3 Year On Site Warranty - Yea or Nay

I need a variety or opinions. I have been looking to buy a computer, I’m still looking as I have already started 4-5 threads on one subject or another:rolleyes:. I have now pretty much narrowed it down to what I want (there is a 1GHz Athlon Compaq at Costco for $1299). I am down to considering what warranty to get.

To upgrade to the 2 year onsite it would be $99

Then to the 3 year, $149.

Is this a good deal or should I just take it as is then take it in the rear is something goes wrong?

As someone who has had everything go wrong with my system in a three month period-only my processor and case are original-I say buy a warranty!

If you don’t expect to be trading your system in within the three year time frame, I would definately go for that one. My stuff started going bad in the 2-3 year range.

If you plan on keeping the computer for three years, I would go for the full extended warranty. If you use it once, it more than pays for itself. Just make certain it’s through the manufacturer of the computer and not through the retailer or a third party.

I’m self-employed and use my computer for work. The computer dies, I can’t work. (OK, now I have a laptop as backup, but you get the general idea. Switching is still a pain.) I bought HAL here (IBM business-model PC) in March 1998 and paid $94 for 3-year, next-day, on-site service. In the three years I had a port controller card and CD-ROM drive replaced by a technician the next day, in my home office, no charge. For the CD drive they didn’t even run me through any diagnostics (it was working intermittently), just sent the guy over and he swapped it out. (He told me that this was probably because I had a business model rather than an Aptiva or some such.) Sure beat spending hours on the phone with tech support, having to pack the thing up and haul it somewhere, and waiting weeks to get it back, as I did many times with my old POS 486.

So if you are using your computer for business, it’s a necessity, IMHO. If you’re using it just for pleasure, it would be nice, but maybe not as critical.

I highly recommend the IBM warranty service. Can’t speak for other suppliers.

Warrenties rule. I would go for the 2 year one…because after about two years you’ll probably want to upgrade stuff and get new warrenties. However, onsite service is great. (This is from the girl who fried 3 power supplies, a motherboard, a processor, a memory chip, and two network cards.) They fix it for you. They find you and fix it for you. Its great (and the repair guy is usually cute).

Hey, if you use your credit card some of them double the warrentee period.

But then again, the warrentee is only useful if the comp is still in business in that many years.

I bought a three year warrentee for my Proscan tv cause they suck but I got it cheap, so it was worth it.