really didn’t know. Then it turned into a horror show.

Sad situation all around.

From article:
“The Goys were shoveling the snow from their parking spots, shoveling the snow across the road, and throwing the snow onto Spaide’s property,” Salavantis and Binker said in their statement.
Witnesses told investigators that Spaide asked the couple to stop, sparking a heated exchange of words. James Goy apparently threw a tool at Spaide that he had been using to clear snow from his car, according to the statement. …"

They sound nice. Sounded.

Classic example of a “New York reload”.

This is a thing that happens??? :astonished:

The neighbors were complete jerks. Threatening to beat the guy up and taunting him.

It doesn’t justify his murderous response.

Even a grain of civility on both sides could have made all the difference.

He should have setup a security camera that would have shown his neighbors threats. It would have been useful when he took them to court.

The whole thing was definitely a horror show - but when I first heard about it, I thought it was people shoveling out their car and putting the snow on the sidewalk next to where the car was parked or something like that. But then I saw a video that made it appear that the shooter lived across the street and read a newspaper article that said that in fact the “victims” pushed or threw the snow across the street and there was a history of disputes and quoted someone saying that both sides threw the snow across the street to the other property. Which means it’s not so obvious that the Goys were bullying Spaide - maybe they were, or maybe Spaide started it years ago.

Not sure if you were referring to the “New York reload”. People trained in firearms learn to quickly reload in an ongoing gun battle. Either when you run out of ammo (speed reload) or there is a lull in the shooting so you choose to reload to maximum capacity (tactical reload). The bit about a New York reload is somewhat of a pun - “hell with that shit, just grab another gun”.

Speed reload: You have no more bullets in the gun and no choice. Drop the magazine in mid air while pulling another and slap it in as fast as you can. Basic movie reload.

Tactical reload: You choose to do it before you run out of bullets. Grab the new mag first and pull the partially used mag using the same hand while slipping in the new one while you remain on target to minimize down time. Retain the partial mag for later use.

Zombieland reload: Drop the mags on two pistols at once and slam the guns down on two mags standing upright on the counter as zombies come through the fence. Only Woody Harrelson can do this.

There are so many things about living in the United States that I just don’t know about.

Like I always say about Vegas when I used to live there:

The US; its just not like other places!

Ha, ha. I think we can develop a reload that involves distracting the bad guys with bagpipe music!

But the reload tactics are for police, spies and other trained shooters. The average citizen doesn’t learn them. Come on over!

And the world is now short 3 a-holes. Sounds to me like the system worked!

This. And I live in the U.S.

The amazing thing about the video (which I am not going to link to) is that the couple continue to shout at Spaide when he comes out of the house pointing a gun, the woman saying “Go ahead!” (and he does). Although the video freezes when shots are fired (the audio continues) the woman apparently continues to shout at him even after being hit. Even when he comes back out with the second gun she is still yelling (although it’s not clear what she is saying).These people were not just assholes, they were completely bonkers. Continuing to provoke someone who is pointing a gun at you is insane.