3 flat tires in one day.

The title says it all. Left for work this morning running a little late due to a power outage last night and my alarm clock being set to the wrong time. About half way to work made a left hand turn and almost ran up on someones lawn. I pulled over and my right front tire was going flat. I stopped at a gas station and put air in the tire and noticed my left front tire was going flat too. Figured I ran over something so I aired it up to and decided to go back home. About half way home the back of my truck started wobbling so I stopped and the left rear tire is going flat too. Called my wife to come and get me and the motor club to have my truck towed to the tire store. I think I’ve had 3 flat tires in the previous 30 years of driving. Now I have an excuse to take a day off.


Liked to have had a better reason to stay home though…

You either ran over something, or some kid decided it would be funny to poke holes in them.

That’s what you get for starting your tires down on air pressure.
How bad have you got it?

I was just going to ask if you had any enemies.

That’s why I keep a supply of powdered Viagra in my car. Carefully fill the tire stem with the powder and shoot it in with the air hose. Don’t use too much or you’ll be riding on monster truck tires for a while. Also, be sure NOT to get any powder on the air hose! It’s nearly impossibe to inflate a tire with the hose standing at attention.

I picked up a screw in the rear tire of my R1 a few weeks ago. I went to the shop the other day to see how much it would cost to plug the hole and put a patch on the inside. They said their insurance doesn’t allow them to patch holes, and that I’d have to get a new tire. This tire has about 2,400 miles on it.

Well, it hasn’t lost any air. (Yet.) I should get myself a patch kit and one of those CO[sub]2[/sub] inflators. Or maybe a can of that sealant stuff. (I didn’t want to do that, since I wanted to patch the tyre on the inside; but if they won’t patch it, then it doesn’t matter.)

The sealant stuff is okay for a temporary fix, but it ruins the balance of the tire.

I’d go for a patch on the inside, or perhaps those tarry strings you poke into place with a monster awl-like tool.

Rocketeer: Yeah, I wanted the shop to put one of those rubber plugs in the hole, and put a patch over the hole on the inside; but they won’t so it.

Unfortunately I don’t have the tools or the space to do it myself. I used to patch the inner tubes on my Enduro all the time; but I had a garage, tire irons, and a vulcanizing kit. (Or more precisely, dad did.) The R1 has tubeless tires, which I understand are “tighter” on the rim. And as I said, I don’t have the tools.

“You either ran over something, or some kid decided it would be funny to poke holes in them.”

That one is easy. If a kid did it, hole would be on the side & if you ran over something it would be on the tread.

Just got back from having my truck towed, or hauled on a flat bed would be more appropriate. All 3 tires have nails in them and the tow truck driver said this is his second tow for the same thing this morning. I called the police to see if there were any reports of nails in the road and was told that I am the 5th person to call about the same thing. A road I travelled on this morning had nails left on it. I figured the two front tires were punctured the first time through and the rear tire on my way home. Now I have to wait for the tire store to open to find out how much this is going to cost me. :frowning:

Depending on where you bought the tires from and what kind of deal they gave you, they might fix them for free.

Slash the last one and make your day complete!


Just got home from the local Les Schwab store. Same one I bought the tires from 28 months ago but I had only a 24 month warranty. 2 were repairable and were fixed for free and it cost me $62 to have the other replaced. Did save the bad tire, think I’ll make a tire swing for the grandkids.

My school is currently building a new dorm and as a result part of one of the parking lots is a quasi-garbage dump for construction stuff. I try not to park near the area but occasionally, like last Wednesday it can’t be avoided.

Came out after a long day of classes to find that 3 of my tires were flat.

Fortunately I had all 4 of my snow tires in my trunk, so I didn’t need to get towed.

While driving a cab for the summer in Durham, NC, in the late 1960’s, I had three flats in about 6 hours of driving. Never had another flat in two years of driving cab. I’ve had perhaps three flats in 42 years of driving other than that that one bad day.